QuickLabel Referral Benefits: Think You’re Cut Out For Our Benefits?

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If you’ve invested in a QuickLabel printer, you already know the height of benefits you and your company are reaping. But did you hear about the QuickLabel referral benefits?

From printing in 600-1600dpi, producing customizable labels at up to 8 inches per second (ips), and photographic quality and clear-cut text; QuickLabel printers have the ability to save your business time and money as well as catch the customers’ eye.

So, do you know someone else who would be interested in having a QuickLabel printer? (Bonus: It will benefit you, too!)


Does a free set of inks get your gears turning?

They don’t have to be from your line of work. With QuickLabel printer’s variety of options, such as the Kiaro! 50, Kiaro!, Kiaro! D and the QL-111, they can be found throughout a wide variety of labeling industries.

Here are five examples of businesses included within our industry range and what they had to say about their QuickLabel printer:

1. Food Labels – Jody’s Popcorn

Jody’s Popcorn of Virginia Beach was in need of a reliable printer that could take on their growth, as well as their quick in-store demands. Looking for a short-run labeling solution, Jody’s found QuickLabel and the Kiaro! label printer. In a short period of time, the Kiaro! allowed Jody’s to flourish with its on-demand, colorful and high quality labels.

Michael Katz, Vice President, states, “The Kiaro! printer has saved Jody’s time and production. The amount of time it takes for us to produce a custom job has decreased greatly. We can literally have somebody walk into the printing area and say ‘I need this’ and turn it around in 10-15 minutes.”

2. Beverage Labels – Doc’s Tea

Doc’s Tea knew they required exceptional labels for their bottles of low calorie tea, and printing labels on demand and in-house was an ideal solution for them. When they discovered the stunning performance of the Kiaro! label printer they were amazed. They have been printing beautiful tea labels with QuickLabel ever since.

Dr. Christopher Banks, CCO of Doc’s Tea, says the Kiaro! has been great for their business because, “We don’t have to spend so much money going out to the big labeling companies – we can print them out as we need them and save some time and also save some money.”

3. E-Liquid Labels – Boosted Vapor

Boosted Vapor, e-liquid maker and vape shop retailer based in Clinton, Michigan, uses the Kiaro! to label its wide variety of vape juices. Boosted Vapor also offers custom labeling of its e-juices to wholesale and private label customers, and prints all labels with their QuickLabel printer.

Jeff Kohr, CEO, says “I believe in our Kiaro! printer. I’ve had a lot of other printers, I’ve never had anything like the Kiaro!. It has improved the quality of our product from a labeling standpoint, it’s improved our productivity, and it’s improved our inventory control. It’s been a top quality unit.”

4. Medical Device Labels – Key Surgical

With in-house UDI label printing, Key Surgical found fast, easy, and affordable compliance for labeling all of their different medical devices. With the ever-changing FDA labeling requirements, Key Surgical needed to stay on top of what was to be included on their labels. In addition to QuickLabel printers’ ability to generate small, clear-cut text and barcodes, the in-house complete label customization was the perfect fit for their business.

Key Surgical Director of Operations, Lena Cordie, says that with the Kiaro! label printer, “We save money on labeling stock and on supplies. We’re able to purchase smaller quantities more frequently rather than storing them on site with the possibility of damage and waste. The Kiaro! has been a huge asset to our production productivity and efficiency.”

5. Hardware Labels – Quick Fitting

Quick Fitting, the leading manufacturer of “push connect” plumbing fittings and valves sold at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware found that frequently changing labels produced a wasteful excess of inventory.. Quick Fitting was able to cut its costs by 40% when they began printing their own retail plumbing labels with the Kiaro!.

“It allows us a flexibility we didn’t have in the past. If we ran out of labels– if we were even short by 30 labels – it cost us a shipment. With the Kiaro! we just simply walk over to the unit and print out some more,” said David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting.

To view the full list of applications our QuickLabel printers have been used for, click here.

So do you know anyone who would like to enhance their own business and branding, as well as save time and money with a QuickLabel printer?

Participating in the QuickLabel referral benefits program will not only be beneficial to them.

If you successfully refer a friend, you will be sent a free set of inksThat’s about a $1,000 value towards your business!

So what are you waiting for? Refer a friend today!

Contact Info:
Toll Free: (877) 757-7978
Outside USA: (401) 828-4000

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Let’s Talk Labels: What Media Products Does QuickLabel Have to Offer?

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

There’s more to labels than meets the eye. There has to be some consideration taken into the presentation, storage and intended use of the product. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you. So what media products does QuickLabel have to offer?

