Jody’s Popcorn Labels POP! with the Kiaro! Label Printer!

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In Virginia Beach, Jody’s Popcorn sells freshly made, caramel coated, chocolate drizzled and savory popcorn snacks. With their unique line of product flavors, they rely on their Kiaro! label printer to produce the famous popcorn labels that pop!

What Makes It Gourmet?

jodys_bagsMichael Katz, Vice President of Jody’s Popcorn, explains, “People often ask what gourmet popcorn is. What gourmet means to us is that we use the highest quality ingredients that we can find because we are very concerned about our flavor profile and the quality of our product.”

We traveled to Virginia Beach to get a taste of what Jody’s Popcorn is made of, and see how they use their QuickLabel printer to make their popcorn labels look as good as their freshly popped batches taste.

It’s About Quality AND Quantity

“Our quality is not just about the product, but the overall experience at Jody’s,” stresses Katz, “At our oceanfront store, we make freshly popped popcorn right there.”

While the quality of their popcorn is priority, their quantity demands (no matter how big or small) are important to them as well.

popcornMichael Katz explains, “The oceanfront store grew in popularity. We had lots of demand for our products, so Jody’s leased facilities that were able to produce much larger quantities of popcorn. We were then able to label that product and offer a much wider variety at our oceanfront store, also satisfying the needs of whole sale customers.”

But with that expansion, Jody’s needed a reliable printer that could take on their growth, as well as take care of quick in-store demands. As the business grew, so did Jody’s product line. It became less affordable to order thousands of popcorn labels for all of their many flavors, changing order sizes, and special requests for custom labeling.

“What we had before was outsource printing,” explains Katz, “We were making a lot of products and sending a lot of products to be outsourced. But the cost of having all that inventory sitting on our shelves didn’t seem to make much sense.”

QuickLabel Meets Jody…

Looking for a short-run labeling solution, Jody’s found QuickLabel Systems and the Kiaro! label printer.

michael_katz_kiaroKatz quickly discovered how easy it was to operate a Kiaro!, stating, “My concern then came, how difficult is that to operate? And it was really very simple. Anybody that could operate a printer can operate this printer.”

“When I first saw the Kiaro!, my initial impression was, ‘Wow! It’s not drab, and I’m not interested in printing anything that’s drab.’ So I really connected with that,” reveals Katz, “Once I looked at it operate, I was impressed with the quality of what was being ‘spit out,’ if you will, as finished product. These labels were just coming off and they were beautiful.”

QuickLabel’s Kiaro! Saved Them Time & Money

“Our ability to flourish in both the promotional products industry and the whole sale business has been greatly enhanced by our ability to create custom labels. That gives us the ability to very quickly customize a package for customers. If a particular customer wants to have their farm store on it or their gift store, we’re able to produce that here, quickly, in our facility and put that on the bag and get it out the door,” Katz states.

“There are times when we find that we forgot to order a pre-printed label and we need it right now, or we’ve ordered it, but there’s a problem at the printing company and they can’t deliver the label at the time we expect,” Katz explains.jodys_labels

He expands,“With the Kiaro!, we not only use it to print our custom labels and small quantity product labels, but we also use it as a back-up printer. We can print exactly the same label we send out for our large-runs of pre-printed labels, and the Kiaro! labels look indistinguishable from an outsourced label. It is really a wonderful situation.”

“The Kiaro! printer has saved Jody’s time and production. The amount of time it takes for us to produce a custom job has decreased greatly. We can literally have somebody walk into the printing area and say ‘I need this’ and turn it around in 10-15 minutes,” concludes Katz.

Want More?

To learn more about how the Kiaro! color label printer can save you time, money, and provide you with gorgeous customized color labels, click here.

Or contact us today by giving us a call, sending us an email or deciding to schedule your own Kiaro! demonstration!

About Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn

Jody’s Gourmet Popcorn of Virginia Beach, VA makes fresh, delectable kettle corn, caramel corn, and flavored seasonal popcorn for all the world to love. Shop in-person at their beautiful ocean front store at 31 Ocean Shops, or online at

If you’d like to sell Jody’s Popcorn in your own retail store, wholesale pricing and quantities are available. Jody’s makes a great fundraiser for your school or organization with custom packaging for special events and other special orders.

To contact Jody’s, please call 866.797.JODY or visit their Facebook page.

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How to Comply with DQSA Requirements for Serialization and Traceability

Posted on by Savannah Brodeur

What is the Drug Quality Security Act?

The Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) is an important US law that aims to create and establish an electronic traceability system for pharmaceutical drugs. As of January 2015, the new serialization system began.

What is a DQSA-Compliant Label?

Example of DQSA compliant serialization. Photo credit:

With this new policy, prescription drugs will now be tracked by the FDA. They’ll be tracked down to the individual dose by a serial number that will be printed right on the label of your prescription drugs. The serial number will be stored in an FDA database.  If you’re wondering what the label needs to look like, it’ll be something like this:


But what truly are the benefits of traceability? Well, first and foremost, it’s important to comply with federal regulations. But, besides that, you can actually enhance the reputation of your brand, and draw attention to your safe practices.

Along with those benefits, traceability also:

  • Promises consumer safety
  • Protects your product from fraud and counterfeiting
  • Improves your product’s efficiency


Prescription Medication in Orange Pill BottlesWhat are the DQSA Compliance Dates?

    • As of January 2015, the lot-level traceability system begins.
    • As of late November of 2017, manufacturers will be required to serialize pharmaceutical products.
    • By November 27, 2023, the law will require the complete transition to an electronic, interoperable traceability system at the package level. (source)


Why do we need the DQSA?

The DQSA keeps consumers safer. You may recall the incident in 2013 in which a strain of fungal meningitis was spread via a small compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts. The DQSA was strengthened as a direct result of that event.

The new DQSA serialization requirement will allow the FDA to view a product’s history, much like a browsing history on an Internet application. By allowing the FDA to view history, it will enable suspect products and illegitimate products to be sniffed out and taken care of before a consumer gets to them.

Who Does the DQSA affect?

The DQSA will affect:pills

  • Wholesale distributors
  • Repackagers
  • Third-party logistics
  • Pharmacies

All of these groups will have different rules to follow when it comes to complying with the Drug Quality and Security Act.

DQSA Definitions

  • Manufacturer:  When the DQSA defines a manufacturer, it means a company that:

“(A) Holds an application approved under section 505 or such a license issued under section 351 or the Public Health Service Act for such a [pharmaceutical] product, or if such a product is not the subject of an approved application or license, the person who manufactured the product.

(B) a co-licensed partner of that company

(C) an affiliate of that company that receives the product directly from the producer or a co-licensed partner (Section 581)

  • Re-Packager: A re-packager is considered “a person who owns or operates an establishment that repacks and re-labels a product or package for further re-sale or distribution without a further transaction.” (Section 581)
  • Third Party Logistics:Third Party Logistics is the activity of outsourcing activities related to Logistics and Distribution. (Logistics List)
  • Wholesale Distributor: A Certified Wholesale Distributor is a company who handles the wholesale shipments for the manufacturer of a product (or in some cases is the product manufacturer). They have a warehouse, distribution center and ship products directly to the retailer. (World Wide Brands)

Man reaching for prescription form medicine cabinetHow Can Your Pharma Labels Communicate Safety?

Your product labels can do more than just comply with the DQSA serialization requirement. They can show your commitment to safety by using photos, graphics, and color codes to assists patients and caregivers. Printing a color label with a photo of a pill that matches the correct dosage, printing a label with a photograph of a patient, and printing labels with color coded areas will all increase patient safety. We recommend that you investigate the benefits of using a Kiaro! color label printer to print your pharmaceutical labels.

