Ortho Development Upgrades to a Kiaro!

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Ortho Development, a manufacturer of medical devices, was losing money because of poorly printed labels. After having shipment after shipment sent back from overseas due to unreadable, blotchy labels, they decided to upgrade to a Kiaro! inkjet label printer. With their new printer, they immediately found improvements in quality, reductions in price, and savings in cost.

Ortho Development is in Draper, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City, where they craft all number of medical devices. But mostly, they make implants – hips, knees, spines. 

A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices
A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices

They spend countless, painstaking hours in clean rooms within their sparkling facility making sure every nanometer of their medical devices, and the labeling of those devices, is perfect.

“We distribute about half, or more than half of our product to Japan, and distributing to Japan requires labels to be perfect,” Carmen Moore told us.

Carmen Moore is the packaging and labeling engineer at Ortho Development, and works with the Kiaro! daily.

You can watch a video about Moore’s use of the Kiaro! here:

“We ran into… ink blotches… smeared ink,” said Carmen Moore, “often little spots of ink were misplaced on the label.”

As a result of imperfect labels, its distributors returned shipments to Utah, at great cost to Ortho Development. International distributors, in particular, have very strict demands on the appearance of medical device labels.

Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development
Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development

The spotting, smearing and blotches came because the printheads required frequent cleaning and were constantly clogged, the ink wasn’t durable, and because the other brand printer, “was difficult for our operators to use,” said Moore, “it required constant cleaning of the printhead, and constant wiping of the printer itself.”

“Previously, we were wasting about half of our labels,” said Moore. In other words, Moore’s team had to print twice as many medical device labels as the needed in the hopes of printing 50% that were usable.

So, Carmen decided to take on a Kiaro!

Labels for Ortho Development's medical devices as printed on a Kiaro!.
Labels for medical devices as printed by a Kiaro!.

“We did a trial period with a Kiaro!,” said Moore, “and found that it printed our labels perfectly. So, we kind of fell in love with it.”

“With our other label printer, I spent an hour each day in production just fixing it,” she continued, “whereas I’ve spent only two hours on the Kiaro! in the whole time that we’ve had it.”

Moore was also responsible for training the Kiaro! operators in how to use the label printer, a process that only took a few minutes. “All I have to do is show them how to transfer the label stock – then printing the labels is very easy,” she said.

They started printing labels for their trauma products, but they found they were saving so much money and  time by printing with their Kiaro! that Carmen decided to buy a second Kiaro! label printer. Now they make all of their product labels with the Kiaro!.

The Kiaro! and Ortho Development’s labeled packages.

“Our previous printers did not work for our application very well,” said Moore, “The Kiaro! printer is completely what we need.”

While we were talking with Carmen, we met Jenney Spencer – a Kiaro! printer operator at Ortho Development. She explained to us that the Kiaro! is far easier to use than any label printer they’ve had.

Jenney Spencer, Kiaro! operator, at Ortho Development.

“Printing with the old labels, they’d have smudging and spots,” said Jenney, “with the Kiaro! it’s better, and clear.” She also explained that with the  other printer the operators would have to take time out of their day to phone the engineers and technical support frequently – because of the myriad of problems it offered, “with the Kiaro! we don’t have to call anybody,” she said.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! label printer can save your facility money and time, schedule an in-person demonstration – you’ll save $500 off of your purchase!

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QuickLabel at PackExpo 2013 in Las Vegas!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Last week was Pack Expo 2013, and we went out to Las Vegas to launch our new Kiaro! 200 wide-width inkjet label printer, Lustro-Lam laminating solution, and staff the QuickLabel Systems booth.

While we were there with our fantastic team, Michael shot some videos, I took some pictures and we talked with a lot of customers about their experiences with Kiaro! inkjet label printers.

We filmed a few testimonials from satisfied customers, and posted them on YouTube. But, first here’s Joe Quednau introducing the Kiaro! 200.

Without further ado, here’s Bill Pizzuti talking with Dr. Ron Micchia, owner of Lip Balm Express, about their Kiaro! inkjet label printer. This isn’t the first time they’ve given us great reviews of the Kiaro! – they’re featured on one of our End-Use pages as well.


This time Bill talks with new Kiaro! customer The Village Well Water about how they’ve used their Kiaro! to label their water bottles.

Finally, we had so much footage from the guys from Village Well, we cut together a  bonus clip.  In this one, Bill listens to some kind words about QuickLabel salesman Frank Knopf.


