Boosted Vapor Makes Vape Juice Labels Look Awesome

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Whether they’re retailing, private-labeling, or wholesaling e-juice, Boosted Vapor has found growing success with their hundreds of premium e-juice flavors. To save time and money, they label every bottle and every flavor in short-run batches with their Kiaro! label printer.

“The name Boosted Vapor,” says CEO Jeff Kohr, “came from the very idea behind my e-liquids. I wanted more flavor so I boosted that up, I needed more nicotine so I boosted that up, we started getting into more and more quality ingredients so we boosted those up, too.”

We traveled to Clinton, Michigan, the home of Boosted Vapors to learn how they use their Kiaro! label printer to print labels for more than 200 flavors of e-juice, private labeled e-juices and labels for everything else in their stores.

Save Time and Money With The Kiaro!

“The Kiaro! printer allows us to save time, and time is money,” says Jeff Kohr about printing labels in-house with his Kiaro!. “If I need to sit on a product for a week, waiting on a label from another company, then that’s a week’s worth of income that Boosted Vapor is not going to draw. With the Kiaro!, I’m not at the mercy of another company, and I have complete control over everything that we print.”

“I believe in our Kiaro! printer,” says Jeff Kohr, “I’ve had a lot of other printers, and I’ve never had anything like the Kiaro!. It has improved the quality of our product from a labeling standpoint, the Kiaro! has improved our productivity, it’s improved our inventory control. It’s a top quality printer.”

More questions about E-Juice label printing?

Read here how the Kiaro! digital label printer lets you print gorgeous labels, while reducing excess label inventory, saving you time, and allowing you to make more money. The Kiaro! gives you control over your entire labeling process, and allows you to more affordably label your vape juices.

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