If You Want to Know More…

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Doc’s Tea Prints On-Demand With Their Kiaro! Label Printer

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Doc’s Tea is a handcrafted, small-batch beverage brewed by a family of dental health professionals dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Recently, Dr. Ken Banks, owner of Doc’s Teas, began printing his own labels with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer in order to increase productivity, reduce cost, and dramatically improve label quality on all of their products.

“When I first saw the Kiaro! print I was amazed,” said Dr. Ken Banks, “I was impressed with the application process of the labels with our bottles and the look of the labels.”

We traveled to the home of Doc’s Tea, Inwood, West Virginia, to document how the maker of healthy, low-sugar, bottled sweet teas has increased their production speed, reduced their costs, and enhanced the look of their labels by using a Kiaro! label printer to print their own labels.

“We make our product on demand so that we can deliver a fresh product, not one that’s brewed, bottled and then stored,” said Dr. Ken Banks. Because Doc’s Tea doesn’t allow their teas to sit on shelves, they needed a solution that allowed them to print labels instantly, which eliminated the waiting time and inventory difficulties that come with ordering outside labels.

“The Kiaro! label printer fits in so well for us because it is allowing us to do small batches, to have high quality labels, not to have a large inventory,” says Dr. Ken Banks, “it allows us to brew on demand and to print on demand.”

See for yourself! 

Doc’s Tea, and countless others, have found that printing labels on-demand and in house just makes sense. Schedule a demonstration of a Kiaro! label printer with one of our regional sales managers, who will take a Kiaro! to your facility, and show you what an in-house label printer can bring to your business.


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Grand Prize Winner Announced!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

We’ve announced the Grand Prize, $500 winner of our first ever In House Label Design Awards live on the floor of Pack Expo.

Want to know who won? Watch this video, and stay tuned  to our blog to find out the 2nd and 3rd place winners as well!


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Announcing the first In-House Label Design Competiton!

Posted on by Savannah Brodeur

We’re hosting our very first In-House Label Design Competition!

This means that those of you who design your companies’ product labels are finally going to get the recognition you deserve. Every in-house label designer is eligible to enter their product label artwork, and entries will be judged by a panel of packaging experts. The entry fee doesn’t exist – it’s totally free of charge to enter the contest.

Watch this short video about the In-House Label Design Competition. 

What Can You Win?

The public announcement of winners will be held at Pack Expo in Chicago on November 3rd, 2014.

The statuette that you'll recieve if you're the grand prize winner.
The statuette that you’ll receive if you’re the grand prize winner.
  • The Grand prize winner will win $500 and the coveted “Quickly” trophy.
  • Second prize winner will win $300.
  • Third place winner will win $150.

Why Are We Recognizing In-House Label Designers?

We know that being an in-house label designer can be a job with a lot of responsibility and too little reward. You face short deadlines, hear conflicting opinions from your boss, colleagues, and customers, work with low-resolution graphics, shoot your own photos, come up with great new product names off the top of your head, and more!

But now all of your efforts will no longer go unrecognized. By hosting this competition, QuickLabel is aiming to recognize the work that goes behind each label.

There are people in the business that have an art degree, and there are some who don’t. Your level of talent in art, or anything else,  isn’t measured by how many years you went to college for it – it’s measured by how much of your soul that you pour into it! And as in-house label designers, you pour an overflowing amount. Sometimes that can be hard, and sometimes that can be easy, but both deserve recognition.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

What if you don’t own a QuickLabel printer?

The answer to that is super simple: you don’t have to own a QuickLabel printer to enter into the competition. We’re urging all in-house label designers to enter.

How to Enter the In-House Label Design Competition

Enter and submit your label artwork.

How can you win all that extra cash and that awesome trophy for your desk if you don’t submit your labels? You can’t. Actually, you won’t.

So where’s the harm in trying? The only thing you have to lose is nothing. Finalists will be contacted in October, and those who won will be announced on November 3, 2014 at the Pack Expo trade show in Chicago.

So, think it over. If you want to submit, then do it here. We accept .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and please make sure these files are less than 10 Mb. So, it’s time to whip out your thinking caps and open up Photoshop!

