Announcing the first In-House Label Design Competiton!

We’re hosting our very first In-House Label Design Competition!

This means that those of you who design your companies’ product labels are finally going to get the recognition you deserve. Every in-house label designer is eligible to enter their product label artwork, and entries will be judged by a panel of packaging experts. The entry fee doesn’t exist – it’s totally free of charge to enter the contest.

Watch this short video about the In-House Label Design Competition. 

What Can You Win?

The public announcement of winners will be held at Pack Expo in Chicago on November 3rd, 2014.

The statuette that you'll recieve if you're the grand prize winner.
The statuette that you’ll receive if you’re the grand prize winner.
  • The Grand prize winner will win $500 and the coveted “Quickly” trophy.
  • Second prize winner will win $300.
  • Third place winner will win $150.

Why Are We Recognizing In-House Label Designers?

We know that being an in-house label designer can be a job with a lot of responsibility and too little reward. You face short deadlines, hear conflicting opinions from your boss, colleagues, and customers, work with low-resolution graphics, shoot your own photos, come up with great new product names off the top of your head, and more!

But now all of your efforts will no longer go unrecognized. By hosting this competition, QuickLabel is aiming to recognize the work that goes behind each label.

There are people in the business that have an art degree, and there are some who don’t. Your level of talent in art, or anything else,  isn’t measured by how many years you went to college for it – it’s measured by how much of your soul that you pour into it! And as in-house label designers, you pour an overflowing amount. Sometimes that can be hard, and sometimes that can be easy, but both deserve recognition.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

What if you don’t own a QuickLabel printer?

The answer to that is super simple: you don’t have to own a QuickLabel printer to enter into the competition. We’re urging all in-house label designers to enter.

How to Enter the In-House Label Design Competition

Enter and submit your label artwork.

How can you win all that extra cash and that awesome trophy for your desk if you don’t submit your labels? You can’t. Actually, you won’t.

So where’s the harm in trying? The only thing you have to lose is nothing. Finalists will be contacted in October, and those who won will be announced on November 3, 2014 at the Pack Expo trade show in Chicago.

So, think it over. If you want to submit, then do it here. We accept .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and please make sure these files are less than 10 Mb. So, it’s time to whip out your thinking caps and open up Photoshop!

We’re waiting for you.


Do you have any questions about the In-House Label Design Competition?

Please contact Charles Smith. We always love to hear from you – no matter the reason.

You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

She gives QuickLabel its sense of fun: meet Bethany!

bethanyEver wonder who gives QuickLabel its sense of fun? If you live in New York, New Jersey or New England, you already know her: Bethany Rosevear. If you’re not lucky enough to know her just yet, read on. She is a fairly new member of our team who just joined us in November! But even though she hasn’t been here long, she has definitely made a name for herself among QuickLabelers and customers alike.

She’s amazingly friendly, and will talk to just about anyone! And here, at QuickLabel, it’s about high time we interviewed this cool individual. But before her personal interview is introduced – let’s get into how her fellow co-workers would describe her.

Bethany has been described as tenacious, witty, and generous… When I asked a fellow co-worker what one word they’d use to describe Bethany they’d replied with: “I would use ‘giving.’ She is constantly giving of herself to others, whether it is to fundraise for a charity or just to make sure that someone has a great birthday here at work. That same giving spirit shines through when she works with her customers.”

Along with being generous, she’s been known to be genuine in every situation (“You’ll always get 100% Bethany from her”) and in the business world, Bethany has proven herself to be an adamant Media Sales Specialist who also knows what a customer wants and how to handle their labeling needs.

But you, reader, might not know her yet – so why not take a look below and get a running start?

QuickLabel: What US states are yours and what can you tell us about the people that live there?

States that Bethany takes care of (Region of New England, NY and NJ.)

Bethany: I have the Northeast, and that includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, 1/2 of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. My customers love working with a company that is “local” from beginning to end: Manufacturing, to shipping, to customer service… They love buying local.