What Media Products does QuickLabel Have to Offer?

We have four main types of labels and ribbons, each with a variety of options to best suit your product and design, whether it be beverage, shipping, medical, chemical labeling or more.

Let’s break it down for you.

1. Inkjet Labels

QuickLabel has developed special materials that are capable of absorbing the Kiaro! inks so that printed labels do not smear and are able to produce the most accurate colors possible.

Whether you choose a textured paper label for wine labels or a glossy clear synthetic label for cosmetics labels, there is an ideal Kiaro! inkjet label for you.Kiaro_La Crema

We don’t stock a large inventory of finished labels – they are made fresh to order. When you place your order, we produce each order from raw material, using our efficient just-in-time production management system.

QuickLabel also produces and sells die-cut labels for use on our own line of label printers and offer multi-color and single-color thermal transfer label printers that resists fading, abrasion, smudging, and incidental moisture contact.

We even sell labels for use on other printer brands.

Carrying over 100 different label and tag stocks, if we don’t have the material you’re looking for, we can source and test new raw materials to meet your end use requirements. Just ask one of our Media Sales Specialists!

See how Browndog Creamery uses our inkjet labels to not only create delectable designs to match their delicious ice cream, but how our labels maintain color-fastness and quality even in their freezing storage conditions.

To read descriptions of our inkjet label and tag materials, click here.

2. Thermal Transfer Labels 

Enhancing print performance, QuickLabel’s Media Lab created our line of thermal transfer label materials. These produce excellent print quality and end-use durability – especially when used with QuickLabel’s own line of thermal transfer ribbons and label printers.

Our labels also produce high-quality printing on other brands of thermal transfer and barcode printers. Like the inkjet labels, all of our labels are made to order.

With QuickLabel, you have the choice of 70+ Materials. IMG_0458

We manufacture and stock over seventy different pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive printing materials.

To read descriptions of our thermal transfer label and tag materials, click here.

3. Thermal Transfer Ribbons (Black or Color)

The question is “What media products does QuickLabel have to offer?”, which means we are not limited to labels.

We also manufacture and sell barcode ribbon (also known as thermal transfer ribbon) for your barcode printer at a factory.

Our barcode ribbon is sold at a direct low price. From general-purpose black wax ribbon to black wax-resin ribbon and black resin thermal transfer ribbon for every thermal printer brand.

imageQuickLabel manufactures the largest variety of spot color thermal transfer ribbons in the industry. No one has as many thermal transfer ribbons colors as us.

We also sell process color thermal transfer ribbons for our family of digital color label printers which use thermal transfer technology.

  • Black Barcode Printer Ribbon: Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin, Premium Resin, Special Resin
  • Color Thermal Transfer Ribbons: Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin, Premium Resin

4. Laser / LED Labels

We’ve even developed special materials that are capable of withstanding high fusing temperature while producing vivid, long-lasting printed labels.  These labels can also resist moisture, UV light, abrasion, and most solvents – even without lamination.

Our labels are able to portray highly accurate design and multi-level shading for superior print quality and clarity. To read descriptions of our Laser / LED label and tag materials, click here.

Ultimately, we have label materials for any and all product labeling requirements. No matter what industry or storage specifications, we make sure our labels always remain durable and maintain high quality and color-fastness.

To shop our complete list of labels and ribbons and learn more about what we offer, check out our supply store.

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QuickLabel Media Specialists Take the Customer Service Cake

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan
Niiki and Michaela.
Nikki and Michaela.

We turned to Facebook to see what customers had to say about their Media Specialist!

We already appreciate our media specialists, and we know all of our customers do to! That’s why we decided to give one of them a gift card for a fun night out at Dave & Busters. But, how could we choose? They are all amazing! So, we turned to Facebook to allow our customers to vote for their favorite Media Specialist!

The number of likes are one amazing thing, but the heartfelt comments and thanks from customers really have been phenomenal!

David Chadwick
David Chadwick

David Chadwick is fairly new to his position as a Media Specialist, but he is not new to QuickLabel Systems or Rhode Island. In fact, David is a big New England sports fan! His customers voted for him, coining the term “Team Chadwick.” I think it’s pretty fitting!

Melody Allen is a very accommodating media specialist, even adjusting her work schedule to better serve our customers on the West coast. One of her customers is eternally grateful to her help because, “If I don’t like her it’s a long walk to pick up supplies.” Another said that she “Has been a great help since we purchased our first Vivo! Touch printer. Melody, I feel has gone above her duties to help us in any way she could.”

