5 Reasons Why QuickLabel is the Best Solution for Printing Essential Oil Labels

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils.

A trusted partner in the essential oils industry, doTERRA defines essential oils as naturally occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

For hundreds of years, essential oils have been used for medicinal, beauty and cleaning treatments. So how can you make your oils stand out from the rest?

1. We Make Label Creation Simple

We know that makers of essential oil products don’t just need a lot of labels – they need a lot of different labels.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of an outside printing vendor, with the risk of costly re-prints, overstock, delayed shipments or wasted expenses, we give you the ability to control everything in-house.

Our in-house commercial label printers print labels in any quantity. They are perfect for short-runs of seasonal products and ideal for printing custom labels for new scents, sizes, and formulations. That means growing your line of essential oils doesn’t have to be difficult. With a QuickLabel printer, you can start printing off your new scents as soon as they are designed.

What’s more, our printers are designed to be user-friendly and specifically designed for narrow labels.

That means you can focus on creating beautiful aromas, and we can take care of the rest.

2. We Meet All Labeling Rules & Regulations

As you know, being a producer of personal care products in the USA, your essential oil labels must comply with the FDA standards.

With a QuickLabel printer, you can print ingredients lists, allergen warnings, barcodes, organic and natural certifications on demand; ultimately giving you the advantage of keeping up with the constant changes being made to label requirements as they go into effect.

We’ll help keep you one step ahead and easily producing FDA-compliant labels.

3. We Let Your Beauty Shine Through

We want your labels to be as beautiful as you’ve imagined.

At QuickLabel, we know the importance of personalization. Your brand has to be able to tell your company’s story to stand out from the crowd. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our label printers allow for complete customization of your labels. And they don’t only look good on screen.

Our label printers have the ability to print in up to 1600 dpi at 12 inches per second. That’s fast, photo-quality imagery!

Especially helpful for narrow labels, our systems precisely print 3-point font to list every ingredient, percentage and note you need.

We’ll help you print stunning imagery, barcodes, pricing, expiration dates and ingredients all in one round.

4. We Make It Personal

We like to get to know our customers, too.

Stopping by CJ’s Unique Boutique in Colorado Springs, we were able to see how they use our label printer to create their personal care lotion and oil labels. See for yourself:

5. Finally, We Are Always Here For You

You can always reach out to us without hesitation. With representatives throughout the nation and around the globe, we are here for you.

Having over 40 years of experience and reliability, we not only have the support, but the resources to guarantee the best quality product on the market.

Interested in our in-house color label printers?

Contact us today to start learning more or set up a free in-person demonstration.



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Great Christmas Gifts with Sensational Labels (Part One!)

Christmas is just a week away – and if you’re anything like me, you’re still scrambling to get the gifts for everyone on your list. Well, we did some scouting, looked under some christmas trees, and discovered that we have tons of Kiaro! users who make awesome christmas gifts.

So, if you don’t want to push through crowds at malls and department stores on Christmas Eve, check out these beautifully packaged gift ideas from Kiaro! owners throughout the country.

Here’s part 1 of our list of the great Christmas gifts (with sensational Kiaro!-printed labels).

Christmas Chocolate Coin Bag from Lake Champlain Chocolates

Christmas Chocolate Coin Bag from Lake Champlain Chocolates
Christmas Chocolate Coin Bag from Lake Champlain Chocolates

Nothing says Christmas candy more than chocolate coins! This assorted mix of milk and dark chocolates will please any holiday sweet-tooth. Lake Champlain Chocolates craft fresh, all-natural, fair-trade certified, chocolate in Burlington, Vermont on the edge of beautiful Lake Champlain.





Personalized Toys from Melissa and Doug!

Melissa and Doug, in Wilton CT, started making toys in the garage of the home where Doug grew up, over 25 years ago. Since then they’ve expanded into a huge line of wonderful, inventive and creative toys for kids of all ages, that are great in the classroom or at home.

Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board by Melissa and Doug!
Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board by Melissa and Doug!

Personalized toys from Melissa and Doug are the perfect way to give a special child in your life a gift they’ll never forget. From chalkboards, to wooden toys, puzzles, and everything in between, you’re sure to find something any child will love at Melissa and Doug!






CJ’S BUTTer from CJ’S Unique Boutique

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we love CJ’s BUTTer! It’s basically a miracle lotion that cures anything from eczema to diaper rash, and even poison ivy.

An assortment of BUTTers at CJ's Unique Boutique
An assortment of BUTTers at CJ’s Unique Boutique

Available as unscented or in dozens of varieties of delicious scents, CJ’s BUTTer works wonders. CJ’s Unique Boutique, out in Colorado Springs, CO, also offers sprays, lotions, creams, cleaners and lip balms – each available in an array of scents, for fantastic holiday gifts!



Ribbon Bags of Eastern Shore Tea

Every bag of Eastern Shore Tea is hand tied with a gorgeous ribbon right in their tea- making facility, in Maryland. They make their own tea with all natural ingredients, real cinnamon, real ginger, real clove -whichever delicious flavor of tea you choose, all the ingredients are 100% natural.

Just a few of the dozens of delicious Eastern Shore Tea varieties
Just a few of the dozens of delicious Eastern Shore Tea varieties

Eastern Shore Tea’s packages make for beautiful stocking stuffers, and their tea is a wonderful gift that will keep anyone warm through the cold winter months.

If coffee is more your “cup of tea” (pun!) try some of the delicious blends from Eastern Shore Tea’s parent company, Baltimore Coffee & Tea.


Kermit’s Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe

A fresh Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe!

Where’s the best Key Lime Pie in the world? Well, in Key West, of course.

Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe in Key West, Florida makes the most delicious Key Lime pies ever!

Plus, they ship their fresh pies overnight, all over the country, for a perfect holiday desert! Their pies are delicious, but so are their cookies, candies, jellies and sauces! Bring a little bit of Florida to your Christmas with one (or two, or three, or four) of their fantastic desserts.


 Part Two of our list goes up tomorrow afternoon! If you want us to feature your product let us know on Facebook or Twitter

Video: Their new Kiaro! prints great lotion labels for CJ’s Unique Boutique

QuickLabel Systems had the pleasure of visiting CJ’s Unique Boutique in June to interview them for a video. We got to meet everyone behind the brand, see their extensive line of scented and unscented “BUTTer” products and watch their Kiaro! label printer (also known as “Kiki” around their office) in action.

Check out the video for yourself, and see just how CJ’s creates their own beautiful labels!

Have you ever tried every product imaginable to find a solution to your problem? CJ Miller has.

CJ Miller and her Kiaro! label printer
CJ Miller and her Kiaro! label printer

She was simply trying to find a product to cure her son’s terrible diaper rash, but nothing worked. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and stood over her stove until she created her own diaper cream to help relieve her son.

CJ’s Unique Boutique, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has been producing their all-natural BUTTer since 2008. CJ and her husband Mark Miller, CEO of CJ’s Unique Boutique, use only the finest, all-natural ingredients in their products. Except now, they are no longer limited to diaper cream – but also offer lotions, body sprays, lip balms, and bug spray, among many other products.

CJ’s Unique Boutique storefront in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Their company grew so fast that in no time they went from their kitchen to a fully equipped facility in the city. Last year, CJ stood in her new production facility, with hundreds of bottles, tubes, and tubs surrounding her. Although she had expanded far beyond her original kitchen, she knew that there was one big component missing from her amazing products: an equally amazing label.


So, what did CJ do? She brought on the Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

As their business grew, so had the demand for labels. CJ and Mark realized that they needed a label printer capable of meeting their high standards and complementing their wonderful products.

