How to Make Your Custom Cosmetics Labels Attractive and Effective

In the cosmetics industry, looks matter. There’s a lot of pressure for product packaging to portray the end results –even when working with small surfaces.

But while trying to catch the consumer’s eye, there are still regulations products must follow. So how can you make your custom cosmetic labels both attractive and effective?

First Things First: Product Requirements

Regardless of your product line, you need to be aware of the industry requirements.

What are the most common rules and regulations for labeling in the cosmetics industry?

According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, it is prohibited to market cosmetics that are adulterated or misbranded as well as while in interstate commerce.

FDA regulations are required for any product, except soap, intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering appearance.

A cosmetics label is considered misbranded if:

  • labeling is false or misleading
  • label does not state the name and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor or the net quantity of contents
  • the required information is not stated prominently, with conspicuousness and in terms that it is read and understood by consumers under customary conditions of purchase and use the container or its fill is misleading

Read the full list of FDA cosmetics labeling standards here.

Make Compliance Easier 

Ensure products meet all FDA regulations and easily maintain labels with an in-house label printer – this includes overseas,  certifying compliance within each country.

Printing in-house also offers a much more affordable option compared to outsourced printing.

By printing in your facility, you have the ability to produce large or short runs of labels as needed with expiration dates, ingredients lists, allergen warnings, barcodes, organic and natural certifications.

Check out some of our favorite commercial color label printer options here!

Make Sure Your Products Have What They Need 

In addition to FDA requirements, environmental exposure can require a higher need for durability.

If you offer lotion, body wash or facial cleansers, you may want to consider a printer that applies water-resistant labels. This will help protect your labels fading or peeling.

Utilizing these resistant labels will bring your products to another level of professionalism. By adhering to both FDA standards and product needs, your cosmetics will perform effectively.

Watch how CJ’s Unique Boutique uses their durable QuickLabel printer to label all of their lotions and creams:

Stand Out On The Shelves!  

Looks matter in this industry.

Makers of cosmetics and personal care products don’t just need a lot of labels – they need a lot of different labels. One body lotion alone can be available in dozens of different scents, array of bottles, tubs and more.

Your product packaging is what makes you stand out from the competition. What catches eyes on the shelves can be the difference between the purchase of your brand over a competitors.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your cosmetics label designs, an in-house label printer is the best solution.

Not only will printing cosmetics labels in-house save money, but it is perfect for short-runs of seasonal products, new scents, sizes and formulations – especially when it comes to the design process.

Using your own label printer will allow you to control your label from start to finish – making sure it showcases your product as envisioned.

Make Your Custom Cosmetics Labels Attractive and Effective With The Kiaro! 

If you’re looking for a photo-quality, colorfast label printer with high-production rates, we recommend the Kiaro! color label printer (as used by CJ’s Unique Boutique).

The Kiaro! is an extraordinarily fast printer with the ability to produce beautiful, vibrant color labels in astounding 1200 dpi.

“It’s a cost effective time saving printer. It creates excellent quality labels for our packaging, and I couldn’t be happier.”
– Ryan Flynt, CJ’s Unique Boutique

By acknowledging your products packaging design, durability of labels and FDA standards, custom cosmetics labels are able to function effectively while attracting consumers to your products.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating eye-catching labels in your own facility, feel free to check out our website!





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You can see through our new label materials!

Material #164 Transparent
Material #164 Transparent

Introducing Transparent and White Satin-Finish Labels

We find products for our customers, not customers for our products! After listening closely to what our customers want we’ve added two new label materials. To make this even more exciting, both of these are compatible with the Kiaro! fast inkjet color label printer.

The first one is the new label Material #164 which is TRANSPARENT! This material looks amazing! Many  (but, certainly not limited to) personal care and cosmetics customers have been thrilled by this addition. Material #164 labels printed on by the Kiaro! look amazing, and will showcase your products beautifully. Although we LOVE to show off labels, this new material allows you to have that no-label look on your products.

Material #163 White Satin-Finish Polypropolene
Material #163 White Satin-Finish Polypropolene

We can’t let that new transparent material steal all the limelight though.  Material #163 White Satin-Finish Polypropolene is also here! This highly versatile material is also compatible with the Kiaro! Customers love this material for a wide variety of products, including shampoo bottles and household cleaner sprays. We know you will love Material #163 too, just let us know if you’d like a sample!

Our newest label materials are great for many applications, including personal care.
Our newest label materials are great for many applications, including personal care.


Both transparent and synthetic Kiaro! label materials are water-resistant, and most lotions and personal care products wipe right off the surface without damaging your label. This is just another way QuickLabel Systems can be the most cost efficient label solution for you. You will be able to print labels on-demand when you need them, and just print the amount you need! You will also be able to trust that your labels will last a long time and look fantastic!

If you would like samples of these label materials or more information about the Kiaro! color label printer, just let us know!