Melody is talented at sewing and crafting.
Melody is talented at sewing and crafting.

We can’t forget to give a special mention to Nicole Moosey. This mom to one, soon to be two is wonderful! She is the Media Sales and Customer Service Supervisor. Nicole is a very talented baker and singer. When I asked her what she likes most about her job she said, “I love the people, whether it’s the customers I have gotten to know and help throughout the years or the wonderful group of people that encompasses QuickLabel.”

One customer described what makes a good specialist saying, “Carla provides exceptional customer service. Prompt, Polite, and Persistent hardly begin to describe her desire for customer satisfaction. We have been very fortunate to have such an incredible Media Specialist working for our team.”

Carla got such an amazing number of likes on her post that she gets an honorable mention, and a $25 gift card!


We love hearing this kind of feedback from customers, especially because they haven’t even tried her fabulous baked goods that she brings into the office.

Although they are all wonderful, the Facebook contest winner with almost 40 amazing comments is Chris Chabot! This native Rhode Islander loves getting to talk to, and help customers all over the country. She has been in the printing industry in various ways for almost 30 years. Take a look at the recent blog featuring Chris to see why her favorite part of the job is her customers.

It’s not one sided though, Chris’ customers also love her! One customer explained her winning qualities saying, “even though Carla and David have been very helpful to me – I have to vote for Chris because she has been putting up with our “emergencies” and jumping through the many hoops my orders send her way – saving me much grief countless times over the years!”

Winner of the contest, Chris Chabot!
Winner of the contest, Chris Chabot!

Another customer recommended we send Chris to train people at other companies saying, “Chris is the BEST! She needs to go to other companies and train customer service staff on how it’s done! She’s great!” I don’t think we will be letting her escape to any other company though!

Let’s hear it for QuickLabel Systems Media Specialists! If you haven’t already, please leave a comment for your favorite specialist

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Get to Know Media Specialist Chris Chabot!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan
Chris with her granddaughter and husbands
Chris with granddaughter Kaelyn and husband Jim

Learn why Chris’ customers love having her as a Media Specialist!

Although you may be getting to know Chris for the first time, she isn’t new to QuickLabel or Rhode Island. Chris has been with the company for about 9 years actually is a native Rhode Islander!

This former surfer, now fully wrapped around her granddaughter’s finger, really knows the meaning of customer service. Take a look at these fun facts about Chris that I learned during our interview.

QuickLabel: What are your hobbies?
Chris Chabot: I actually like crocheting (yes some of my customers are probably saying “yeah right”), I love horses and horseback riding but have not been able to do it lately.  I was the Assistant Director of the ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) but when my granddaughter was born, my husband, who is a top New England surfer, and I decided that we wanted to put our time and energy into our “baby girl Kaelyn” so we don’t do that anymore.  She will be a surfer, though, if my husband has anything to say about it.

Chris and her granddaughter
Chris and her granddaughter

QL: Tell me about your family.
CC: OK, I have been married and divorced twice … you know what they say, the third time is the charm. My third marriage (yes I did it again) is to my wonderful husband Jim and we are still going strong.  Out of my first marriage, I was blessed with my daughter, Nichole, who is 23 years old now.  Nichole then blessed Jim and I with our granddaughter Kaelyn almost 4 years ago.  I thought there was no greater love than a mother’s for her child … throw a grandchild into the mix … all bets are off.  I tell my daughter all the time that she has to realize that she is was only the incubator for my grandchild and if I could have had Kaelyn  first, I would have.  My daughter knows that I’m kidding and most of my customers know my sense of humor and could see me saying that.  Life revolves around Kaelyn now.

QL: What did you do before joining the QL team?
CC: Where do I start?  I have been in the printing industry for about 28 years … give or take a few when I was the Medical Records Supervisor for Rhode Island Hospital for about 3 years.  I’ve worked in commercial printing, business forms, and promotional printing but I have to say that before coming to QuickLabel, the job that I enjoyed most was when I worked for a scratch lottery ticket printing company. I was with them for about 7 years I think and I was the Packaging Department Manager and Pressroom Supervisor.  When they decided to relocate to Florida I had to opt out … no insult intended to my FL customers because I did spend every other week there for about 3 months helping with the relocation and it is a beautiful state.

QL: What is your favorite QL product? 
CC: I would have to say that my favorite product (so far) is the Kiaro! inkjet label printer.  This seems to be a great printer from what I’ve heard from my customers and the Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) pricing program that we are now offering has made a lot of my customers happy and it actually makes my job easier once it’s in place because they don’t need to order every week or month. It’s automatic and I can concentrate on just calling them to see how they’re doing.