We’re waiting for you.


Do you have any questions about the In-House Label Design Competition?

Please contact Charles Smith. We always love to hear from you – no matter the reason.

You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

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She gives QuickLabel its sense of fun: meet Bethany!

Posted on by Savannah Brodeur

bethanyEver wonder who gives QuickLabel its sense of fun? If you live in New York, New Jersey or New England, you already know her: Bethany Rosevear. If you’re not lucky enough to know her just yet, read on. She is a fairly new member of our team who just joined us in November! But even though she hasn’t been here long, she has definitely made a name for herself among QuickLabelers and customers alike.

She’s amazingly friendly, and will talk to just about anyone! And here, at QuickLabel, it’s about high time we interviewed this cool individual. But before her personal interview is introduced – let’s get into how her fellow co-workers would describe her.

Bethany has been described as tenacious, witty, and generous… When I asked a fellow co-worker what one word they’d use to describe Bethany they’d replied with: “I would use ‘giving.’ She is constantly giving of herself to others, whether it is to fundraise for a charity or just to make sure that someone has a great birthday here at work. That same giving spirit shines through when she works with her customers.”

Along with being generous, she’s been known to be genuine in every situation (“You’ll always get 100% Bethany from her”) and in the business world, Bethany has proven herself to be an adamant Media Sales Specialist who also knows what a customer wants and how to handle their labeling needs.

But you, reader, might not know her yet – so why not take a look below and get a running start?

QuickLabel: What US states are yours and what can you tell us about the people that live there?

States that Bethany takes care of (Region of New England, NY and NJ.)

Bethany: I have the Northeast, and that includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, 1/2 of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. My customers love working with a company that is “local” from beginning to end: Manufacturing, to shipping, to customer service… They love buying local.

QL: What experience in life best prepared you to work at QuickLabel Systems?

Bethany: I would have to say years of experience in customer service.

QL: I understand that you’re a Media Sales Specialist. What does that position entail?

Bethany: Developing relationships with customers to best service their needs, and it also entails creating good working relationships with RSM’s and MSS’s, so that we can all work together to achieve the sales goals!

QL:  What do you like best about being a Media Sales Specialist? Do you have a favorite customer?

Don't these look great? Bethany is a mail enthusiast.
Don’t these look great? Bethany is a nail enthusiast.

Bethany: Favorite customer… I like them all in different ways for different reasons. If I want to chat and have a laugh, then I know who to call.

QL: Do you have a favorite Regional Sales Manager?

Bethany: I haven’t had much exposure to working with the other RSM’s, but I love working with both Chris and Lou – they are both so patient with me since every day I am learning something new.

QL: Tell us about your family! Do you have any pets?

Bethany: I have 2 brothers and a sister. I am the third child but the youngest girl and will always be daddy’s princess. I grew up in upstate NY and PA. With the exception of me and my younger brother (who lives in Kentucky and has a chiropractic office), my entire family is all within 10 miles of each other. I have 6 nieces and nephews with a new niece or nephew expected in February. Even though she lives in PA, my sister is my best friend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years, and he is wonderful! And then I have my baby, Bella… She’s a 4 year old Shi Tzu, but she is so spoiled, that she thinks she is a person and not a dog!

Bethany and her boyfriend.
Bethany and her boyfriend.
Bella. She really is "bella"!
Bella. She really is “bella”!

QL: What are your hobbies/interests?

Bethany: I love to fish (both freshwater and salt water)! I am a big reader – I will read just about anything with words… I enjoy working on my cross stitch projects, and I love watching baseball and football with my boyfriend… GO YANKEES!!!


 QL: We all love the birthday parties, wing nights, and BBQs you put together. Why do you think it’s so important to celebrate?

Bethany: I have worked in places where frankly, the morale sucked and people came in, did their job, went home, and were miserable!