QL: What experience in life best prepared you to work at QuickLabel Systems?

Bethany: I would have to say years of experience in customer service.

QL: I understand that you’re a Media Sales Specialist. What does that position entail?

Bethany: Developing relationships with customers to best service their needs, and it also entails creating good working relationships with RSM’s and MSS’s, so that we can all work together to achieve the sales goals!

QL:  What do you like best about being a Media Sales Specialist? Do you have a favorite customer?

Don't these look great? Bethany is a mail enthusiast.
Don’t these look great? Bethany is a nail enthusiast.

Bethany: Favorite customer… I like them all in different ways for different reasons. If I want to chat and have a laugh, then I know who to call.

QL: Do you have a favorite Regional Sales Manager?

Bethany: I haven’t had much exposure to working with the other RSM’s, but I love working with both Chris and Lou – they are both so patient with me since every day I am learning something new.

QL: Tell us about your family! Do you have any pets?

Bethany: I have 2 brothers and a sister. I am the third child but the youngest girl and will always be daddy’s princess. I grew up in upstate NY and PA. With the exception of me and my younger brother (who lives in Kentucky and has a chiropractic office), my entire family is all within 10 miles of each other. I have 6 nieces and nephews with a new niece or nephew expected in February. Even though she lives in PA, my sister is my best friend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years, and he is wonderful! And then I have my baby, Bella… She’s a 4 year old Shi Tzu, but she is so spoiled, that she thinks she is a person and not a dog!

Bethany and her boyfriend.
Bethany and her boyfriend.
Bella. She really is "bella"!
Bella. She really is “bella”!

QL: What are your hobbies/interests?

Bethany: I love to fish (both freshwater and salt water)! I am a big reader – I will read just about anything with words… I enjoy working on my cross stitch projects, and I love watching baseball and football with my boyfriend… GO YANKEES!!!


 QL: We all love the birthday parties, wing nights, and BBQs you put together. Why do you think it’s so important to celebrate?

Bethany: I have worked in places where frankly, the morale sucked and people came in, did their job, went home, and were miserable!

I am a very social person, and I know that morale can make or break a company. Having a high morale level makes people happier, and being happy while at works makes an enormous difference on a person as a whole, because we spend so many hours at work day in and day out with the same people. I enjoy doing things to help morale, bring people together, whether it is a work setting or outside. It gives people chance to create personal relationships/friendships which in turn creates better work relationships. I know that not everybody in the world is as outgoing as I am and I enjoy the challenge of breaking people out of their shells.

I guess it comes down to: high morale = happy employee= happy workplace.

QL: Lastly, if you could have lunch with any celebrity – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Bethany: Hmmm, that is a tough one. Alive – Luke Bryan, but that is just because he is pretty to look at. Dead – Harriet Tubman. I think she was an amazing woman that stood up for what she believed in, knew right from wrong, and did her best to right the wronged.


Meet Bethany Yourself

Now that you have a little insight on Bethany, I’m sure you would like to get to know her better – especially if you live in her states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine!

When you’re ready to order labels or inks for your label printer, please contact Bethany at or phone her at 877-757-7978 ext. 216. She’d love to hear from you!

Ortho Development Upgrades to a Kiaro!

Ortho Development, a manufacturer of medical devices, was losing money because of poorly printed labels. After having shipment after shipment sent back from overseas due to unreadable, blotchy labels, they decided to upgrade to a Kiaro! inkjet label printer. With their new printer, they immediately found improvements in quality, reductions in price, and savings in cost.

Ortho Development is in Draper, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City, where they craft all number of medical devices. But mostly, they make implants – hips, knees, spines. 

A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices
A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices

They spend countless, painstaking hours in clean rooms within their sparkling facility making sure every nanometer of their medical devices, and the labeling of those devices, is perfect.

“We distribute about half, or more than half of our product to Japan, and distributing to Japan requires labels to be perfect,” Carmen Moore told us.

Carmen Moore is the packaging and labeling engineer at Ortho Development, and works with the Kiaro! daily.

