How Do You Get a Nutrition Facts Label for Your Food Product?

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Have you ever wondered just how food companies are supposed to come up with their nutrition facts labels? How they can turn their product recipes into nutrition facts statistics, calorie counts, vitamin content, etc.? If you’re curious like me, you might be interested to read what I found out about how to create a nutrition facts panel.

The Science Behind the Stats

In order to come up with nutritional facts, food manufacturers have to analyze the ingredients in their products. They can do so by giving a list of ingredients and measurements to a food scientist or by inputting data about ingredients and measurements into a nutritional database. Both of these options ultimately work to produce information for Nutrition Facts Panels.

  • Using a Nutritional Database – This option calculates the nutritional content of a food item by entering data into a database that already contains an analysis of ingredients. This is a much easier process because the data is readily available. It is also less expensive option of the two. However, some foods cannot be analyzed this way.
  • Getting a Lab Analysis– There are certain food items that can only be determined by lab analysis, including fried, salted, and coated foods. This is because ingredients in these foods are difficult to determine and a more thorough analysis must be conducted. Lab analysis must follow strict FDA protocol for each ingredient and can become very time consuming, ultimately leading it to be very costly.

What Are Some Resources to Get Nutrition Facts for Your Food Products?

ReciPal will take all of the recipe information you input and will automatically calculate daily values, serving sizes, ingredient lists – all in complete compliance with FDA labeling format mandates.

ReciPal then exports your completed info panels into highly-compatible .pdf files that you can import into your design software, such as Adobe Photoshop®, and then quickly print with a Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

ReciPal is affordable, and jam-packed with features making it the best solution for nutrition panel creations. It’s features include:

  • Unlimited Recipes
  • All available FDA Label Formats
  • Unlimited Product Costing
  • One or Multiple Users
  • Easy Cloud-Based Label Creation

Does the FDA Approve Nutrition Facts Panels?

The FDA does not proactively certify your company’s nutrition facts panels. Instead, the FDA simply establishes a standard set of information that must be provided on the nutrition facts panels. If the FDA finds that a company is inaccurately or improperly reporting its nutrition facts (usually discovered as a result of a “spot check” by the FDA or a report of an inaccuracy), the FDA will require a product recall.

Having correct and accurate nutritional analyses is important in order to avoid recalling your products from store shelves, which can become very expensive.

To reassure yourself that you are putting the correct information on your food products labels you may want to consider the services of a label consultant. In a previous blog, “How To Find an FDA Labeling Consultant”, we gave some tips on where to look and how a consultant can help you. This may not be a perfect fit for everyone, but it can be a good option to learn firsthand how to set up your products label to know it is FDA compliant – especially if you’re just starting your business.

How Do I Create and Print a Nutrition Facts Panel For My Label?

Creating your own nutrition panels is effortless, if you print with Kiaro! label printer. With the capability to print your food labels in astounding 1200 DPI resolution, you’ll ensure that the intricate details (and small text sizes) on your nutrition labels are perfectly printed every single time.

Printing compliant food labels in-house with a Kiaro! label printer also gives you the capability to control your compliance in-house, by overseeing each part of the labeling process: design and printing.  You’ll have fewer labeling mistakes because you’ll be able to control the entire labeling process.

The Kiaro! is capable of printing labels in batches of any size, big or small. With the Kiaro! label printer and ReciPal food labeling software you’ll always have completely compliant nutrition labels regardless of your recipe or production demand.


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