I am a very social person, and I know that morale can make or break a company. Having a high morale level makes people happier, and being happy while at works makes an enormous difference on a person as a whole, because we spend so many hours at work day in and day out with the same people. I enjoy doing things to help morale, bring people together, whether it is a work setting or outside. It gives people chance to create personal relationships/friendships which in turn creates better work relationships. I know that not everybody in the world is as outgoing as I am and I enjoy the challenge of breaking people out of their shells.

I guess it comes down to: high morale = happy employee= happy workplace.

QL: Lastly, if you could have lunch with any celebrity – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Bethany: Hmmm, that is a tough one. Alive – Luke Bryan, but that is just because he is pretty to look at. Dead – Harriet Tubman. I think she was an amazing woman that stood up for what she believed in, knew right from wrong, and did her best to right the wronged.


Meet Bethany Yourself

Now that you have a little insight on Bethany, I’m sure you would like to get to know her better – especially if you live in her states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine!

When you’re ready to order labels or inks for your label printer, please contact Bethany at or phone her at 877-757-7978 ext. 216. She’d love to hear from you!

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Vancouver, BC: Meet Jason Meyer, QuickLabel’s Newest Salesperson!

Posted on by David Golding


Jason Meyer
Jason Meyer

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce our newest sales representative, Jason Meyer, to the QuickLabel Family.

Jason will be opening up our first office in Western Canada, Vancouver to be exact, and  he could not be more excited to join the QuickLabel sales team.  He’ll be spreading the word about the Kiaro! digital label printer all around Western Canada in areas such as Vancouver Island, Okanagan, and Alberta.

Apart from being a devoted fitness enthusiast, Jason excels in sales skills as well as marketing techniques. Jason grew up in Richmond, British Columbia and attended BC Institute of Technology, later graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. We were lucky enough to have had Jason answer a few questions so that we can all become acquainted with him!

Quick Label: Are you excited to join the QuickLabel team? Why?

Jason Meyer: Yes! The company has a solid track record of delivering quality solutions for in-house label printing. All the products are supported by a group of dedicated customer support professionals who instill tremendous confidence in the products I’m selling.

QL: What jobs have you previously had?

JM: After graduating from College I worked for several years as a sales rep for a flexographic printing company in Metro Vancouver. I have also worked in a business development role for an internet start-up called PressReader; which now comes as a pre-loaded app on many smartphones and tablets.

QL: What are your goals for your new position?

JM: My biggest goal is to generate awareness in British Columbia and Alberta for the Kiaro! label printer. I know there are a lot of businesses out here looking for a short-run label printing solution, and I am here to help. If anyone out here in Western Canada is looking for a label printer, please get in touch with me! I’m at

QL: Can you tell us what part of the job you’re looking forward to most?

JM: I really like meeting people. Learning about the customer’s business is my favorite part of the job. As a solution specialist, I take the time to understand their business which allows me to uncover opportunities to improve their packaging and operational efficiencies.

QL: How will you help customers save money and time by printing their own labels?

JM: The Kiaro! digital label printer eliminates the hard and soft costs of buying pre-printed labels. When companies buy labels from a commercial printer they’re faced with expensive pre-press charges, plates and large minimum runs.  The soft costs that are often overlooked include the resources for artwork approval, late deliveries of labels, quality issues, production delays and waste from discontinued product lines.

By printing labels in-house, companies can avoid these costs and instead foster new product innovation.

QL: Tell us a little about your family.

JM: My parents have been married for over 40 years. I’m the youngest of three children. I have four beautiful nieces and nephews who all live close to me.

Bird's Eye View of Vancouver
Bird’s Eye View of Vancouver

QL: What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have any hobbies or fun interests?

JM: I’m a huge health and fitness enthusiast. I exercise seven days a week, combining running, weight training and fitness classes. I recently started taking Yoga to improve my flexibility. Tennis, hiking and cycling are also at the top of the list.

Apart from exercise I enjoy live theatre, action movies, watching hockey, bike rides along Vancouver’s seawall, entertaining friends at home and anything to do with the beach.

There you have it, guys!

It was fun getting to know a bit more about you, Jason, and we can’t wait to work with you in the future.