You can watch a video about Moore’s use of the Kiaro! here:

“We ran into… ink blotches… smeared ink,” said Carmen Moore, “often little spots of ink were misplaced on the label.”

As a result of imperfect labels, its distributors returned shipments to Utah, at great cost to Ortho Development. International distributors, in particular, have very strict demands on the appearance of medical device labels.

Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development
Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development

The spotting, smearing and blotches came because the printheads required frequent cleaning and were constantly clogged, the ink wasn’t durable, and because the other brand printer, “was difficult for our operators to use,” said Moore, “it required constant cleaning of the printhead, and constant wiping of the printer itself.”

“Previously, we were wasting about half of our labels,” said Moore. In other words, Moore’s team had to print twice as many medical device labels as the needed in the hopes of printing 50% that were usable.

So, Carmen decided to take on a Kiaro!

Labels for Ortho Development's medical devices as printed on a Kiaro!.
Labels for medical devices as printed by a Kiaro!.

“We did a trial period with a Kiaro!,” said Moore, “and found that it printed our labels perfectly. So, we kind of fell in love with it.”

“With our other label printer, I spent an hour each day in production just fixing it,” she continued, “whereas I’ve spent only two hours on the Kiaro! in the whole time that we’ve had it.”

Moore was also responsible for training the Kiaro! operators in how to use the label printer, a process that only took a few minutes. “All I have to do is show them how to transfer the label stock – then printing the labels is very easy,” she said.

They started printing labels for their trauma products, but they found they were saving so much money and  time by printing with their Kiaro! that Carmen decided to buy a second Kiaro! label printer. Now they make all of their product labels with the Kiaro!.

The Kiaro! and Ortho Development’s labeled packages.

“Our previous printers did not work for our application very well,” said Moore, “The Kiaro! printer is completely what we need.”

While we were talking with Carmen, we met Jenney Spencer – a Kiaro! printer operator at Ortho Development. She explained to us that the Kiaro! is far easier to use than any label printer they’ve had.

Jenney Spencer, Kiaro! operator, at Ortho Development.

“Printing with the old labels, they’d have smudging and spots,” said Jenney, “with the Kiaro! it’s better, and clear.” She also explained that with the  other printer the operators would have to take time out of their day to phone the engineers and technical support frequently – because of the myriad of problems it offered, “with the Kiaro! we don’t have to call anybody,” she said.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! label printer can save your facility money and time, schedule an in-person demonstration – you’ll save $500 off of your purchase!

“Serving facts” labels to soon be seen on some alcohol

margarita-beachPicture yourself sitting on the beach with a frozen margarita in hand. This may seem like the ultimate paradise, but do you have any idea how many calories and carbs you are consuming in one drink? Probably not. Until now, alcohol producing companies have not been required to inform their consumers with complete nutritional information, so we’ve been enjoying countless calorie-filled “cups of paradise” for decades now.

 How to Comply with the new “voluntary” Alcohol Serving Facts Labels

A new law was passed by the Department of Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in late May 2013 which allows for the voluntary inclusion of “Serving facts” labels on wine, spirits, and malt beverage bottles. Alcohol-producing companies that comply with this new law are coming to terms with the growing health-conscious population, and aim to better inform their customers of what they are consuming.

alcohol serving facts Quicklabel Systems
Here is an example of what a “Serving Facts” label may look like on a bottle of beer

If alcohol producing companies wish to comply with this voluntary new rule, their products will contain a panel of information which includes the serving size, servings per container, calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat per serving for the given beverage.

The U.S. FDA does not regulate alcohol and the labels that it requires, rather alcohol producers must go through the TTB first. Prior to this law, the TTB never required there to be such labels on alcohol products. This law, which may come across as misleading to some, is clearly explained by the Tobacco and Trade Bureau. The document clearly explains all stipulations regarding the law, and states that it will offer guidance for those in the industry who wish to comply with the new rulings.

