Kiaro! Couples: Get to Know Our Sweethearts

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This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to get you to know more about the beautiful relationships we’ve brought to life. Especially the lives of our Kiaro! couples.

As you’ve probably seen in our latest Facebook post, we recently named the Kiaro! and Rewinder our couple of the year. After all, they’ve created some wonderful labels together.

But they aren’t the only relationship we’ve taken notice of. Looking back, we realize we’ve become quite the matchmaking system.

While we love all of the customer relationships we’ve created, there are several sweethearts that stand out. Coincidentally, they make some pretty sweet products.

O&H Danish Bakery

The family-owned Danish bakery located in Racine, Wisconsin enhanced the appearance of their bakery labels by printing with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

O&H Bakery is known for their traditional Danish Kringle, a flaky oval pastry that takes 3 days to bake, with a variety of seasonal toppings, fillings and icings. They come in flavors such as the Wisconsin, Cream Cheese and one of their most popular, Almond Kringle.

Their Kringle’s are so popular that they are not only enjoyed by President Obama, but by thousands of buyers around the world with varying tastes.

With their online and mail order business, they have order requests for any mix of products come in at any time, giving them no way to predict the exact quantity of labels they need for each type of Kringle.

Finding pre-printed labels costly and wasteful, O&H knew they needed a printer that could accommodate for the unpredictability of demand.

With the Kiaro!, O&H not only avoids having to purchase large quantities of pre-printed labels, but is now able to print labels in short-run batches for its growing mail order business and custom corporate gift program, whenever they’re needed.

After bringing this Kiaro! couple together, they not only earned new customers, but earned more business from their existing customers.

“I’m a firm believer that people eat with their eyes…We really want good detail to well represent the image that we are trying to portray on the label, and I think that the Kiaro! printer does just that for us.”– Eric Olesen, Owner, O&H Bakery

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Pie Shoppe™

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe knows all things key lime.

Despite what you may have thought, their signature item is not just their delectable key lime pies. They are known for their wide variety of sauce and dressing concoctions and especially their dark chocolate pie bars, which are shipped throughout the country.

kermitsEven though they produce thousands of orders, they still have the need to make a lot of their products in small, artisan batches, on-demand.

Instead of continuing to grasp at predictions for label demand based on what products they might create or ship, resulting in excessive inventory of labels, Kermit’s realized they needed something that would give them labels in a moment’s notice – and they found that in the Kiaro!.

When Kermit’s met the Kiaro!, you could say it was love at first print…err, bite…I mean, sight! They were able to print whatever they needed, fast.

Lucky for them, the Kiaro! is a good investment for anyone who prints in small batches, or needs control over quantity. What’s more, the Kiaro! never diminishes their company color or label quality. It supports their branding fully.

Printing in 1200 dpi, Kermit’s now has the ability to print consistent and intricate color labels that are nothing less than eye-catching. Look at this Kiaro! couple, what a pair!

“It’s rare that I will print 2,000 of a particular label. I’m much more likely to print 75 of something and 200 of another, and [it’s a good investment] to have the flexibility to be able to do that on the fly.”— Karen Puglisi, Sales and Marketing Director, Kermit’s


Hailing from Oxnard, CA, Amoretti does things a little differently.

Instead of making the sweets and treats, they supply the ingredients for executive chefs, gourmet pastry makers and food and beverage brands to make products taste just right. This includes high quality ingredients and flavorings such as first-class syrups, coffee flavorings, pastry ingredients and especially their premium martini mixes.

amorettiWhat else was different about Amoretti? Well, they weren’t exactly monogamous in their needs. In other words, they loved the Kiaro! so much, they wanted more.

Two more to be exact.

Why? Because their trio of Kiaro!’s was exactly what they were looking for.

You see, Amoretti wanted to be able to properly showcase the quality of their products, while still being able to maintain the rate at which they produced new and existing products.

Some Amoretti flavorings sell faster than others, so they needed a match that was versatile but still able to produce high quality labels to match their high quality products.

It’s not that one Kiaro! didn’t do the job for them, not at all. Printing consistently at 8 ips (40 feet per min) and in 1200dpi on demand, they just wanted more of what they had found to support their growing business.

And who could blame them?

With their Kiaro!’s, Amoretti is not only able to keep up with their extremely fast and fresh production schedule, but they can now create custom labels with the most intricate detail, readable barcodes and accurate nutrition labels.

“Our products are high-end pastry ingredients. We’re on the top shelf. Our Kiaro! printers allow us to look that way.” – Nick Squires, IT and Social Media Coordinator, Amoretti

Browndog Creamery

Last but certainly not least, we made quite the match with Browndog Creamery.

Located in the heart of downtown Northville, Michigan, they’re a “micro-creamery” that brings customers delicious and unique handcrafted ice creams. Some of their seasonal flavors include Gingerbread, Old Man Winter, Boozy Eggnog and the ever popular French Press Mocha.

browndogThey had a lot of needs, but it certainly wasn’t their fault. As a micro-creamery, they make small batches, rare flavors and unique products all with very limited supplies.

Not only did they need a fast, reliable but quality printer, they had very specific requirements our Kiaro! had to meet.

