QuickLabel & TrojanLabel: The Complete Packaging and Labeling Solution

Complete packaging and labeling solutionQuickLabel & TrojanLabel: The Complete Packaging and Labeling Solution

Since introducing the first color label printer in 1994, our goal has been to provide industry best on-demand label printers as a complete packaging and labeling solution.

First color label printerFrom the Sundance in 1994, a four color thermal color digital transfer printer to the original Kiaro! in 2010 to the new QL-240 in 2017, we have always striven to provide innovative, high-quality printing technologies that make the lives of customers easier.

QuickLabel label printers

Continuing to push the progressive envelope, QuickLabel’s parent company, AstroNova®, recently acquired a new division that specializes in larger, more versatile printing systems.

In February 2017, our business unit expanded to include TrojanLabel™, a growing force in the digital label press, overprinting and specialty printers industry.

Who is TrojanLabel?

Beginning in Denmark in 2012, TrojanLabel has globally revolutionized color printing technology with the production of their digital color label presses and specialty printer systems for a broad range of end markets.

Trojan2 label printing pressDesigned with higher volume and professional applications in mind, TrojanLabel is an obvious choice for anyone considering larger-scale, specialty printing systems.

A fantastic complement to our tabletop label printers, TrojanLabel products include the T3-OP (Trojan3), a digital professional packaging and converting overprinting system and the T2 (Trojan2), a sophisticated digital label mini press.

To learn more about TrojanLabel, feel free to visit the TrojanLabel website.

What Does This Acquisition Mean for QuickLabel?

To put it simply, the Product Identification unit of AstroNova will include QuickLabel and TrojanLabel. This means, in addition to specializing in tabletop labeling systems, AstroNova Product Identification will also support TrojanLabel’s specialty overprinting and digital press systems.

While QuickLabel and TrojanLabel remain separate divisions, both will fall under the same business unit of the AstroNova parent company.

How Does This Benefit You?

Ultimately, the acquisition of TrojanLabel amplifies the strength and capabilities of both brands, known leaders in their industry.

Gregory A. Woods, AstroNova’s President and Chief Executive Officer, shares, “QuickLabel and TrojanLabel provide customers with a broad portfolio of products spanning tabletop printers and light-production label printers as well as advanced specialty printing systems.”label printers and overprinting printing presses

As a whole, we are now able to provide products, services and supplies that improve the consumers’ ability to track and market their products in small to large scale businesses, spanning all industries.

With additional options to match your specific needs, we can now deliver a wider range of application specific packaging and labeling solutions — furthering our goal to provide the complete packaging and labeling solution.

Where Can You See the New TrojanLabel Products?

We are pleased to announce for the first time ever, QuickLabel and TrojanLabel will be showing together at PACK EXPO 2017 in Booth #C-2731.

pack expo las vegas 2017

Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this will be an exclusive event for all PACK EXPO attendees.

While we expect to host many trade shows together down the line, this is your chance to get ahead of your competition.

We are pleased to officially be able to provide the best solutions from tabletop label printers to specialty and digital printing presses for consumers worldwide.

We’re looking forward to seeing all those who plan on attending #PACKEXPO2017 for our exclusive first show together!


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PACK EXPO 2016: QuickLabel Releases New Label Printer & Branding at Tradeshow

For those of you who could not attend, it’s time to for a Pack Expo 2016: QuickLabel recap. If you weren’t able to see us at our booth, this year’s PACK EXPO in Chicago was one of the most successful and eventful shows for QuickLabel.

Newly Redesigned Booth

To begin, this was our first year exhibiting at the show with our new name “QuickLabel” vs. “QuickLabel Systems” from our company rebrand.

Our entire booth was redesigned to adhere to our new style guidelines and verbiage.

In other words, our booth got a makeover.

New banners, posters, flyers and display colors were created and integrated for the consistency of our modernized look and feel.


Pack Expo Faces

We were pleased to see some familiar faces while we were at the show. Some of our customers took the time to pay a visit to our booth during their stay!jodys_visit

At Pack Expo 2016: QuickLabel’s Jody’s Popcorn’s Melvin Hudson & Dr. Alan Wagner, our Kiaro! customers stopped by to see what we were up to and review our latest releases.

Another one of our visitors were a blast from the past, being an original Vivo! customer. Shawn from Brandt Consolidated was happy to speak with us and spend time at our booth the first day of Pack Expo. vivo_customerBrandt Consolidated has been around since 1953, helping its local growers implement custom approaches to crop management and provides cutting-edge products to customers world-wide.

It truly makes us happy that our customers know they can always stop by and catch up with us. It was wonderful to see part of our QuickLabel family! Thank you!

Pack Expo 2016: QuickLabel QL-800 Release

Perhaps the most eventful portion of Pack Expo 2016 was the unveiling of our latest color label printer, the QL-800.