As this new rule is strictly voluntary, not all alcohol producers will label their bottles with this information. Wine producers may decide to opt out so that they don’t ruin the sleekness of their bottle labels, while beer brewers may not comply because they don’t want their consumers counting calories. At the same time, many companies will add this information to their labels because they feel like what is “voluntary now” may soon become mandatory.

What is most important to remember about the nutrition labels on such products is that it does not necessarily mean that the product is nutritious! The label is meant to contain beneficial information for those who wish to be aware of what exactly they are consuming.

Instantly print new alcohol labels with the Kiaro!

For the alcohol producers that do wish to add serving facts labels to their bottles, they will find that it’s easy to do with the Kiaro! inkjet printer. Wineries, breweries, and distilleries that already use a Kiaro! to print their beverage labels will not need to worry about having to discard their stock of pre-printed labels, because they already print their bottle labels as needed with the Kiaro!. Users of the Kiaro! will simply need to edit their digital label file by using Custom QuickLabel software, and create a new label design that includes these voluntary serving facts – with no waste of labels at all! The Kiaro! makes it easy for food and drink producers to comply with the ever changing rules of the FDA, while saving the user time and money.

Beer labels Quicklabel Systems Alcohol
The compliant Kiaro! is perfect for printing labels for any alcohol bottle

For the alcohol-producing companies that wish to keep their bottle labels as they are now, they might choose to include their “serving facts” information in other places such as on their website, for people to look up as needed. If label space is an issue, alcohol makers might decide to print a small QR code on their label that simply links mobile device users to the serving facts information on their website.

As always, the labels of all alcoholic products will contain a “Government Warning” which includes information about the health risks that come along with drinking, and a friendly reminder to drink responsibly. These new label panels have one main purpose, which is to better educate drinkers about what is included in their beverages.

Looking for a lifestyle change?

WineFactsWill these new labels change the way you enjoy a few drinks on a Saturday night? Drinks that individuals consume regularly contain more “liquid calories” than most even realize. For example, one 12 oz can of beer contains around 150 calories. This doesn’t seem so bad if you only consume one. (But let’s be serious how often does that happen?)

The addition of these labels will make it much easier to be aware of what is entering your body, and to keep watch on the amount you are consuming. With that being said, drinking 3 cans of beer by the pool on a hot summer day will cost you at least 450 calories- what  people often aim to take in with just one daily meal.

iStock_000004766629XSmallOn the other hand, the inclusion of these labels may not make any difference to consumers. When drinks are consumed at a restaurant or bar, reading a label is typically the last thing that is done. If someone knows that they are going to have a few drinks, they are going to do so regardless of what the label may say.

With the growing population of health-conscious Americans, many might think twice before drinking a few glasses of wine, or possibly make some moderate choices. So, if your favorite adult beverage contains a serving facts label, will that hinder your decision about cracking open a cold one?



More information on Serving Facts and alcohol:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Tobacco and Trade Bureau Ruling 2103-2

Alcohol Labeling to Come Soon

Alcohol Calorie Counter

Tips to rethink drinking


Video: QuickLabel Visits O&H Danish Bakery to See How the Kiaro! Label Printer Adds to Their Sweet Success

I couldn't help but do some shopping for myself while at O&H!
I couldn’t help but do some shopping for myself while at O&H!

O&H Bakery Loves the Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer

We recently visited O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin. This family bakery is a tradition in the area, and all over the world. Their most well known product is the traditional Danish kringle. This labor intensive flakey buttery pastry with delicious filling is popular not only in all of their Racine retail locations, but also all over the world.  O&H ships their melt-in-your-mouth kringles globally.

O&H loves working with QuickLabel Systems for many reasons O&H President and Owner Eric Olesen said, “Our bakery was founded on a principle of if we are going to do something let’s do it well and knowing that we can do something well still isn’t good enough, we want to continue to get better at what we do. One of the reasons that we chose Kiaro! for a label printer is that we really like the quality. I’m a firm believer that people eat with their eyes. Part of the experience of shopping for bakery is not looking just at the bakery but the first thing they are going to see many times it the label that’s on the bakery product. So we really want good detail, one that’s well representing that image that we are trying to portray on the label and I think that the Kiaro! printer does just that for us.”