Last but not least, here are some of our favorite pictures of the QuickLabel booth, our Pack Expo team, and even one picture of some crazy person dressed as Elvis.



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The Kiaro! and Just-In-Time Manufacturing

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The first tenets of Just-in-Time manufacturing can be traced back to Henry Ford, the beginnings of Toyota, and even the first grocery chain, Piggly Wiggly*. The true fulfillment of the Just-in-Time revolution happened in the 1950s, when Japan’s car companies became total Just-in-Time manufacturers, and a decade after that when the US, and the rest of the world, followed suit.

David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting used the Kiaro! to turn his business into a Just-in-Time manufacturer.

Today, companies in all fields of production across the globe manufacture their products just-in-time, because as the Houston Chronicle points out, there are a great many benefits. Mostly, though Just-in-Time keeps inventory low, which in turn lowers warehouse costs, and creates less waste.

David Crompton of Quick Fitting, a Rhode Island manufacturer of push-connect plumbing technologies found that the Just-in-Time model was ideal for his business. The problem, however, was that he couldn’t convert to it, because of his labels.

He ordered-out for his plumbing labels – 10,000 labels at a time. This created the polar opposite of the “lean inventory” he was hoping to achieve. Not only did he waste the pre-printed labels as they became obsolete on his shelves, he was wasting his inventory space and “parking” his money, as he said.

So, David got a Kiaro!.

Just like that, he was Just-in-Time. Obviously, he needed to convert other parts of his production; alter the way he ordered his raw materials.  Acquiring the Kiaro! was just one of the changes he made to go to Just-in-Time, which ultimately streamlined his business, and continues to save his company money and time.

So how does the Kiaro! contribute to Just-in-Time manufacturing?

Well, there are a few ways.

Baltimore Photographers
Line-of-sight supervision allows for immediate review of labels – as seen here at Eastern Shore Tea.

Line of Sight Supervision

With the Kiaro!, manufacturers can oversee label design, printing and application at the same time – right in their facility.When using an outside printer, any mistakes made on labels are not recognized and corrected until significant time has passed. For instance – if an outside printer sent Mr. Crompton a batch of labels that all had an error on them, between ordering new labels and waiting for them to arrive, it could take days, even weeks, to get a new roll of pre-printed labels in.

With the Kiaro!, errors are immediately identified.  The user can pause printing runs,  correct errors instantly, and go right back to printing on demand, on the very next label. The Kiaro! doesn’t waste a single label when starting, ending, or pausing runs.

Eliminates Label Inventory

Arguably, the greatest benefit of Just-in-Time manufacturing is keeping inventory low. Outside print-houses require large minimum orders. Because of this, a manufacturer will order extremely large runs of pre-printed labels, and store them in their facility.

Intricate labels meet strict retail standards, and are printed instantly with the Kiaro!
Intricate labels meet strict retail standards, and are printed instantly with the Kiaro!.

Unfortunately for those manufacturers, the demands of their retailers are often strict – orders can change up-to and including on the day of shipment – leaving them with a new order to place with the outside print-house, and a roll of labels they can’t use, because now they’ve become obsolete. They end up collecting dust, or getting thrown out. Either way – they’re wasted.

The Kiaro! prints on demand, in runs of any size. If an order is changed the day of shipping; that’s not a problem. The Kiaro! prints out however many labels are needed to get the product sent out the door.The Kiaro! prints quickly, at 8 inches per second, so even large print runs are finished quickly.

Versatility, Durability, Dependability

The Kiaro! can print anything. Anytime. And it doesn’t let users down. Just-in-Time manufacturers need their printers to work; they don’t have the time for error messages and software problems. The Kiaro! is a highly dependable printer that provides true Up-time Peace of Mind for its users.

Colorful Kiaro! labels in 1200dpi
Colorful Kiaro! coffee labels in 1200dpi.

The Kiaro prints in 1200 dpi for all types of images: fine text, intricate graphics, large lettering and photographs, in every single color on the spectrum. Manufacturers can print labels for each and every one of their products, at each of its shipping stages.

The Kiaro! prints shipping labels on rugged, durable substrates to handle the rigors of international shipping. It prints glossy, colorful, eye-catching labels that go directly on the product to grab customers as they’re walking down aisles.