Do you have any questions for Jason? Feel free to send him an email at or schedule a visit from him!

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Introducing: Trevor Hernandez!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Please Welcome Trevor Hernandez,  Toronto-Based Sales & Service Technician! 

We are proud and excited to introduce you to Trevor Hernandez, who will fill the newly-created position of Sales and Service Technician for the Greater Toronto Area. We are excited to welcome him to the QuickLabel Family. Trevor will join Ruddy Bolanos in serving QuickLabel customers in Toronto.

We got a chance to interview Trevor about his family, hobbies, interests, his excitement in getting to work with our wonderful customers, and of course, the Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

QuickLabel: Are you excited to join the QuickLabel team? Why?

Trevor Hernandez: Very excited!  I spent the last 14 years working for a very large corporate company and I have seen the best and worst of times.  Over the years the company has been going through a lot of changes and ultimately I did not see myself being happy there.  I am looking forward to being part of such a close knit team at QuickLabel.

QL: What jobs have you previously had?

TH: As I mentioned before I worked for one large I.T corporation for almost all my working career.  There I held many positions including hardware service technician, network support, account management, and inside sales.  Before that I worked one year as a bench technician for a company that manufactured TV broadcast equipment and at McDonald’s for a whole 2 days!

QL: What do you think it will be like to serve QuickLabel printer customers in the Toronto area?

TH: I think it will be challenging and fun.  Toronto and the surrounding area are huge with loads of opportunity.  We not only want to keep our current customers happy and satisfied but grow to serve new customers and prove to them that QuickLabel is #1!.

QL: Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I went to Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto Ontario.  I graduated with high honors from their 3 year Electronics Engineering Technologist program.  It enabled me to get a job even before I officially graduated.

QL: Where did you grow up?

The first 13 years of my life was spent in the city.  Once I started high school my family moved out to the suburbs and have been a suburbanite ever since.  I currently live about .5hr west of Toronto.

QL: What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have any hobbies or fun interests?

TH: I used to have a lot of hobbies and things that kept me busy outside of work but now with 2 young kids the majority of my time is spent with them.  I love playing sports, running, biking, hiking, graphic art, cooking, and traveling.

 QL: Tell us a little about your family.

TH: I have a wife, Kelly whom I met back in high school.  She works full-time in the insurance industry and is a great Mom as well.  We have a daughter, Jazmin who is 6 years old and likes taekwondo, soccer, and of course princesses, and a one year old son, Xavier, who loves to eat and explore everything.

QL: Do you have pets?

TH: Yes, we have a Green cheek Conure (small parrot) named KG who we bought for our daughter’s 1st birthday.

QL: Do you have a favorite place that you have traveled?

TH: We have not made it out of the Americas yet but have many plans to do so.  My wife and I really love going to Miami.  There is so much to see and do and of course the weather is always beautiful!  We hope to get out to the UK and India in the near future.

QL: What are some of your favorite things?

TH: I really enjoy great food, good music, a good workout and a good story.  Whenever I experience any one of those things my whole mood and perspective usually changes for the better.  I also really relish quiet time alone whenever I can get it!

QL: What are you looking forward to most in your new position here?

TH: Seeing that it is a new role within the company and encompassing both technical and sales responsibilities, I am very excited to bring what I have learned and experienced over the years in previous roles to the table.  Being a hybrid role in a new territory should provide all the challenges I need to keep me motivated and working hard.

QL: Has anything been surprising so far to you in your new job?

TH: Astro-Med is a “publicly traded company that runs like a family business” – I have heard this quite often from a few different people in my short time here.  This is kind of shocking to me as I did not think this could be possible.  I am quickly realizing that it is possible and everyone here seems to genuinely care about each other and willing to help out in any situation.  It is a nice surprise and change from the norm.

QL: What is your favorite QuickLabel product and why?

TH: Well, I do like the Kiaro! for obvious reasons, however, I always catch myself marveling at the sight of a QLS-4100 Xe.  I think it is a very cool machine and has a lot of uses and applications in today’s world.

