Why Seasonal Packaging Can Help You Gain Customers

It’s that time of year again; time to decorate your store windows, run holiday sales and, most importantly, switch up your product labels. Why? Seasonal packaging can help gain customers.

That’s right. It’s the holiday season! Everyone wants to get in the spirit, and what’s more cheerful than a festively packaged product? 

If you print your labels in-house, this isn’t a hard task to complete. But if you don’t print in-house, that is something you may want to reconsider.

Holidays Can Equal More Sales

During the holidays, you could be missing out on major sales revenue without seasonal packaging. Why?

Products that are polished, seasonal and unique have a better chance of being picked up and chosen over a similar product.

Recent studies show that product labels are much more critical in the buyer’s journey than anticipated.

Ben Schubert from Nielsen’s Innovation Practice in Europe was recently involved in a report analyzing the topic stating, “Package design is the dark horse of the marketing world. It receives little attention compared to other marketing disciplines, and its impact tends to be vastly underestimated.”

More often than not, what we think are the little things actually end up being much bigger.

Humans are highly visual beings

When we see something aesthetically pleasing, it catches our eye. Your product may be exactly what the consumer is looking for, but if not presented the right way, it is easily passed over.

This is especially heightened during the holiday seasons, where our eyes are trained to pick up on certain color patterns and images. Not convinced?

Nielson continues, “Back-to-basics marketing such as how essential it is to stand out at the shelf has become slightly lost due to marketers’ increasing focus on where to advertise in a media-saturated world.

Nearly 60% of product decisions are made at the shelf, and 56% of European consumers say in-store discovery is one of their top information sources for new products, compared to 45% for TV ads.”

Now those are staggering numbers. More than half of consumers’ decisions are made at the shelf? Presuming the setup is that of a regular market, that means more than half of the buyers decisions are based on the label alone.

That’s something to pay attention to.

It is more important than ever to remain ahead of the curve

And utilizing information like this will help push you to the forefront.

Think about it, which product would be more likely purchased on the spot: a branded box of truffles or a holiday packaging edition of similar truffles? The presentation matters. Most would go with the latter.

This year, while speaking on a similar topic, Gillian Christie, founder & CEO of adVentures Academy reveals that, “Design message on packaging can be the make or break point with your target audience.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Your seasonal packaging and even personalized packaging can help you gain customers, giving you an edge on your competition and a greater chance for consumers to try your products.

Christie continues, “Understanding consumer behavior and identifying the exact buying motivators, hot buttons and the specific ‘conversion factor’ for that target audience is the differentiating factor between a good design and a great design.”

Now that the labels and packaging have been identified as such a large conversion factor (60%), the opportunity to greatly increase your consumer base is within your grasp.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

Take control over your production line and print your labels in-house.

Managing your labeling process can reap a plethora of benefits in addition to catching the customers’ eye. With less room for errors, no wait time or shipping, and reduced waste, your in-house label printer or packaging system would be earning its keep by saving and earning you money.

What are you waiting for?

It’s the holiday season! Get inspired! Feel the magic! And make your packaging great.

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Custom Holiday Labels

We’re Shopping Our Customers This Year

Tis the season! We are in the holiday spirit here at QuickLabel and are shopping for the perfect gifts. These holiday labeled specialties made by some of our favorite customers caught our eye, so we thought we’d share six of our favorite gift ideas – with cool holiday labels:

1) Start with Stocking Stuffers – Chocolate Snowflakes!

First up are these mouth watering stocking stuffers brought to us by Lake Champlain Chocolates. The first photo is of Raspberry BonBon Snowflakes, these candies are dark chocolate with raspberry cream center bottom – stamped with a festive holiday snowflake. Sounds delicious right? (they are)

Meghan Fitzpatrick of Lake Champlain Chocolates explained to us how helpful the QuickLabel Vivo! digital color label printer is in making their chocolate labels. “The flexibility of being able to print labels in-house is fantastic. We don’t have to worry about meeting minimums when using an outside printer and then being stuck with extra, outdated packaging. Having the Vivo! allows us lots of opportunities to brand our product in an easy and professional way that is consistent with all of our other packaging.”

The second photo is of Peppermint Cheer, sweet white chocolate with a cool dark mint center, topped with crushed all-natural candy canes. Is your mouth watering yet? If you’re looking for some last minute stocking stuffers or want to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day check out the seasonal chocolates in their online chocolate shop – trust me you won’t be disappointed! If you want to keep up with Meghan and Lake Champlain Chocolates, bookmark their Chocolate Blog and check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

2) Gifts for Special Customers & Clients

Next are these festive popcorn tins with a custom “holiday greetings” label from American Handforge, a leader who specializes in manufacturing quality hand forged aluminum block used in manufacturing aircraft for Bombadier and Boeing, among other customers.

