Fresh Label Printing Makes Fresh-Cut Produce More Profitable

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Fresh-cut and packaged fruits and vegetables are a growing trend in retail food sales. With greater interest in fresh and natural foods and less free time available to clean and prepare produce, consumers are turning to ready-to-eat packages of fruits and vegetables, and both supermarkets and produce companies are benefiting from this trend.

Value-added fresh cut produce is a profitable item, and producers and retailers are looking for ways to maximize sales while minimizing costs.

A Fresh Way to Print Labels

That’s where a QuickLabel printer can help. By eliminating label inventories, reducing costs on short-run batches of labels, and enabling the production of store brand labels for marketing purposes, a QuickLabel digital color label printer becomes an in-house tool that gives you the flexibility to make labels that help you profit from fresh-cut and re-packaged produce and prepared foods.

More retailers, growers, and packers are aware of the consumer appeal of ready-to-eat food options and are using the QuickLabel Vivo! Touch label printer to make their own labels in-house.

When you make your own produce labels with a Vivo! Touch digital label printer, you gain the flexibility to print any label, any time and you can:

  • Print your own store brand labels with any content (photos, logos, serving instructions, ingredients, net weight)
  • Label small-quantity batches at low cost (single-serve fruits, veggies, dips, you name it!)
  • Re-package produce to make more profit with fresh-cut fruits and vegetables from your own produce section
  • Make prototype labels


Freshway Foods Enjoys In-House Label Printing Advantages

In the hustle and bustle world we all live in, quick and easy are important for consumers. We prefer simple things that we can enjoy as we go (i.e. fast food) but consumers are becoming more health conscious these days.  Madge Brown of Freshway Foods of Sidney, OH ( was kind enough to weigh in with her opinion about why more retailers are offering more ready-to-eat produce options. “Retailers are offering fresh cut veggies because it is a quick, 100% usable product … for the on-the-go person with very little time. It’s less hassle,” Brown explained.

Brown of Freshway Foods told us how their Vivo! Touch label printer has played an important role in their labeling process. Brown has found two major advantages of owning the QuickLabel Vivo! Touch in-house label printer: one being lower cost and the other being increased flexibility.

“In my opinion, the biggest advantage to being able to print labels at the plant is the amount of money saved on printing labels in-house versus using an outside source,” she said.

Another added bonus she pointed out: “If you run out of labels it takes a matter of minutes to be back up and running!” Sure beats re-ordering labels and waiting for a delivery, right?

Freshway prints labels on an as-needed basis, when orders are received. “When we know we have orders coming in, I myself start the Vivo! Touch and set them up on the label rewinder,” said Brown.

The label rewinder is an accessory that allows you to print labels on your label printer and then winds them worry-free while you are not around.

Brown loves her Vivo! Touch label rewinder. “In my opinion, the label rewinder is a great addition to have as it keeps your labels from falling on the floor and you don’t have to babysit the machine so you can do other work,” she said.

After Brown prints labels on her Vivo! Touch, a production associate comes to get them and the labels are then applied by hand or in some cases they are added to Freshway Foods’ cases and the labels are applied at the store level. Short-run label printing makes for a convenient solution for Freshway’s varying line of produce options.

QuickLabel is a Quick Solution

The Vivo! Touch is designed for the grower-shipper-packer who sells packs of fresh specifically grocery stores. With having the ability to print labels at the touch of your fingertips, you can print however many labels you want whenever you need them. If you’re looking to market a soup of the day, re-purpose produce, or label salads and sandwiches – the Vivo! Touch can print short run labels for them, on the fly.

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