Thanks Trevor! It’s was great getting to know you, and it will be even better getting to work with you! QuickLabel customers in the Toronto area are getting a great new resource to help keep them happy and successful with their label printers!

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Great Gifts with Sensational Labels (Part Two!)

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Christmas is STILL just a week away – and if you’re anything like me, you’re STILL scrambling to get the gifts for everyone on your list. Yesterday, with part 1 of our Great Gifts List, we showed some awesome Kiaro! users with fantastic gifts for you to get for your loved ones this holiday season.

Today we’ve got five more awesome Christmas ideas, with just-as-awesome labels. Here’s part 2 of our list of the Great Christmas Gifts (with sensational Kiaro!-printed labels):

J.O. Spice “Some of Our Favorites” Gift Bag Set

We’d be foolish not to include our Giving Thanks Label Design Contest champions in this list, right?

The spice-makers from Maryland craft some of the best seafood spices we’ve ever had, and this gift-bag of goodies is perfect for any of the at-home cooks in your family. Used in restaurants all over Maryland, and around the Chesapeake Bay, they’re renowned for their quality  (plus the bag comes with a “merry christmas” labeled seasoning – so get to it!). And each gift bag is wrapped in decorative plastic, and is tied with a ribbon for extra presentation points.

Eco Lips, “Create Your Own Lip Balm”

Earlier this year, Eco Lips gave us the year’s single best commercial…

As one of our most creative clients, they craft lip balms that you design yourself. Choose the oils, the flavors, the herbal infusion, tube color, cap color, label color (!!), create your own label text(!!!!), and even add extra premium ingredients like red raspberry seed oil, or Vitamin-E boosts. Eco Lips is the perfect way to say “Merry Christmas” and ensure that your loved ones’ lips stay healthy through the dry winter season.

Maple Butter from the Vermont Country Store

As an almost-but-not-really Vermonter  I feel that I’m particularly qualified to recommend anything and everything from one of our newest Kiaro! users.

Though they have several locations, I would always stop in to the Vermont Country Store off of Route 103 on my way back home, during college breaks.

They offer, maple syrup, cheeses, cakes, candies, toys; everything, really.

If you’re wondering, Maple Butter is made from Vermont Maple Syrup and is great on ice cream, waffles, pancakes, toast or as a frosting.

Gourmet Coffee from La Crema

One of our favorite customers, La Crema Coffee in Ohio, makes wonderfully delicious (and beautifully packaged) gourmet coffee. We even went out and visited them, not too long ago.

Their gourmet coffee comes designed with awesome illustrated labels, by Lula Bell Art & Designs; their coffee looks as great as it tastes, and makes for a perfect holiday gift.

Check out some of the varieties from their Holiday Coffee collection like Rudolph’s Red Velvet, or Prancer’s Peppermint.

Amoretti Cocktail Mixes

Amoretti Ingredients, out in California, makes flavored syrups, olive oils, and other gourmet ingredients, but my personal favorite is their blackberry martini mix.

Blend with 2oz vodka, shake with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass, and serve. They say it goes great with gin, rum, tequila and more for any festive libation. But always, always remember to drink responsibly. 

We hope you enjoyed reading through our selections and we hope even more that you took a shot and purchased one of these great holiday items. We’d love to hear about any other holiday items you’re labeling yourself! Let us know with comments, on facebook, or twitter!

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J.O. Spice Wins Giving Thanks Label Design Contest!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

The winner of our first ever Giving Thanks Label Contest is J.O. Spice!!k_print_labels

The Giving Thanks Label Contest was established as an effort for us to give back to our customers and friends, while working with the contestants to support local communities this holiday season.

For winning, J.O. Spice will receive $500 which will be donated on their behalf to their chosen charity: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation. All 21 employees of J.O. Spice Company are also receiving award-winning Kringle Pastries baked and custom-labeled by O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, WI.

