4 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Your Own Food & Beverage Labels

Many companies outsource their product labels to save financially and produce efficiently. But is outsourcing really the most efficient route? For small to medium sized business owners, outsourcing is not always the best solution. Depending on your business size and needs, you may be better off making your own food & beverage labels in-house.

Impression Technology Europe explains, “Recently, another type of printing has become more attainable for smaller companies…digital ‘short run’ label printers. Not only is the initial investment much more affordable but the cost per print is extremely low. After doing the math, most clients will find it will be much more cost effective than outsourcing and based on the output.”

How do you know if this is right for you? Here are four reasons why you should be making your own food & beverage labels in-house:

1. Outsourced Printing Comes at a Price

We mean that both literally and figuratively. While using another facility to generate your food labels might seem like weight off your shoulders, that may not be the case.

Passing the task to an outside source can end up severely delaying your labeling process. Why? Not only will you have your company’s shipping schedule to track, but the arrival of your outsourced shipment as well.

If an outsourced shipment becomes delayed, so will the orders your company was originally scheduled to deliver. For small business owners, this can lead to a lot of unhappy customers or market vendors.

These delays will happen, and so do errors. Labeling errors can take more of a toll on your business production line than a delay in shipment.

The unexpected misprint forces your business to return and reorder labels. Misprints can cause setbacks and affect the use by/sell by dates on your products. This is especially true for made to order businesses, which can lead to wasted products.

If your business has experienced these delays, you may want to consider an in-house or on-demand label printer. With the ability to print labels in your own facility, there will be no more error or shipment delays affecting your product line. What’s more, these printers give you the ability to create your own use by/sell by dates with complete label customization.

2. Not All Environments Are Created Equal

Making your own food & beverage labels is also a huge plus when selling products that must be stored in specific environmental requirements.

It’s important for frozen foods to have unique and attractive labels, too. After all, it is your brand. But, it’s equally important that your frozen food labels don’t fail. Using the wrong label can lead to wrinkles due to condensation, fading due to exposure or loss of adhesion, falling off in low temperatures. One should not be sacrificed for the other.

If your business is using regular pre-printed labels, chances are, the labels won’t hold up in your storage environment.

The ability to maintain complete control over your label materials and printing process will allow your business to have a streamlined, efficient process with branded labels that look the part.

An easy in-house printing solution is QuickLabel’s Kiaro! or Kiaro! D inkjet label printers. Both printers are known for printing frozen food labels that don’t peel off in high-quality 1200 dpi imagery.

With the right in-house printer, you’ll have professional frozen food or beverage labels printed instantly and can be applied to products that are already frozen, or before they go into the freezer.

You can check out both options here.

3. Keep Up with FDA Regulations

Of course, keeping up with the FDA’s changing regulations and formats can greatly affect your product labels.

The intimidating process includes font restrictions, mandatory statements, allergen alerts and difficult calculations for daily values.

As a food manufacturer, you want to spend your energy on your recipes, production, branding and sales – not on interpreting FDA labeling mandates or trying to explain the requirements to an outside vendor.

However, it is absolutely necessary to adhere to FDA regulations to avoid recalls and present your customer with the quality and transparency they deserve.

An in-house label printer is especially valuable in these situations. For every change, the label design and format can be immediately customized in your own facility.

What’s more, by owning an in-house label printer, you don’t have to worry about overstock or wasted labels due to changes in regulations. This gives you more flexibility in your printing process, introducing the option of seasonal or promotional runs.

Making your own food & beverage labels gives you the ability to print the exact number of labels you need for what’s in-stock, on-demand.

4. You Deserve to Be In Control of Your Business

Your labels are the face of your brand, so you always want to put your best foot forward.

With outsourced labels, you don’t get to have complete control over your labeling process. Edits take longer, shipments get delayed and labels are bound to be wasted.

In-house printing has evolved with small, tabletop label printers for businesses. These label printers serve as a central database, with the ability to store, revise, locate and print any design on-demand –ultimately opening new doors for small to medium sized businesses.

If you want to be in control of your business or are experiencing any of the above labeling issues, it may be time to consider taking your production line in-house.

QuickLabel specializes in on-demand, tabletop label printers. For someone in the food and beverage industry interested in quality, short-run labels, they are worth looking in to.

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Tools for Creating and Printing Nutrition Labels

Progressive Labs prints easy to read nutrition labels with the Kiaro!
Progressive Labs prints easy to read nutrition labels with the Kiaro!

QuickLabel Has Your Guide to Software and Label Solutions Perfect for Nutrition Labels

You’ve already come up with the best recipe ever, and you can’t wait to start marketing and selling it to customers. One thing is standing in your way though, nutrition labels. Not sure where to start? What needs to be on your label? Can’t decide the best way to print your labels? Not to worry, we can help!

To start you need to know what information must be included on your nutrition labels. You can find up- to-date information and potential changes on the Food and Drug Administration website. It’s important to stay on top of ever changing requirements and have the ability to adapt to these changes quickly and cost effectively. Vice President of O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin knows how challenging it can be to keep up with label changes as ingredients and FDA requirements change. He said, “With the Kiaro!, we don’t have to worry about changing ingredients lists and having to get rid of an entire stock of labels.” He loves the ability to make on the fly changes without having to worry about losing money throwing out unused labels.

O&H prints labels for their bakery items with the Kiaro! Inkjet Label Printer

Lucky for you there is software that can help you through the process of making and formatting your nutrition labels. Here are a few you can look into to choose which is best for your products.


NutritionFactsMaker.com offers the ability to manually enter your nutrition information and create FDA Nutrition Facts Labels, Canadian Nutrition Facts Templates, and USDA Seals. This program does not perform nutrition analysis on products or recipes. To use you must already know your nutrition information. Prices start very low at less than $20.


Axxya Systems, which provides both food analysis and nutrition labeling, and its Nutritionist Pro™ software. With this system you will be guided in making nutrition labels that follow FDA requirements, access to nutrition information for thousands of ingredients, options for Spanish and French labels, and lets you export the labels in a number of formats so you know you can print them with a QuickLabel printer. This system costs about $600, but provides many options and helpful features.

Other Helpful Sources:

Step-by-step How to Make your Own Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Data

The Kiaro! prints beautiful front of product labels as well as nutrition labels
The Kiaro! prints beautiful front of product labels as well as nutrition labels

How to Print Your Nutrition Facts Labels

QuickLabel Systems offers the perfect label printer solution for you. Instead of having to spend extra time and money waiting for pre-printed labels (which will go to waste if labels have to be changed at all), you can invest in a Kiaro! desktop inkjet label printer. The Kiaro! is incredibly easy to use and prints any batch size at the touch of a button. Thanks to the Kiaro! you will have the ability to change label information as frequently as you need to without wasting any labels.  The photo quality labels print at up to 8 inches per second and 1200 dpi. This allows you the ability to print all the necessary nutrition information at a small print. The text will still be legible and you won’t waste ink!

You can get started printing with a Kiaro! label printer right away, just schedule an in-person demonstration for this competitively priced printer. If you are just getting started and don’t want to limit your cash flow, you can also get a Kiaro! on a 0% interest lease deal!