The QL-800 is designed with the power of a high-end digital printing press, sold at just a fraction of the price.  The fastest, most versatile in-house digital color label printer available, the QL-800 combines printing of both narrow and wide labels with high speed, high-quality output. The QL-800 is the best tool for customizing your product labels in affordable small quantities.

packexpobooth3smallWhen you use the QL-800 to print your labels in your own office or factory, you’ll move beyond excess inventory and production delays to achieve a lean, one-piece flow production process. The QL-800 gives you flexibility and cost-savings by allowing you to digitally printing the right label for the right customer in the right quantity, just-in-time.  A true digital printer, the QL-800 easily lets you print labels with any text, barcode, or color graphics in affordable small batches.

It’s perfect for labeling multiple different products or labeling for different wholesale customers. During Pack Expo, the QL-800 was so well received, multiple were sold on the spot during the first days of the tradeshow!

If you want to learn more about the QL-800, please feel free to visit its new page on our website.

We want to thank everyone again for coming out! And thank you for the experience, Pack Expo. See you next year!

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Grand Prize Winner Announced!

We’ve announced the Grand Prize, $500 winner of our first ever In House Label Design Awards live on the floor of Pack Expo.

Want to know who won? Watch this video, and stay tuned  to our blog to find out the 2nd and 3rd place winners as well!


Announcing the first In-House Label Design Competiton!

We’re hosting our very first In-House Label Design Competition!

This means that those of you who design your companies’ product labels are finally going to get the recognition you deserve. Every in-house label designer is eligible to enter their product label artwork, and entries will be judged by a panel of packaging experts. The entry fee doesn’t exist – it’s totally free of charge to enter the contest.

Watch this short video about the In-House Label Design Competition. 

What Can You Win?

The public announcement of winners will be held at Pack Expo in Chicago on November 3rd, 2014.

The statuette that you'll recieve if you're the grand prize winner.
The statuette that you’ll receive if you’re the grand prize winner.
  • The Grand prize winner will win $500 and the coveted “Quickly” trophy.
  • Second prize winner will win $300.
  • Third place winner will win $150.

Why Are We Recognizing In-House Label Designers?

We know that being an in-house label designer can be a job with a lot of responsibility and too little reward. You face short deadlines, hear conflicting opinions from your boss, colleagues, and customers, work with low-resolution graphics, shoot your own photos, come up with great new product names off the top of your head, and more!

But now all of your efforts will no longer go unrecognized. By hosting this competition, QuickLabel is aiming to recognize the work that goes behind each label.

There are people in the business that have an art degree, and there are some who don’t. Your level of talent in art, or anything else,  isn’t measured by how many years you went to college for it – it’s measured by how much of your soul that you pour into it! And as in-house label designers, you pour an overflowing amount. Sometimes that can be hard, and sometimes that can be easy, but both deserve recognition.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

What if you don’t own a QuickLabel printer?

The answer to that is super simple: you don’t have to own a QuickLabel printer to enter into the competition. We’re urging all in-house label designers to enter.

How to Enter the In-House Label Design Competition

Enter and submit your label artwork.

How can you win all that extra cash and that awesome trophy for your desk if you don’t submit your labels? You can’t. Actually, you won’t.

So where’s the harm in trying? The only thing you have to lose is nothing. Finalists will be contacted in October, and those who won will be announced on November 3, 2014 at the Pack Expo trade show in Chicago.

So, think it over. If you want to submit, then do it here. We accept .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and please make sure these files are less than 10 Mb. So, it’s time to whip out your thinking caps and open up Photoshop!

We’re waiting for you.


Do you have any questions about the In-House Label Design Competition?

Please contact Charles Smith. We always love to hear from you – no matter the reason.

You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

QuickLabel at PackExpo 2013 in Las Vegas!

Last week was Pack Expo 2013, and we went out to Las Vegas to launch our new Kiaro! 200 wide-width inkjet label printer, Lustro-Lam laminating solution, and staff the QuickLabel Systems booth.

While we were there with our fantastic team, Michael shot some videos, I took some pictures and we talked with a lot of customers about their experiences with Kiaro! inkjet label printers.

We filmed a few testimonials from satisfied customers, and posted them on YouTube. But, first here’s Joe Quednau introducing the Kiaro! 200.

Without further ado, here’s Bill Pizzuti talking with Dr. Ron Micchia, owner of Lip Balm Express, about their Kiaro! inkjet label printer. This isn’t the first time they’ve given us great reviews of the Kiaro! – they’re featured on one of our End-Use pages as well.


This time Bill talks with new Kiaro! customer The Village Well Water about how they’ve used their Kiaro! to label their water bottles.

Finally, we had so much footage from the guys from Village Well, we cut together a  bonus clip.  In this one, Bill listens to some kind words about QuickLabel salesman Frank Knopf.


Last but not least, here are some of our favorite pictures of the QuickLabel booth, our Pack Expo team, and even one picture of some crazy person dressed as Elvis.