Switching to Just-in-Time

Manufacturers switch to Just-in-Time every day. The Kiaro! is more and more becoming a part of the businesses who want their factories to have a streamlined, efficient packaging process. With no inventories of pre-printed labels, and the ability to print labels on demand in quantities large or small, the Kiaro! is the ultimate printer for just-in-time manufacturing.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! can help your business convert to a Just-in-Time manufacturer, schedule an in-person demonstration. We’ll bring a Kiaro! to your facility, print your artwork, and show you how to save money and time with the Kiaro!

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Kiaro! Grows Eastern Shore Tea Sales by 40%

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

eastern shore tea logoBrowse just for a moment at Eastern Shore Tea’s website  and note the first phrase in their description: “Highest quality tea, and beautiful packaging are hallmarks of Eastern Shore Tea.

The hallmarks of Eastern Shore Tea are their quality and packaging, and when we traveled to Baltimore, MD, that’s exactly what we came to find.

But first: a little about the owner.

Stanley Constantine, owner of Eastern Shore Tea Company and its parent company Baltimore Coffee & Tea, drinks 10 cups of tea every day.

Baltimore Photographers
Stan Constantine, in his factory, drinking just one of his daily 10 cups of tea.

He’s deliberate and engaged, and speaks with a low-end sort of rumble that peaks half an octave higher when he reaches points of interest.

At the mention of his new labels, and the boon in sales since acquiring his new Kiaro! label printer, that octave jumps.

“It’s interesting,” Constantine says, “since we installed the Kiaro! our tea sales have increased an average of about 40%.” 

Then he takes a shallow breath, prepping for the big reveal , “Actually, one of our largest grocery chain customers told me that Eastern Shore Tea sales have increased 50% since we installed the Kiaro!.”

Baltimore Photographers
Stan Constantine with his Kiaro! label printer.

Eastern Shore Tea Company’s quality is unmatched, its process of making tea painstaking, and its customer service superior.

 “We haven’t changed anything – except the label quality,” says Constantine, when talking about the enormous and sustained 40% jump in tea sales, “I’m pretty convinced that the Kiaro! is responsible.”  

How the Kiaro! Did it

 “As I said before we’ve changed nothing else. We’ve changed none of our recipes, none of the other elements of our packaging,  save for the increased quality of the Kiaro!,” says Constantine.

Baltimore Photographers
Eastern Shore Tea has experienced a 40% increase in sales that Stanley Constantine is “convinced is from first time customers who are taken aback with the packaging.”

“It has  improved our packaging ten-fold, and that’s really supported by the increase in sales that we’ve experienced.”

So the labels look good?

Linda Lang, manager of Eastern Shore Tea Company, and 11-year-employee, thinks so. 

“It’s just amazing how good the Kiaro! can make the labels look,” she says, “the colors are rich and bright – it’s just completely changed the way the artwork on the labels looks.”

A Different Approach to Tea

Baltimore Photographers
“For us,” explains Constantine, “it sounds old fashioned, but we won’t sell anything that we wouldn’t drink ourselves.”

“Eastern Shore teas differ from most national brands in a couple of different areas,” says Constantine. All of their teas are flavored naturally: they use real spices in their teas , not liquid flavorings, so in their teas you’ll find real clove, real cinnamon, real ginger, real lemon grass.

 Eastern Shore Tea starts with full leaf tea, and then to increase surface exposure they use a hammer-mill to cut the leaves down to tea-bag size.

The Kiaro! Joins the Eastern Shore

“We brought a Kiaro! in, set it up, and we printed some logos and some of our graphics. I was astounded with the quality. With the Kiaro! printing at 1200dpi,” says Constantine, “we were blown away by the quality.”

“I was thrilled when I saw the Kiaro! labels for the first time,” says Linda Lang, “ it was pretty exciting. It even will reproduce photographs which is really amazing!”

Baltimore Photographers
Eastern Shore Tea uses two types of packaging for their tea. Their classic, radiant-white ribbon bag for full leaf tea, with luminescent colored ribbons over shining Kiaro! labels. The other; an eloquent self-dispensing box, with the same beautiful Kiaro! labels.

Private Labeling with the Kiaro!

Eastern Shore Tea has seen a large growth in customers requesting private label services, which they are uniquely set up to do because they’re totally vertically integrated.

“The Kiaro! has helped us with that goal,” explains Constantine, “because it’s so easy and effortless for us to create private labels for all of our customers.”

Eastern Shore Tea creates private label teas for major museums, grocers and gourmet food stores around the country, but also for private functions and smaller parties.

