Superior Labels is on a Roll with the Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer

For the past 16 years, Superior Labels of Bettendorf, Iowa, has lived up to its name by providing its customers with the most superior address labels in the industry. It has been able to do so with the help of its own personal print room full of QuickLabel Systems label printers, including a bank of six Zeo! inkjet color label printers.

Superior Labels was founded in 1995 by Scott Lee, President and Owner, who started the label and stamp business from the basement of his home. As his business and clientele grew, Lee was able to move his company to a 5,700 square foot building in 2004. In 2009, he was able to upgrade once again to a 15,000 square foot building in Bettendorf where his company currently makes its custom address labels and rubber stamps.

When Lee was getting Superior Labels established, he took advantage of QuickLabel Systems’ in-house label printers to jumpstart his business. Superior Labels currently owns eleven QuickLabel Printers: (6) Zeo! Inkjet label printers, (3) Pronto! 486 barcode label printers, and also (2) QLS-4100 Xe color thermal transfer label printers.  “Our QuickLabel printers and label stocks have allowed us to offer a high quality product and fast shipping,” says Lee. Although all of these label printers contribute to fulfilling their customers custom label orders, the Zeo! above all has been an essential factor in their success.

The Zeo! Fulfills Orders For Personalized Address Labels

Why exactly are Superior Labels’ six Zeo!s an important part in fulfilling personalized address label orders?

“They allow us to offer unique features at a low price point. In the past, customers would have to pay for a press run, which is very expensive in small quantities,” explained Lee “QuickLabel gave us the opportunity to offer our 23,000 item graphic library on roll labels.”

Prior to discovering QuickLabel printers, Lee’s only options were digital color label printing systems that ranged in price from $50,000 to $250,000. “There wasn’t an affordable option for low-volume roll label printing,” he continued. “QuickLabel gave us the opportunity to offer our 23,000 item graphic library in roll labels.”

In Superior Labels’ case, the Zeo! was ideal for creating low quantities of address labels with text and full color graphics and photos. The Zeo! is a perfect fit for small businesses looking to print their own labels, anywhere from one to a few hundred photo quality labels.

Unique Address Labels win BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence

You can order your custom address labels from Superior Labels through its online storefront. Their website is extremely user-friendly and lets you easily customize your labels on your own time. You can utilize the 23,000+ online graphics and images catalog to create the unique address label that best suits you.

Address label customization options range beyond graphics to include metallic and multi-color label materials, all in the size 2 inches wide by ¾ inches high.

These labeling concepts are without a doubt, and fittingly, the most superior of their kind. “We regularly receive rave reviews from customers regarding our service and products,” Lee said. Those rave reviews certainly have some reach. In 2010, Superior Labels was chosen for the Bizrate Platinum “Circle of Excellence” award for customer satisfaction for their excellent service and superior products. The “Circle of Excellence” award places them in the top 3% of all Internet retailers.

Lee, although very proud of their award, is very modest in accepting credit. “I believe that the quality of the product produced by QuickLabel Systems printers plays a large role in winning this award.”

QuickLabel Support, Superior Results

Over the years Superior Labels has developed a great relationship with its local QuickLabel sales engineer, Eric Anderson. Lee describes Anderson as “terrific and a model sales representative.”

We at QuickLabel consider this high praise coming from someone who has spent so much time in the industry, “I’ve worked with many sales representatives over 25 years and Eric is one of the very best I’ve ever seen.” Lee said that while lots of people give lip service to consultative selling, Eric actually does it.” Anderson’s support was the foundation of the relationship between Superior Labels and QuickLabel Systems, and “QuickLabel has been a great collaborative business partner,” said Lee.

QuickLabel Engineers Custom Label Solutions

At one point, Lee was interested in purchasing a gold and silver foil label material. He learned that QuickLabel didn’t offer gold and silver foil, but that its Media Lab would develop the materials he wanted. “QuickLabel engineering did extensive research and found a solution and now we offer gold and silver foil stocks on rolls,” Lee observed.

Relationship with QuickLabel Systems

After years of working together, 11 QuickLabel printers, and a superior address label business, Lee summarized the relationship he has with QuickLabel Systems in one short sentence: “The Zeo!’s are affordable, outstanding quality printers, sold by a quality company that offers excellent support.”