In-House Label Printers Are a Huge Benefit for University and College Dining Food

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Did you know that printing labels in-house can save you time and money? When you need to mass produce your food selection, taking control of your labeling process can be a huge benefit for university and college dining food.

When relying on an outside print-house you have to keep track of your label inventory. Do you have enough chicken salad labels, or are you running out? You probably order thousands of pre-printed labels that take up valuable storage space.

There are many benefits of printing your own labels, especially in the prepared food industry:

  • Precisely print 3-point font to list every ingredient & vitamin percentage
  • Create use-by dates for perishable prepared foods on an as-needed basis
  • Additionally print barcodes, expiration dates and prices

jodys_labelsPrinting your own university and college dining food labels is a great idea, but it can also become a costly process. It takes a lot to create your product, package it, include the correct nutrition facts, have the correct barcode and make sure you have enough labels in stock.

With QuickLabel color label systems, your process gets a whole lot easier.

No longer will you have to wait for your pre-printed label orders or deal with the chaos of misprints. QuickLabel printers allow you to easily print your own food labels, including nutrition facts, barcodes, pricing, expiration dates and stunning imagery all in one round.

University and College Dining Services Departments across the USA are printing their own custom food labels for sandwiches, salads, snacks and other prepared foods using a desktop QuickLabel color label printer.

QuickLabel offers a variety of color label printers, varying from label width, length, and speed.

With QuickLabel inkjet label printers, you can easily find the right fit, instantly printing food labels in short runs for all campus special events – holidays, sporting events, fundraisers, camps, conferences, and campus activities. Pair your new food creations and familiar menu-favorites with brilliant customized labels that you design yourself, right in your kitchen or office.img_8861

Using our label printers, you can specialize in printing vibrant, beautiful color food labels that attract diners. Our selection prints from 300 to 1600 dpi quality for lavish and appetizing images.

It’s also versatile enough to print basic one-color or solid full-bleed labels for any color combination. And of course, it can print barcodes, expiration dates, and prices!

Hear for yourself!

Dave’s Marketplace is Rhode Island’s largest independent grocer, and prints hundreds of thousands of food labels for its produce and prepared foods with the Kiaro! color label printer. See what they had to say:

“It’s a fabulous machine. I don’t know how I did some of the stuff I did without it… From a design standpoint right down to final production – it will produce anything you want.”
– Steve Alfaia, POS Coordinator & Graphic Designer, Dave’s Marketplace

With us, you can create quality labels that help you stand out from the competition.

See our full list of customer testimonials to learn more.

Because our label printers print in up to an astonishing 1600 dpi, you can print the most intricate, readable barcodes for any P.O.S. The fine detail is perfect for nutrition labels which contain a lot of information in a small amount of space. QuickLabel printers can even print 3-point font so you can list every ingredient, and every vitamin percentage, on every one of your university and college dining food options.ql_111_800_kiaro

The ability to print in 300-1600dpi with excellent precision ensures the quality of your label, ultimately catching the eyes of consumers with its stunning and completely customizable design.

QuickLabel not only provides all the requirements for your prepared food & beverage labels, we make your products look great!

With over 40 years of experience and reliability, we have the resources to guarantee the best quality product on the market.

Improve your work flow today and see for yourself! Schedule an in-person demonstration with us.

One of our trained technicians will come to your facility and use your artwork to print your labels on one of our QuickLabel printers.

Or, contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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QuickLabel Re-Visits Dave’s Marketplace to See How Much They Love The Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

We Asked Dave’s Marketplace How They Are Using Their New Inkjet Label Printer Now That They Have Owned the Kiaro! for 6 Months!

Back in July we visited Dave’s Marketplace in East Greenwich, Rhode Island to see how they felt about the Kiaro! color label printer after participating in our beta site testing program. At the time they were very impressed by our prototype printer’s speed and the ease of use.

When we re-visited the headquarters of this Rhode Island-based IGA grocery chain again last week, I was especially interested to see if their perception of the Kiaro! had changed at all now that they have bought a standard production model. I wanted to see if they had any more feedback for us!

You can watch the video to see what they have to say.


We were thrilled to hear that they are so happy with their new label printer!

Dave’s Graphic Designer Steve Alfaia is the one who designs and prints the labels for all of the Dave’s Marketplace retail locations. He graciously invited us in to see the Kiaro! in action and talk with us about just how much value the inkjet label printer brings to them.

One feature that Steve LOVES is that there are no wasted labels with the Kiaro!. He runs labels in batches ranging from 100-1,000 labels at a time. Often he needs to print a variety of different labels for the store’s diverse menu of house brand prepared foods. The Kiaro! prints one batch after another without wasting any labels between batches, as demonstrated in this video:

Now that Steve utilizes the Kiaro! to print house brand labels for foods sold at each of the nine Dave’s Marketplace stores, he said he’s not actually sure how he used to manage without it!

He also highlighted the consistency, efficiency of this QuickLabel printerand the fact that he can print labels with accurate colors. “From a design stand point right down to final production, the Kiaro! will produce anything you want. And it will reproduce pretty much any color,”  he said.

One thing I love about visiting Dave’s Marketplace is its atmosphere. If you aren’t from Rhode Island and haven’t visited one of their markets, I have to tell you that I love finding all kinds of specialty local items and delicious prepared foods that I don’t find at big chain grocery stores.

Their prepared foods are made even more alluring with their bold labels. Steve told us that Dave’s Marketplace now has the ability to print the very detailed labels they need, and that “there has been a sales increase in many of the items we label with the Kiaro!.”

We are thrilled to have such a wonderful customer, and hope you enjoy seeing how they utilize the Kiaro! to print their own custom labels.

Please contact us to find out more about the Kiaro! inkjet label printer or schedule a demonstration to see a QuickLabel printer at your facility.

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