QuickLabel Asks: What Is Your Favorite Wine Label?

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We’re always talking about attractive labels and packaging in our blogs, tweets, and social media conversations. Well, there is nowhere I’m as mesmerized by an attractive label than in the wine aisle. In fact, I find that I have a tendency to buy wine based on how much I like the label – with apologies to our winery friends, I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that! So I decided it would be fun to reach out to customers, social media friends (tweeps as I like to call them!), and bloggers alike to ask what their favorite wine label is and why. Now I’m sharing their top picks with you!


Seth Poole from International Wines shared with us his favorite label that International Wine designs and prints using our Vivo! label printer. The label is by Ordinary Wine Co. and the wine name is Boneshaker Red. Seth explains that this label is his favorite because he is a cyclist and he can relate to the label design, “The ‘Ordinary’ bike is historic because it was one of the first designs used in late 1800s. I like the graphic simplicity of the label as well as the unusual color.” Seth is right, this simple color and imagery makes this label simply unique.


Laura Standley, our friend at L.D. Davis Adhesives, sent us her favorite wine label from Pugliese Vineyards in Long Island, NY. Although with this particular example they do not use an actual label, we can understand why! Pugliese Vineyards hand paints their wine bottles and the result is absolutely stunning! Laura explained, I learned about Pugliese Vinyards in Long Island after my boyfriend visited there and brought back a bottle of the Sangiovese and a sparkling white wine.  The bottle of sparkling white was hand-painted by one of the owners of the winery.  She does beautiful work and all of the other labels are modeled after her hand-painted ones.  I love the ‘label’ because it shows that they care very much about their presentation and are willing to take the time to make the bottles as attractive as their contents … hand-painting if necessary.”


Our favorite Diva, JoAnn Hines the Packaging Diva, told us about her favorite wine label design: “Big Ass Wine” from Adler Fels Winery. JoAnn is a packaging expert whose life is inspired by packaging and this wine in particular struck a chord with her. “I’m so sick of skinny people as role models. I’m not fat but I’m not skinny either. Did you know the average size woman wears a 14-16? When I saw this label I fell in love. Ever hear the term “Reubenesque?” Well this is it! Up until the 1800s that was the ideal body image. Hopefully we can change that back! Here’s to big (not giant) ass women! Happy Packaging!” We absolutely love her passion! Cheers JoAnn!


Christine from Recipe Marketing Firm sent us a label with a unique die-cut. I love how original this label shape is and so does Christine –  it’s exactly the reason it caught her eye. “EOS Estate Winery’s Petite Syrah is one of my favorites.  I love that the label is composed of five equal rectangles equally spaced apart.  It is different than your traditional wine label, which made it stand out to me.  They do this with a couple other bottles as well.  The picture stands out and lets the world know that this is a Central Coast wine. Plus, the wine is great too!”

Another contributor, Casey Campbell of Whiz Bang Ideas, also submitted the same EOS Estate Winery label to us as his favorite. Casey explains, “I love this label because it shows where the wine is grown and allows me to connect with the land. Also, it provides a higher quality picture than most other labels. Instead of looking hand drawn it looks like it is almost a photo. To me it helps create a sense of quality.”

Isn’t it funny how two people can love the same label for completely different reasons? It seems to me that EOS Estate Winery has done a superb job with this label and is drawing in an audience.


The lovely Roxanne Roark from Combotronics, Inc. shared her favorite wine label, one that she found while shopping for herself! You go girl! Her favorite label can be found on bottles of Charles Smith’s Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Roxanne explains, “While shopping for a gift for myself (hehe), I came upon this bottle of Kung Fu Girl Riesling and thought ‘Oh, how unique!’ It caught my eye because it was so different from the normal, shiny or “sophisticated” labels I was used to browsing through. Now, when I go to the store, I look around trying to find new ones from the same wine maker! Great idea and low tech for the win.” Not only do we agree with Roxanne on how cool this label is from a design standpoint, it also has a nice little QR code on the back label which we featured in our QR Codes Blog!


QuickLabel Marketing Director, April, wanted to share her favorite wine with you all as well! Her favorite wine label is this Halloween Hallowine produced by our friends at Door Peninsula Winery in Sturgeon Bay, Washington.  April explains,“I was tickled to see the use of ghoulish font on a wine label. That’s something you don’t see everyday! I think the autumnal pumpkin vine and corn stalk imagery works perfectly on this spiced apple wine, one of my favorites. Also, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love to see my favorite brands get into the seasonal spirit!”  Thanks April! After reading that I just almost forgot it was January! I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for this wine next Halloween!


Last but not least, my favorite wine “label” is a lot like the choice of Laura from L.D. Davis Adhesives. Yes, I work for a label company and am ALWAYS looking at wine labels when I am at the store but this wine in particular always keeps me coming back. Between its bright colors (which, in all honesty, remind me of our QuickLabel colors) and the bright yellow label (my favorite color) – I can’t help but be drawn in…every…time! Meeker Vineyards Merlot is my absolute favorite! The bottle contains a large multicolored, painted-on hand print that takes up most of the bottle above the yellow label, which also contains multicolored text. It is just so cool. The hand print has texture to it and it literally makes me want to grab the bottle just as the painted hand does!

So, now I ask you: what is YOUR favorite wine label?

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