Wendy Xavier printing labels for bakery items
Wendy Xavier printing labels for bakery items

O&H Danish kringles come in a wide variety of flavors. Personally I loved the one with cherry filling. We were also lucky enough to sample some of their other baked goods which include pies, cookies, breads, cakes, and much more. I highly recommend all of the flavors though, so go ahead and order a kringle today!

O&H loves the possibilities that the Kiaro! provides. They value the savings they get and being able to keep up with FDA label requirements and ever changing ingredients without ever wasting a roll of labels.

Of course they also love the quality of the printer and labels Wendy Xavier, Administrative Quality Control Manager explained. “The most impressive feature of the Kiaro! is the quality of the picture. The round labels that we do, those are my favorite because it has a picture of the bakery on it. It’s very clear and it’s just really good quality.

If you would like to see for yourself how the Kiaro! inkjet label printer will help you gain more customers schedule an in-person demonstration in your office or factory.


Tools for Creating and Printing Nutrition Labels

Progressive Labs prints easy to read nutrition labels with the Kiaro!
Progressive Labs prints easy to read nutrition labels with the Kiaro!

QuickLabel Has Your Guide to Software and Label Solutions Perfect for Nutrition Labels

You’ve already come up with the best recipe ever, and you can’t wait to start marketing and selling it to customers. One thing is standing in your way though, nutrition labels. Not sure where to start? What needs to be on your label? Can’t decide the best way to print your labels? Not to worry, we can help!

To start you need to know what information must be included on your nutrition labels. You can find up- to-date information and potential changes on the Food and Drug Administration website. It’s important to stay on top of ever changing requirements and have the ability to adapt to these changes quickly and cost effectively. Vice President of O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin knows how challenging it can be to keep up with label changes as ingredients and FDA requirements change. He said, “With the Kiaro!, we don’t have to worry about changing ingredients lists and having to get rid of an entire stock of labels.” He loves the ability to make on the fly changes without having to worry about losing money throwing out unused labels.

O&H prints labels for their bakery items with the Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer

Lucky for you there is software that can help you through the process of making and formatting your nutrition labels. Here are a few you can look into to choose which is best for your products.

Basic: offers the ability to manually enter your nutrition information and create FDA Nutrition Facts Labels, Canadian Nutrition Facts Templates, and USDA Seals. This program does not perform nutrition analysis on products or recipes. To use you must already know your nutrition information. Prices start very low at less than $20.


Axxya Systems, which provides both food analysis and nutrition labeling, and its Nutritionist Pro™ software. With this system you will be guided in making nutrition labels that follow FDA requirements, access to nutrition information for thousands of ingredients, options for Spanish and French labels, and lets you export the labels in a number of formats so you know you can print them with a QuickLabel printer. This system costs about $600, but provides many options and helpful features.

Other Helpful Sources:

Step-by-step How to Make your Own Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Data

The Kiaro! prints beautiful front of product labels as well as nutrition labels
The Kiaro! prints beautiful front of product labels as well as nutrition labels

How to Print Your Nutrition Facts Labels

QuickLabel Systems offers the perfect label printer solution for you. Instead of having to spend extra time and money waiting for pre-printed labels (which will go to waste if labels have to be changed at all), you can invest in a Kiaro! desktop inkjet label printer. The Kiaro! is incredibly easy to use and prints any batch size at the touch of a button. Thanks to the Kiaro! you will have the ability to change label information as frequently as you need to without wasting any labels.  The photo quality labels print at up to 8 inches per second and 1200 dpi. This allows you the ability to print all the necessary nutrition information at a small print. The text will still be legible and you won’t waste ink!

You can get started printing with a Kiaro! label printer right away, just schedule an in-person demonstration for this competitively priced printer. If you are just getting started and don’t want to limit your cash flow, you can also get a Kiaro! on a 0% interest lease deal!