QL: What is your favorite part of your job?
CC: That’s probably the easiest question that I’ve been asked … talking with my customers.  No matter how busy I am, I love hearing about how things are going for them and they ask me in return.  I consider them my friends, not customers.  I have the best customers a Media Sales Specialist could possibly ask for.  Having said that, I can’t omit the fact that I have a great Regional Sales Manager that I am teamed up with, John Cuomo!  Funny story … and even John doesn’t know this …when I first started working for QuickLabel I was told to contact my sales people and introduce myself.  So I called John and did so … you know how you can get a picture in your mind from the voice of a person?…..I pictured John as a tall slender white haired older gentleman whom I was initially intimidated by.  Oh my god was I wrong!  When he finally came to RI for a sales conference, I was shocked.  My imagination just didn’t do him justice.

QL: Why do you make such an effort to connect with your customers? Why is great customer service so important?
CC: I feel that it is my job to make their job easier so if it means giving them a call when I see that they haven’t ordered in a while or just calling to say hello because all we do is e-mail or fax, that’s what I like to do.  There isn’t enough human interaction now-a-days so I try to keep that alive with my customers.

Show your support for Chris on Facebook!
Show your support for Chris on Facebook!

What Customers Are Saying About Chris

“Thanks Chris for all of your help and keeping our printers rolling.”

“Thanks Chris for always rushing me more labels when I run out at the last minute!”

“She has been putting up with our “emergencies” and jumping through the many hoops my orders send her way – saving me much grief countless times over the years!”

“Chris – it is always a pleasure working with you. You get my orders to me in a hurry and always put up with my “we are out” – thanks for all your help!”

“Chris is fast with correspondence and is a great big help with all of my orders! Thanks Chris!!!”

“Chris is the BEST! She needs to go to other companies and train customer service staff on how it’s done! She’s great!”

“Very helpful! Even if its weekend she gets back to me with answers to my questions!”

“Chris Chabot is the absolute BEST! She always helps and is timely and every company should have a customer service staff like Chris!”

“She always helps me out with my orders, can always tell me anything I need to know about the product. She’s saved me during super crazy order time, when we’ve run out of everything. She’s also super friendly and just a wonderful lady!”

If you would like to support Chris leave a nice comment for her on Facebook   or send her an email!

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Get to Know QuickLabel Media Specialist, David!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Say Hello to Recently Promoted QuickLabel Customer’s Media Specialist.(Warning: Do not continue reading if you are a Yankees fan!)

chadwick_davidDavid has been training with Nicole Moosey, and is enjoying getting to know customers. He recently finished training and has taken over service to the states of AR, DE, IA, LA, MD, MS, NJ, OH, PA, VA, and WV. after Greg Azar was appointed to the position of production planner in our Media Plant.

David grew up in North Scituate, Rhode Island. His taste in foods matches accordingly; he loves Italian and Portuguese foods. However, he said that he will try anything once. Muahaha, what disgusting food can I get him to try? David just turned 40 (I couldn’t get him to let me agree to sharing a photo of him in the office birthday cape unfortunately), and he’s married with two adult step-sons. We asked him who the adorable baby is pictured in a frame on his desk. It’s actually an “honorary grandson.” David and his wife also have three other “kids.” These are their two cats, and dog named Buddy.

I hope you aren’t a Yankees fan if you are one of David’s customers! Just kidding, he won’t treat you any differently despite being a New England sports fan. For sports illiterate people like me, that apparently means he likes The Patriots, Red Sox, and the Celtics.

David helps himself to candy on Halloween
David helps himself to candy on Halloween

David’s love of sports isn’t what has prepared him well to be an asset to our team though. Actually part of what has, is his varied and extensive work experience. David has had a wide variety of experience including working in the legal department of a bank as an assistant to loan officers in commercial real estate, loan sales at a credit union, and even work in the Naval Reserves. David joined the Naval Reserves after 9/11, and worked in both Rhode Island and Florida.

David started with QuickLabel as a temp., so we asked him why he decided to stay. He replied, “Why wouldn’t I want to stay? QuickLabel Systems is a growing business always gaining new customers. Everything out there needs to be labeled of course, or we wouldn’t know what it is.” David also understands the importance of providing great customer service to existing customers, which makes him a great fit for this position.

Please welcome David and feel free to ask him any questions you may have in the comments below or by e-mail. He’s excited to get to know you!


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