Just a glimpse at all the different kinds of BUTTer Spritz sprays CJ’s offers!

The importance of packaging and labeling is just one of the lessons that CJ and Mark have learned since starting their business.

Because CJ’s has so many products and over 30 fragrance options, they needed to find a label printer capable of printing labels in large batch volumes, in a variety of sizes, in any color, and with astonishing detail. The durable, quality labels that the Kiaro! produced for CJ’s were everything that the company was searching for.

Ryan Flynt, Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator at CJ’s, works with the Kiaro! often. So often, in fact, that he even began calling his Kiaro! by the affectionate nickname of “Kiki.” Ryan designs the label artwork, prints labels daily, and handles everything concerning his printer, Kiki.

Ryan Flynt and the Kiaro! commonly referred to as Kiki!

Ryan loves his Kiaro! and says that, “It’s a cost effective time saving printer. It creates excellent quality labels for our packaging, and I couldn’t be happier.”

As the Kiaro! prints quickly (at 1200 dpi) it never fails to print beautifully, without any wasted labels. The Kiaro! has saved CJ’s a great amount of time and money, especially because of their need for moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant labels that look great no matter what they may encounter.

After CJ’s began printing their own labels for each of their products, Heather Hodge, general manager of CJ’s Unique Boutique, immediately noticed a difference in the durability and overall look of their labels. The Kiaro! labels don’t wash off CJ’s products when wet, don’t scratch off, and stay intact throughout daily travel and wear and tear.  “We no longer have people calling and saying I think this might have been your product- can you help me try and figure it out?” Heather said.

CJ’s Kiaro! showing off the beautiful labels it just printed for her bottles!

Hodge said that one of the best qualities of the Kiaro! is how simple it is to use. The software is easy to learn, and any adjustments are easy to make. Training staff members is a breeze, according to Flynt. “It doesn’t take a long time even to show someone how to load the labels into the printer,” Webmaster Flynt said.

“If time is money, and you want to spend less time working with what needs to get produced,” Flynt said, “this is the printer for you.”

If you would like to check out CJ’s products, and try some BUTTer yourself, visit CJ’s Unique Boutique’s website!

To keep up with the latest CJ’s Unique Boutique news and product announcements, follow their Facebook and Twitter pages!

New Image
Visit  CJ’s Unique Boutique’s website to see all the reasons why CJ’s BUTTer will be your new favorite product!

For any direct questions or inquiries about CJ’s and their products, you may contact them by email at cjsuniqueboutique@gmail.com

We had an excellent experience visiting CJ’s Unique Boutique and look forward to seeing all of their coming success!

Colorado: A Photo Diary

In early June a few of us from QuickLabel and Axion Media Labs flew out to Colorado Springs to see the fine faces behind CJ’S Unique Boutique.

The purpose of this venture was to shoot a video with CJ’s about our printer (The Kiaro!), their business, and how the they use it to make labels. Shooting the video was Axion’s department. April, my boss, was the one who did the interviewing.

I just kind of stood in the background and got poison ivy. But more than that. I met CJ, Heather, Mark, Ryan, and everyone else. We saw how they’re using their Kiaro! to print new and beautiful labels, and grow their business even further – and trust me, it’s growing.

Oh, and I took some pictures.


We drove down from Denver, south on highway 25 (speed limit 75!) to Colorado Springs in the late morning. It was hot. Desert hot. Record-breaking and record-approaching temperatures dotted the region – the air was dry sand.

“Is that a forest fire?” asked Ron. He’s one of the three-member Axion film crew, who were with us. You’ll see him with his hand raised in an upcoming picture. It didn’t look like a forest fire at that point; it looked like a campfire, way off in the distance on some foreign-green hill, because at first it was just so small. It would grow throughout the day and night, and even more in the days that followed – its dark grey clouds, and ashy-smoke smell were a backdrop for our entire trip.

