Create Nutrition Facts Panels with Nutrition Labeling Software

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Are you responsible for creating nutrition facts panels for your food labels? Are you looking for an easy way to generate your nutrition facts?

I’ve done some research on software programs to help incorporate nutrition facts panels on your labels. QuickLabel Systems offers a great general labeling package called Custom QuickLabel (CQL) that comes with our Kiaro! label printers, but if you’re looking for software that actually develops your nutrition facts information, one of these specialty nutrition labeling software packages might be the way to go.

Which Software Packages Can Make Nutrition Facts Labels for Me?

First and foremost is ReciPal, a convenient, compliant and affordable cloud-based software, which will take all of your recipe information and will automatically calculate daily values, serving sizes, ingredient lists – all in complete compliance with FDA labeling format mandates.

ReciPal then exports your completed info panels into highly-compatible .pdf files that you can import into your design software, such as Adobe Photoshop®, and then quickly print with a Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

ReciPal is affordable, and jam-packed with features making it the best solution for nutrition panel creations. It’s features include:

  • Unlimited Recipes
  • All available FDA Label Formats
  • Unlimited Product Costing
  • One or Multiple Users
  • Easy Cloud-Based Label Creation

Next we have Axxya Systems, which provides both food analysis and nutrition labeling, and its Nutritionist Pro™ software family line. This software includes an ingredients  knowledge base that is frequently updated to meet the growing demands of the public’s need and desire to know what is in the food they are eating.

Axxya Nutritionist Pro software offers:

  • Data on over 35,000 food and ingredients
  • 17 label formats that all meet FDA requirements
  • Options for Spanish and French language labels
  • Formula and recipe analysis
  • Automatically calculates FDA defined nutrient content claims
  • Incorporates “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points”
  • Can generate weight-ordered ingredient lists
  • Allows you to export labels in a variety of file formats (.bmp, .eps, .gif, .tif, .jpg, and .pdf)


Next we have Prime Label Consultants (PLC) , a label consulting and software development company which comprised of a group of former USDA label expediters. PLC has been working with USDA officials for over 30 years and with that knowledge has developed a software program called EZ Form.

EZ Form has the ability to create your Nutrition Facts panel for you. It will start by asking you basic questions about your product and can then determine data such as serving size, servings in a container, and will assess the correct panel format and order of items that will be compliant with federal regulations.

Prime Label Consultants EZ Form software will support the following panel formats:

  • Columnar panel
  • Tubular panel
  • Linear panel
  • Dual declaration label panel
  • Aggregate panels
  • Alternative nutrient wordings
  • Voluntary declaration of nutrients
  • Also supports English, French, Spanish, English/Spanish, and English/French languages

Also making our list is SweetWARE nutraCoster program. This program allows you to enter your recipes/formulas to analyze recipes and formulas. The software comes with the following features:

  • Product Costing – calculate complete product cost including, labor, packaging and overhead.
  • Nutrition Analysis – calculate nutrition content of your recipes/formulas including trans fats and allergens.
  • Nutrition Labels – Print US and Canadian Nutrition facts labels.
  • Product Pricing – are you charging enough for your products?


Lastly, we have ProductVision, whose Nutrition Label (NL) software program can automatically create food nutrition labels and ingredient statements that comply with the current U.S. NLEA regulations (Nutrition Labeling and Education Act)  as well as current and pending regulations for Canadian and European Union nutrition labels.

NL offers automatic ingredient calculations from ingredient and recipe information in the software database, or the user can enter their own information. NL also lets you identify ingredients such as allergens and GMO ingredients.

You can also enter special label descriptions and groupings if you don’t want to use the standard description. For example, instead of printing “refined white sugar,” which you may have entered internally as a product description, you can print the term “sugar” on the label.  You also have the option to show mixtures or recipes. For ingredients like Milk Chocolate you can have a statement such as (milk, sugar, cocoa butter, eggs, etc.) on your label.

ProductVision’s NL Module offers the following label formats along with a few other label panel options:

  • Canadian multi-language vertical label panel
  • Canadian multi-language horizontal label panel
  • EU Group 1 label panel
  • EU Group 2 label panel
  • Multi-language vertical label panel
  • Multi-language horizontal label panel
  • Simplified panel
  • Supplement Facts panel (nutraceuticals)
  • Dual declaration


How Much Does Nutrition Labeling Software Cost?

Each software package varies in cost and offers something unique. Depending on what you are looking for, one may be more suitable for you than another.

  • ReciPal Includes several subscription plans, plus a free trial period. It’s standard subscription is $49 per month.
  • The Axxya Systems price for the Nutritionist Pro is $595.
  • Prima Label Consultants’ EZ Form offers two price ranges for new software buyers. The first price range is for the EZ Form US (FDA and USDA foods) or EZ Form Canada (Health Canada) Program License which is $899, if you’d like to include a 1 year subscription it is an additional $539 or $1019 for a 2 year subscription. The final price range is for EZ Form Deluxe (FDA, USDA, and Canada) the license is $1469 a 1 year subscription can be added for $879 or $1659 for a 2 year subscription.
  • ProductVision does not list prices on its website but you can inquire for more information and someone will contact you with details and pricing.

Can Nutrition Labeling Software be Used with QuickLabel Printers?

Yes, each of the packages described here are compatible with QuickLabel printers. In fact, we’re able to print labels from any software package that comes with a Windows compatible printer driver. After you develop your nutrition facts panel, you’ll have the option to export it and print it as part of a complete label that includes logos, photos, and other text.

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