Requirements like producing labels that withstand the freezing temperatures necessary for storing ice cream or delivering flexibility to meet continuous product rotation.

You see, instead of mass producing the same flavors of ice cream, Browndog only makes small batches that rotate and change frequently.

When they found out their ‘cool personality’ didn’t faze the Kiaro! labels (which can withstand temperatures from -65°F to 147°F), they knew they were meant to be together. After all, everyone has baggage. While living with the proverbial cold shoulder can be difficult, it wasn’t a problem for either of them.

Now, Browndog Creamery and the Kiaro! work together to create their own vibrantly cool custom labels printed in-house –labels that love pairing with Browndog’s ice cream cartons!

“The Kiaro! has been a wonderful fit in our business, it allows us to make these very small run labels and customize them to everything that we needed to do.” – Paul Gabriel, Co-Owner, Browndog Creamery

Why Our Kiaro! Couples Are A Success

A lot of our customers had relationship issues with their previous printing choices – relationships that didn’t give them the flexibility they needed or satisfy their businesses’ profound label desires.

But they found that printing flexibility and satisfaction with the Kiaro!. They realized that they had found a reliable partner for the short runs and the long runs; the unexpected and the little things.

You see, the Kiaro! supports you and your business to the fullest, making it the perfect sweetheart. It gets you through thick and thin, always delivering the best print quality for your labels regardless of its pace.

That’s the kind of love and security our customers, and everyone else, deserves. And we are beyond happy to have been involved in creating such fruitful relationships.

Questions About Your Own Label Printing?

Read how the Kiaro! digital label printer lets you print gorgeous labels, reduces excess label inventory, saves you time and allows your business to become more profitable.

Or contact us today by giving us a call, sending us an email or deciding to schedule your own Kiaro! demonstration!

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Great Christmas Gifts with Sensational Labels (Part One!)

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Christmas is just a week away – and if you’re anything like me, you’re still scrambling to get the gifts for everyone on your list. Well, we did some scouting, looked under some christmas trees, and discovered that we have tons of Kiaro! users who make awesome christmas gifts.

So, if you don’t want to push through crowds at malls and department stores on Christmas Eve, check out these beautifully packaged gift ideas from Kiaro! owners throughout the country.

Here’s part 1 of our list of the great Christmas gifts (with sensational Kiaro!-printed labels).

Christmas Chocolate Coin Bag from Lake Champlain Chocolates

Christmas Chocolate Coin Bag from Lake Champlain Chocolates
Christmas Chocolate Coin Bag from Lake Champlain Chocolates

Nothing says Christmas candy more than chocolate coins! This assorted mix of milk and dark chocolates will please any holiday sweet-tooth. Lake Champlain Chocolates craft fresh, all-natural, fair-trade certified, chocolate in Burlington, Vermont on the edge of beautiful Lake Champlain.





Personalized Toys from Melissa and Doug!

Melissa and Doug, in Wilton CT, started making toys in the garage of the home where Doug grew up, over 25 years ago. Since then they’ve expanded into a huge line of wonderful, inventive and creative toys for kids of all ages, that are great in the classroom or at home.

Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board by Melissa and Doug!
Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board by Melissa and Doug!

Personalized toys from Melissa and Doug are the perfect way to give a special child in your life a gift they’ll never forget. From chalkboards, to wooden toys, puzzles, and everything in between, you’re sure to find something any child will love at Melissa and Doug!






CJ’S BUTTer from CJ’S Unique Boutique

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we love CJ’s BUTTer! It’s basically a miracle lotion that cures anything from eczema to diaper rash, and even poison ivy.

An assortment of BUTTers at CJ's Unique Boutique
An assortment of BUTTers at CJ’s Unique Boutique

Available as unscented or in dozens of varieties of delicious scents, CJ’s BUTTer works wonders. CJ’s Unique Boutique, out in Colorado Springs, CO, also offers sprays, lotions, creams, cleaners and lip balms – each available in an array of scents, for fantastic holiday gifts!



Ribbon Bags of Eastern Shore Tea

Every bag of Eastern Shore Tea is hand tied with a gorgeous ribbon right in their tea- making facility, in Maryland. They make their own tea with all natural ingredients, real cinnamon, real ginger, real clove -whichever delicious flavor of tea you choose, all the ingredients are 100% natural.

Just a few of the dozens of delicious Eastern Shore Tea varieties
Just a few of the dozens of delicious Eastern Shore Tea varieties

Eastern Shore Tea’s packages make for beautiful stocking stuffers, and their tea is a wonderful gift that will keep anyone warm through the cold winter months.

If coffee is more your “cup of tea” (pun!) try some of the delicious blends from Eastern Shore Tea’s parent company, Baltimore Coffee & Tea.


Kermit’s Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe

A fresh Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe!

Where’s the best Key Lime Pie in the world? Well, in Key West, of course.

Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe in Key West, Florida makes the most delicious Key Lime pies ever!

Plus, they ship their fresh pies overnight, all over the country, for a perfect holiday desert! Their pies are delicious, but so are their cookies, candies, jellies and sauces! Bring a little bit of Florida to your Christmas with one (or two, or three, or four) of their fantastic desserts.


 Part Two of our list goes up tomorrow afternoon! If you want us to feature your product let us know on Facebook or Twitter

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