J.O. Spice Graphic Designer Kathleen Duncan printing her winning label on her Kiaro! inkjet label printer
J.O. Spice Graphic Designer Kathleen Duncan printing her winning label on her Kiaro! inkjet label printer

The winning label was designed by Graphic Designer Kathleen Duncan, who has been with J.O. Spice for almost 9 years, and started with the company just after high school. Duncan has been designing labels to be printed by the Kiaro! label printer since JO Spice first acquired their Kiaro! in August 2012.

Kathleen is “a creative, team-player, who is really into what she does, and cares about the company as much as anyone,” said Ginger Ports, Sales and Marketing Manager of J.O. Spice.

Using their Kiaro! inkjet label printer, O&H Danish Bakery will print custom kringle labels featuring Duncan’s winning design on each of the Kringles that it sends to J.O Spice.

The Giving Thanks Label Design Contest was held on Facebook, and participants were encouraged to create labels with the theme of “giving thanks.”

J.O. Spice’s winning label received over 170 likes during the voting period.  Their label stated that they were “Giving Thanks to the Chesapeake Bay,” and that, “the Chesapeake Bay Foundation never takes a day off from conservation.”

The winning label from J.O. Spice
The winning label from J.O. Spice

“We picked the Chesapeake Bay Foundation,” said Ports, “because the Bay plays such a key role in what we, the seafood market, and watermen all do”

“We’re thankful for the Bay,” she continued, “and without the Chesapeake Bay Foundation the watermen wouldn’t have a job, we wouldn’t be able to supply them for their seafood. Without the bay kids wouldn’t be able to play in the ocean. “

“We work with so many family businesses,” said Ports, “and all of us as families depend on the Bay. We need foundations like Chesapeake Bay Foundation that educate people so we can continue on to 4th and 5th generations,” she said , alluding to the fact that J.O. Spice is currently in its 3rd generation of family management with plans for a fourth to start working after finishing their education.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Communications Coordinator Tom Zolper said, “Thank you so much to Ginger Ports, to the designer of the label, Kathleen Duncan, and to everyone who cares about the Chesapeake. We are touched and grateful for your love of the bay, and for your support of our work.”

Including J.O. Spice, 15 different companies from across the country entered the Giving Thanks Label Design Contest, and tallied over 515 total votes in the contest. “It was a wonderful way for small businesses to show what they’re thankful for,” said Ports, “it was a fun, friendly competition.”

Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe's label received the 2nd most votes
Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe’s label received the 2nd most votes

Ginger Ports was familiar with some of the other entrants, “I actually travel to Key West,” said Ports, “and I’ve had Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s!” she said. Kermit’s Key Lime Pie was the 2nd place finisher in the contest, “the best thing to get there is the one covered in chocolate!” exclaimed Ports.

J.O. Spice’s most known product is the No. 1 Brand Seafood Seasoning, served in Maryland restaurants. “If you’ve eaten crab in a Maryland restaurant,” said Ports, “you’ve had our Number One.”

Just some of J.O. Spice's seasonings, including No. 1 Brand Seafood Seasoning
Just some of J.O. Spice’s seasonings, including No. 1 Brand Seafood Seasoning

“We couldn’t be happier with the participation in our first-ever Giving Thanks Label Design Contest,” says , Eric Pizzuti, General Manager of QuickLabel Systems.  “We enjoyed the opportunity to give back to our community through the creativity of our customers. We loved and appreciated each and every entry, and I heartily congratulate J.O. Spice and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.”

“Founded in 1967, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is the oldest and largest non-profit organization focused exclusively on restoring the Chesapeake to good health,” said Tom Zolper, “One academic journal recently said ‘we may be half way home’ to saving the Bay, with significant reductions in pollution in the past two decades.”

“To finish the job,” Zolper says the,  “CBF restores oyster reefs, plants trees and underwater grasses, takes about 35,000 students and teachers on field experiences each year, advocates in three state capitals and in Congress for laws and regulations that aid the Bay, and when necessary, goes to court to fight for progress.

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