“It’s effortless,” says Constantine, “one of our strong points is that our private label minimum is only 24 pieces. The reason it’s so low is because the Kiaro! is just effortless. We can easily print and go to production and it’s out the door the same day. It’s made our life a lot easier.”

Printing Tea Labels on Demand

Baltimore Photographers
“The Kiaro! has definitely made my life easier,” says Lang, “it takes less time to print the labels, there’s less prep time for it – it’s definitely made things easier here.”

Eastern Shore Tea went with the Kiaro! because they needed to print labels on demand, and as needed.  “In the past we would have to order 10,000 of every single label. Now,” says Constantine, “we print over 300 SKUs on the Kiaro!. The ability to print on demand has saved us an incredible amount of money because we’re stocking only blank labels and we print as we need.”

Linda Lang loves how the Kiaro! has eliminated their inventory  of pre-printed labels, “The labels aren’t sitting on the shelf for long periods of time. It’s just so easy to go and print a few labels with the Kiaro!.” With the Kiaro! Eastern Shore Tea Company prints large or small runs, at 8inches per second, for immediate, on demand label printing.

“As much as I like the Kiaro!, I like the people at QuickLabel Systems even more. Of all the vendors we deal with, and we deal with vendors all over the world, the people at QuickLabel comprise the best vendor that we have,” says Constantine.

See How They Do It!

We even traveled down to Baltimore and shot some video in the Eastern Shore Tea facility! We watched them print labels, cut tea, package their products and even visited their beautiful store-front. Check it out!

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QuickLabel Media Specialists Take the Customer Service Cake

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan
Niiki and Michaela.
Nikki and Michaela.

We turned to Facebook to see what customers had to say about their Media Specialist!

We already appreciate our media specialists, and we know all of our customers do to! That’s why we decided to give one of them a gift card for a fun night out at Dave & Busters. But, how could we choose? They are all amazing! So, we turned to Facebook to allow our customers to vote for their favorite Media Specialist!

The number of likes are one amazing thing, but the heartfelt comments and thanks from customers really have been phenomenal!

David Chadwick
David Chadwick

David Chadwick is fairly new to his position as a Media Specialist, but he is not new to QuickLabel Systems or Rhode Island. In fact, David is a big New England sports fan! His customers voted for him, coining the term “Team Chadwick.” I think it’s pretty fitting!

Melody Allen is a very accommodating media specialist, even adjusting her work schedule to better serve our customers on the West coast. One of her customers is eternally grateful to her help because, “If I don’t like her it’s a long walk to pick up supplies.” Another said that she “Has been a great help since we purchased our first Vivo! Touch printer. Melody, I feel has gone above her duties to help us in any way she could.”

Melody is talented at sewing and crafting.
Melody is talented at sewing and crafting.

We can’t forget to give a special mention to Nicole Moosey. This mom to one, soon to be two is wonderful! She is the Media Sales and Customer Service Supervisor. Nicole is a very talented baker and singer. When I asked her what she likes most about her job she said, “I love the people, whether it’s the customers I have gotten to know and help throughout the years or the wonderful group of people that encompasses QuickLabel.”

One customer described what makes a good specialist saying, “Carla provides exceptional customer service. Prompt, Polite, and Persistent hardly begin to describe her desire for customer satisfaction. We have been very fortunate to have such an incredible Media Specialist working for our team.”

Carla got such an amazing number of likes on her post that she gets an honorable mention, and a $25 gift card!


We love hearing this kind of feedback from customers, especially because they haven’t even tried her fabulous baked goods that she brings into the office.

Although they are all wonderful, the Facebook contest winner with almost 40 amazing comments is Chris Chabot! This native Rhode Islander loves getting to talk to, and help customers all over the country. She has been in the printing industry in various ways for almost 30 years. Take a look at the recent blog featuring Chris to see why her favorite part of the job is her customers.

It’s not one sided though, Chris’ customers also love her! One customer explained her winning qualities saying, “even though Carla and David have been very helpful to me – I have to vote for Chris because she has been putting up with our “emergencies” and jumping through the many hoops my orders send her way – saving me much grief countless times over the years!”

Winner of the contest, Chris Chabot!
Winner of the contest, Chris Chabot!

Another customer recommended we send Chris to train people at other companies saying, “Chris is the BEST! She needs to go to other companies and train customer service staff on how it’s done! She’s great!” I don’t think we will be letting her escape to any other company though!

Let’s hear it for QuickLabel Systems Media Specialists! If you haven’t already, please leave a comment for your favorite specialist

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