These tins are filled with “Granny Carol’s Yummie Crunch” and are holiday gifts sent especially to American Handforge’s customers as a “thank you” for their continued business. Their label is printed with a festive holiday version of the American Handforge logo, which gives their gift a personal touch. The gift was handpicked as their token of appreciation, rather than as a marketing promotion. Gina from American Handforge explains, “We could have sent pens or water bottles to get our name out there but, we wanted to give something special to the people we work directly with all year long. I think it feels more like a gift this way, which is what the intent is.” Man, don’t you wish you were one of their customers? We love the thought that went into their holiday gift!

American Handforge’s holiday labels were printed by QuickLabel’s QuickPrint digital label printing service. Gina worked with QuickPrint Digital Label Specialist Becky Swartz, who was able to produce a proof of her popcorn label in an hour. “The labels are beautiful, everyone I have showed them to love them!” said Gina. (aw shucks!) “QuickLabel was recommended by the people we ordered the Yummie Crunch from and he was right! I will definitely use your company again!”

It’s been a pleasure working with you, Gina, and we think your holiday corporate gift labels are some of the nicest we’ve seen!

3) Everyone Loves Gingerbread, the Taste of the Holidays!

This festive holiday basket contains Gingerbread cookie mix, from Fowler’s Milling Co., straight out of Geauga County in Chardon, Ohio. Their gingerbread cookie mix is made from an old-world milling process – grinding grains between two stones.

Owners Rick and Billie Erickson grind locally-grown corn and wheat to produce flours and meals and then making them into baking mixes for delicious pancakes, muffins, and cookies – such as the gingerbread cookie mix we’re showing. Billie and the mill staff test and develop all of the recipes in their home kitchens, and Rick and the mill employees turn these recipes into nutritious products that contain no preservatives or additives.

Fowler prints its gingerbread cookie mix labels, showing off a batch of smiling gingerbread men, on its QuickLabel’s Vivo! digital color label printer. For more info on Fowlers Milling Co. check out their website or keep up with them on Facebook!

4) Don’t Forget to Pamper Yourself

Bidwell Botanicals produces fabulous natural body care products such as body scrubs, lip care products, soap products, etc. The products that caught our eye are their festively named and labeled body scrubs. Doesn’t “Gingerbread Latte” sugar scrub just scream Christmas? Or how about “Sugar Plum” shea butter sugar scrub? One use of these awesome body scrubs and your body will no doubt be in the holiday spirit! Not only do their names sound yummy their simple yet beautiful labels make them even more desirable. Bidwell Botanicals prints these body scrub labels using their QuickLabel QLS-2000 Xe thermal transfer color label printer.

These awesome products also make great holiday gifts – check out Bidwell’s holiday gift ideas. Want to keep up with Bidwell Botanicals? You can stay up to date by liking them on Facebook.


5) Give Something You Baked

These brightly-colored icings are Lawrence Foods’ Holiday ButterCremes™, designed to make decorating holiday baked goods easier (so you can make more!). Each 14 oz. tub of buttercreme icing is filled with a Bold Icing, which don’t bleed, fade or stain your hands when you’re baking. They’re super smooth and creamy with an unbelievably sweet taste.  And, they’re not just for Christmas – Lawrence also makes special frostings for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the 4th of July so there are lots of occasions for baking favorite recipes and for children to decorate with mom or dad.

We think these labels look just as fun and tasty as the buttercreme inside! Communications Coordinator Brooke Lawrence tells us “the label contains bright colors to complement the hues of our Bold Icing line. We went for a simple design with striking images so as not to overwhelm the shopper. Each lid has a color-coded label so consumers know which color icing they’re opening.”

Lawrence Foods is an 80-year-old manufacturer of premium bakery ingredients for commercial food manufacturers, in-store supermarket bakeries, and foodservice operators. Located in Elk Grove Village, IL, they produce cream fillings, dry mixes, fondant, fruit fillings, glazes, icings, nutrition bar components, and savory spreads. For more information on Lawrence Foods check out their website: www.lawrencefoods.com.

6) Wrapping it Up

We knew there was only one way to end this blog: with holiday wrapping paper courtesy of Innisbrook Wraps located in Greensboro, NC. Innisbrook makes custom wrapping paper and other packaging for organizations holding fundraisers. See the little label on the shiny Innisbrook wrap? QuickLabel printed that in our Asheboro, NC label factory using our flexographic label printers. (Hi Asheboro team!)

If your organization is looking for a fundraising opportunity, check out Innisbrook gift wrapping paper for custom fundraisers.