Nicotine Replacement Can Lead You to A Healthier Life

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular
Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular

The Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer is perfect for Printing Nicotine Replacement Product’s Labels

With the ever increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies, manufactures need to be ready for change. The Kiaro! inkjet label printer, has proven to be a perfect solution for electronic cigarette and eLiquid manufacturers thanks to the affordability, speed, label quality, and flexible options for sizes and label materials.

What Products May Help Smokers Quit?

There are four main products that can help people quit smoking; nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes, transdermal nicotine patch, and nicotine lozenge products. There is certainly a lot to consider in determining the best method for you. If you have questions about quitting smoking, you should certainly contact your doctor.

dreamstimefree_38726How Nicotine Replacement Therapy Labels Might Be Changing

According to the FDA there is now enough research on the use of nicotine gum, transdermal nicotine patches, and nicotine lozenge products for helping people to quit smoking to change label regulations. “The changes that FDA is allowing to these labels reflect the fact that although any nicotine-containing product is potentially addictive, decades of research and use have shown that NRT (nicotine therapy replacement) products sold OTC do not appear to have significant potential for abuse or dependence. The changes being recommended by FDA include a removal of the warning that consumers should not use an NRT product if they are still smoking, chewing tobacco, using snuff or any other product that contains nicotine—including another NRT.”

Here is a visual example of the proposed changes on nicotine replacement therapy labels from the FDA.

No Smoking? Try Vaping!

Many people are now quitting or avoiding smoking due to health risks and laws banning smoking from many public places. Many people find it hard to quit even with the use of nicotine replacement products as they miss the routine or ritual of smoking. Vaping is the use of electronic cigarettes that create vapor rather than smoke. Vaping has become much more mainstream and recognized as socially acceptable. In fact, some people use it as a social pastime. With the ever-increasing popularity of vaping, there are more and more electronic cigarette manufacturers, many of whom are turning to the Kiaro! label printer to help grow their business.

The Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer Meets the Needs of Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers

If you are a maker of eLiquid or ejuice for electronic cigarettes, you probably have a variety of different flavors of eLiquid. By now you’ve probably discovered that it costs you a lot to buy printed labels for each eLiquid flavor you sell. The solution if to print eLiquid labels yourself, using the desktop Kiaro! inkjet label printer. You’ll print bottle labels only when you need them, in the exact quantity you need (so there are no extra labels to keep in inventory!)

The Kiaro! continues to prove itself as the ideal solution for manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, refill cartridges, and for the eliquids or ejuice that create vapor. This is because of the Kiaro!’s low cost per label, high speed, and on demand printing capability. With the Kiaro!, here is no need to keep printed labels in stock, as you will have the ability to print thousands of labels an hour at the touch of a button. Thanks to its 1200 dpi photo-quality label printing, you will also be able to print legible text even at a small font size, so you can fit any and all necessary information on every label.

How You Can Start Enjoying the Benefits of a Kiaro! Label Printer

If you want sample labels, or to see your own label artwork printed with the Kiaro! contact us today to schedule a 15-minute in-person demonstration of the Kiaro! in your factory or office! With a price tag of less than $10,000 and an option for a 0% interest lease deal on the Kiaro!, we know your business and wallet will love what the Kiaro! can do for you. 

We’ve Re-Aligned to Help You Print Your Own Labels

We are teamed up to lend you a hand any way we can!
We are teamed up to lend you a hand any way we can!

Newly Formed Media Specialist and Regional Sales Manager Teams

Same great product, new packaging! Our wonderful inside Media Sales Specialists and local Regional Sales Managers are now teamed up together so they can better meet your needs.

Each Media Sales Specialist at our factory headquarters is now paired up with a local salesperson in your area to ensure that QuickLabel is maximizing its ability to knowledgeably assist every customer.

This means you will still be able to depend on the same great service you are already accustomed to receiving, but now your team will be able to better coordinate your requests and questions even better!

