QuickLabel Volunteers at Amos House

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logoWhat is Amos House?

Amos House is a social service agency located in Providence, Rhode Island. Their goal is to provide the necessary tools for those in poverty to truly succeed. What first started out as a small kitchen has grown into the largest soup kitchen in the state, accompanied by ten buildings dedicated to supportive housing in Providence, which can shelter collectively almost 200 men, women, and children a night.

Amos House, with a staff of over 50 people, also features Culinary Education and Carpentry Training programs, a Transitional Housing program, a Literacy Program and a Mother-Child Reunification Center.

QuickLabel Staffers Volunteer at Amos House

Amos House is growing larger and becoming a positive force in Rhode Island’s charitable community.

We were honored to get the opportunity to work with them, and help highlight some of their charitable efforts this holiday season, and we applaud them for all of their hard work and dedication to their cause.

On Tuesday, December 23rd, we gathered five volunteers from the QuickLabel team and headed over to the Amos House. Together the five QuickLabel staffers worked on preparing the next day’s salads and entrees, and then served over 350 Rhode Islanders a lunch of beef stew, corn, rice and salad.

Mark Paul, QuickLabel Technical Support Manager, who served the rice said afterwards, “It was humbling to prepare and serve lunch to so many people. I wished everyone we served a Merry Christmas and hope that in a small way we made their holiday a little brighter.”

Nicole Moosey, Media Sales and Customer Service Supervisor, said, “I enjoyed every moment and it was nice putting smiles on some of their faces!”

Bethany Rosevear, Media Sales Specialist reflected that, “It was difficult to see all the people that needed help, but it was nice knowing that we were able to help them, even in such a small way.”

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