We started shooting that evening. “B-Roll” so to speak. Shots of CJ’s storefront and surrounding landscape – establishing the setting. The video is going to come out great. And, I can say that and not sound boastful, because I had literally nothing to do with it. So that’s not totally true – I did an interview at the very end. But still. These guys got skills. You’ll see.

I’ve seen some of the early unedited footage. While we were shooting, CJ was the first to interview, and according to everyone -including her- she was a bundle of nerves. She’s modest, “you have no idea how much she hates this,” her husband Mark whispered to me. She hid it well – she really comes off great. And after that first bit of interviewing, everyone loosened up. Giggles started running rampant, through the shoot. I showed CJ how to take a panorama picture with an iPhone, and that pretty much took over the rest of the morning.

That night there was a jet-lag adjusted dinner, and an early trip back to the hotel. The morning we’d meet our photographer Dani, from Fade Photo in Colorado Springs, and the team at CJ’s Unique Boutique.

So let me tell you about CJ’s. Back in 2008, CJ started making diaper rash cream over her stove, in her kitchen for her son. It worked.

Really well.

So, she hopped online, told some other mom’s about it, and all of a sudden she was sending out samples, and hearing stories of how other mom’s were loving her product. Flash forward a few years, and her and her husband Mark have two stores in Colorado, a full facility, and the brand has expanded to lotions, spritzes, lip balms, bug sprays, soaps, detergents – and all of their wonderful products are made with all natural ingredients.

Mark said something funny in an interview, “we often get asked if we test on animals, and our standard answer is, nope – just our own kids!” CJ’s is a family business. In every sense of the word. They care about their kids, and they care about their customers kids. It wouldn’t even be there if CJ hadn’t been looking for something to help her own children, and now they want to share what she discovered in her own kitchen, with the world. And the world should take advantage – it really does work, amazingly well.

Part of that plan is growing nationally, they’re thinking about the opportunities in the future – more CJ’s Boutiques, more CJ’s BUTTer on the shelves of national retailers. You should see their backroom – they’ve got so many bottles and rolls of labels just waiting to get shipped. It’s wonderful to see a mom-and-pop business finding such success.


They really do like that Kiaro!. Ryan named it, and everything. Kiki. By the way, if you need someone to promote anything, ever, give Ryan a ring. Dude can interview. He’s the web master and social media coordinator, at CJ’s. From what I saw, he works the most with the Kiaro!.

They purchased it about a year ago, and have seen some great results – Ryan talked about how it’s easy to use, the great quality of the labels it produces, and how fast it is. That’s one of the benefits that I hear customers reference a lot – it’s fast, and the quality is consistently outstanding even at it’s ridiculous speed (8in per second, if you were curious).

He runs the Facebook page, blog, and website for CJ’s and does a great job – it’s been cool, because he kind of has the mirror of my position at QuickLabel, and since I’ve been back, I’ve noticed that CJ’s has been one of our more frequently-appearing connections on Facebook. It’s nice coming back with new friends.

CJ's Butter Testers
CJ’s makes tons of different products – this is a shot of just a few of them. All of CJ’s products, from their BUTTer to their Spritz have Kiaro! printed labels.

CJ’s gave us some lotions and butters and lip balms. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I got poison ivy on my legs, must have been in front of the that Colorado Springs Sign, and CJ’s BUTTer really kicked its butt (pun totally intended).

And that was our trip. We drove back to Denver that night, and flew out in the morning. It was a wonderful voyage, filled with wonderful people, and I can’t wait for the chance to go again. We left with fond memories, but our hearts were heavy with thoughts of those in Colorado Springs who lost so much in the nearby forest fires; over 500 homes were destroyed.

We wanted to include this link, to the Denver Post, which provides a list of numbers and ways to help those victims of the fires in the Colorado Springs area.

Make sure you check back with us soon – we’ll have the finished video from Axion, and it promises to be enlightening on the Kiaro! and CJ’s.