One thing I think you will really benefit from is having a direct contact right here at our factory headquarters. This is great because now, for example, you can either let your local Regional Sales Manager know OR let your Media Sales Specialist know when you need a new label shape or size, and both will be up to date on current manufacturing and shipping times.

Also, the Media Specialists work in the same room as Tech. Support, so you really can have all your questions answered easily!  We wanted to save you time, and we hope that’s exactly what this direct connection to service, support and manufacturing will do for you.

Media Sales and Customer Service Supervisor Nicole Moosey explained to me what this means for customers saying, “It’s a positive change. The customer will still receive the same great service that they have always been used to. For some, they may be dealing with a different Media Sales Specialist, but each and every one has been trained to handle anything! No matter what we still pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to our customers.”

Our newly alligned teams are here to support you!
Our newly aligned teams are here to support you!

Drum roll please! Here are the newly aligned teams:

Michael Barr and Lou DiStefano

Christine Chabot and John Cuomo

Nicole Moosey and Chris Turner

Melody Allen, Troy Kent and Kevin Pizzuti

Carla Brodeur, Frank Knopf, and Joe Quednau

David Chadwick, Tony Bucci, and Chris Pizzuti

I know that you will be thrilled with your team!

National Sales Manager Bill Pizzuti is happy about this change because, “teams can better coordinate and focus on the specific labeling requirements of the customers and companies within their respective and localized territories covered.”

I hope you take this opportunity to introduce yourself to your Media Specialist. Or, if you have the same team, it’s the perfect time to call them to catch up and place a label or ink order! Enjoy this team alignment – we think it will be the perfect system to help you create the perfect labels for your products! 

You can see through our new label materials!

Material #164 Transparent
Material #164 Transparent

Introducing Transparent and White Satin-Finish Labels

We find products for our customers, not customers for our products! After listening closely to what our customers want we’ve added two new label materials. To make this even more exciting, both of these are compatible with the Kiaro! fast inkjet color label printer.

The first one is the new label Material #164 which is TRANSPARENT! This material looks amazing! Many  (but, certainly not limited to) personal care and cosmetics customers have been thrilled by this addition. Material #164 labels printed on by the Kiaro! look amazing, and will showcase your products beautifully. Although we LOVE to show off labels, this new material allows you to have that no-label look on your products.

Material #163 White Satin-Finish Polypropolene
Material #163 White Satin-Finish Polypropolene

We can’t let that new transparent material steal all the limelight though.  Material #163 White Satin-Finish Polypropolene is also here! This highly versatile material is also compatible with the Kiaro! Customers love this material for a wide variety of products, including shampoo bottles and household cleaner sprays. We know you will love Material #163 too, just let us know if you’d like a sample!

Our newest label materials are great for many applications, including personal care.
Our newest label materials are great for many applications, including personal care.


Both transparent and synthetic Kiaro! label materials are water-resistant, and most lotions and personal care products wipe right off the surface without damaging your label. This is just another way QuickLabel Systems can be the most cost efficient label solution for you. You will be able to print labels on-demand when you need them, and just print the amount you need! You will also be able to trust that your labels will last a long time and look fantastic!

If you would like samples of these label materials or more information about the Kiaro! color label printer, just let us know!


Our Customers Love Their Kiaro! Label Printers for Making Valentine’s Day Labels

Lake Champlain Chocolates prints beautiful holiday labels with their Vivo! Touch label printer
Lake Champlain Chocolates prints beautiful holiday labels with their Vivo! Touch label printer

Take a Look at Products that Make for Great Valentine’s Gifts

Although I think Valentine’s Day is a little bit of a silly holiday, I just love all of the special holiday packaging and labels, especially all of the Valentine’s Day labels printed by our Kiaro! inkjet label printer customers.

Our sweet Kiaro! customer Amoretti Ingredients explained why the inkjet label printer is perfect for them saying, “We make nearly all of our products and ingredients to order, along with many custom creations, so being able to constantly create new  label art and print on-demand is crucial for our day-to-day operations.”

“Quicklabel’s printers enable us to present our products in a way that helps convey Amoretti’s attention to detail and quest for perfection.”

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve made things easy for you this year by putting together a list of fantastic Valentine’s gifts. Also, our customers wanted to share why they love their Kiaro! this Valentine’s Day!

Harry's Hot Sauce with a Valentine's Label
Hot Sauce Harry’s with a Valentine’s Label

1.Hot Sauce Harry’s

If you are looking to spice things up with your loved one, this Valentine’s Day gift from Hot Sauce Harry’s is perfect. These labels are just awesome! Kiaro! Owner Hot Sauce Harry’s has been in business for close to 20 years, and has thoroughly enjoyed printing labels for companies and restaurants all over the country during that time. They explained that there private label program is so popular saying, “Our trademark is low minimums and fast turnaround. The Kiaro! fits perfectly into that business strategy.”

Hot Sauce Harry’s expressed their Valentine’s feelings for the Kiaro! saying, “We love the Kiaro! for the speed AND quality. Until now you could get speed and sacrifice quality OR you could get quality and sacrifice speed. The Kiaro! gives you both.”

Luckily they also like our team telling me, “QuickLabel service is outstanding and is one of the main reasons we chose the Kiaro! for our label printing needs.”

We LOVE having Hot Sauce Harry’s as a customer, and seeing all of the fun label designs they print!

J.O. Spice Valentine's Label
J.O. Spice Valentine’s Label

2. J.O.Spice

Clearly we think you should spice it up this Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s winter and we  can all use some heating up! J.O. Spice has the perfect way to heat up your seafood dishes with special Valentine’s Day packages of seafood seasonings. Their products and customer service are highly rated, so I recommend you put this on your shopping list! If your Valentine would prefer something sparkly, I also spotted some beautiful crab necklaces they are selling.

A Valentine's Crab Mallet from J.O. Spice
A Valentine’s Crab Mallet from J.O. Spice

We wrote about how J.O. Spice personalized labels add a personal touch to their flavorful seasonings earlier this year. They take full advantage of customizing their labels and mallets to personalize their products for a wide variety of events!

J.O. Spice has loved the benefits that owning the Zeo! light-duty inkjet label printer, the Vivo! Touch production-capacity label printer, AND now the Kiaro! inkjet label printer have brought.

J.O. Spice loves their QuickLabel printers, and WE love having them as a customer.


Amoretti Gourmet Icings
Amoretti Gourmet Icings

3. Amoretti

Now after spicing it up so much, I think it’s time to be sweet! Amoretti is a great place to shop for all of your Valentine’s Day baking needs. They have so many great products that I asked their advice for Valentine’s Day gifts.

“We are in the beginning stages of creating and launching a new product line – Gourmet Icings. These will be naturally flavored and colored, with no preservatives. We had QuickLabel create custom shape Kiaro! labels for the special wide-mouth jars used for the product line. The Gourmet Icings can be used to top cupcakes, frost cakes, or used as a filling for French macaroons. For Valentine’s Day, you might try Wild Strawberry icing or the unique and unexpected — Bulgarian Rose Petal icing. Our plan is to offer the icings through in time for Valentine’s Day!”

Why Amoretti Loves the Kiaro! label printer

“Switching many of our labels to the Kiaro! has been terrific. We love the ease of changing label material and inks – not to mention the stellar speed, quality and accuracy of printing. We are also thrilled that label waste has been eliminated – we can now print exactly 2 labels if necessary, without throwing any blanks away!”

Like many of our customers, Amoretti not only emphasized their love for the Kiaro!, but also their love of QuickLabel’s customer service, saying “The customer service and technical support teams have been critical to our success. Media Specialist Melody Allen has been very helpful and is rolling with the punches as we move forward. “

QuickLabel customers, we would like to be your Valentine! If you love your label printer, please let us know in the comments. As always, we are available to you if you would like to schedule an in-person demonstration of the Kiaro! label printer!