Come Visit QuickLabel at Pack Expo Booth# N-4118!

We Are Brewing Up a Lot of Exciting Things for Pack Expo!

Visit our booth to pick up Halloween wine labels printed by the Kiaro!

The final countdown to Pack Expo is on, and I’m excited! We’ve had so much fun planning all of the fun things that we get to show you  and give to you at Pack Expo this year, including live Kiaro! demonstrations and great giveaways! We don’t bite … much … so don’t be scared,  come by and visit us in Booth #4118 in the North Hall.

Bring Your Label Artwork for a Demon-stration!   

You’ll have a chance to see how your own labels will look when printed on the new Kiaro! inkjet label printer because we’ll happily take your label artwork and print out your custom labels for you, right in the booth! If you like what you see, we’ll let you try printing them yourself!

Trick-or-treat at our booth for a chance to win a gift card! All you have to do is follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Take Home Some Halloween-Inspired Custom Wine Labels Printed by the Kiaro!

The show days lead up to Halloween, so we’ve brewed up some Halloween wine bottle label artwork that we will print on the new Kiaro! inkjet label printer for you. Then you can take these labels home, and label bottles of wine for a spooky touch for your Halloween party. Will you be serving Murderous Merlot or Full Moonshine Pinot Grigio this year? The frightful artwork on these labels is custom designed by our own Art Director Michael Pekala (who you can come meet at our booth!).


Play 4x per Day: We Are Playing a Code Word Game and You Can Win!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, because I’ll be sharing special code words on each day of the Pack Expo trade show. If you approach anyone at the QuickLabel booth and tell us this code word you have a great chance of winning an awesome $15 Starbucks gift card. These will be fun Halloween code words; if you aren’t scared come tell me your favorite Halloween joke too!

“Knock knock.”

                “Who’s there?”


                “Boo who?”

“Don’t cry, it’s only a joke!”

Don’t cry if you don’t win one of the Starbucks gift cards, because while you are at our booth you can also enter to win one of the other two awesome grand prize items we are giving away!

You could win a Kindle Fire HD tablet!

Play 1x Per Show: We Are Giving Away a Kindle Fire HD as Our First Grand Prize!

BEWARE! I might try to take this from you if you win it. This is scary cool. Come by our booth to enter the drawing for a Kindle Fire HD tablet. This will give you access to movies, shows, books, music, apps, social networking, e-mail, and so much more. I need to stop looking at the features of this, or I’m going to end up buying one right now! Don’t miss out on your chance to win the Kindle Fire giveaway.

Play 1x Per Show: We Are Giving Away NiceLabel Pro as our Second Grand Prize!

Our friend Nick Sannes from Niceware is helping us to give one of our lucky booth visitors NiceLabel Pro! This software can assist you in designing beautiful labels, in a user friendly way. NiceLabel is great for beginners as well as more experienced designers. The program even offers assistance for those printing industry-specific bar code labels to assure you that you don’t have any compliance issues. One of the best things about NiceLabel Pro is that it has enough tools to help you make labels with minimal knowledge, but also allows a lot of control and options for more advanced users. This product will make a great addition to your business when you are using a QuickLabel label printer.

One last reason you should come see us at Booth #N-4118, is because I want to meet YOU in the “flesh”!


How Labels Influence Consumer Purchases

Have you ever wondered what makes your label work? How shoppers notice your label, and which elements they notice first? At this year’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas, Clemson University students set up a Consumer Experience Eye Tracking Lab that will help us understand the science behind how labels and packaging design influence consumer purchases. Here’s what they’ve learned so far.

First, Clemson Students “CU Shop”

Photo Courtesy Of: http://cushop.sonocoinstitute.com/

Let’s say you’re doing your weekly shopping and you have your shopping list with you ready to pick out items at the store. The first thing on your list is Strawberry PopTarts. When you get to the aisle, what is it that draws you to the box of Strawberry PopTarts? What do you look for first on the label? The word strawberry? An image of a strawberry?

In order to find out, Clemson University packaging students set up what they called the “CU Shop” at the Pack Expo trade show in Las Vegas last week. Their simulated shop was comprised of store aisles and shelves stocked with everyday items we all purchase during our shopping experiences. It gave visitors the feeling of being in an actual grocery store.

What the Packaging Students Are Looking For…


Two Clemson University Packaging Students

Assistant Professor R. Andrew Hurley explained that the research being conducted during this experiment “unveils consumer decision-making and investigation at the subconscious level.” Hurley and his team of packaging students are looking to make conclusions on trends in packaging design as well as elements that they say “impact the perceived quality of products.”

Early Findings About Private Label vs. National Brands

One of the packaging researchers I spoke with at Pack Expo found that during the interview process prior to the experiment, consumers would be specific about the items they would choose in a store setting versus ones they wouldn’t choose. To the researchers’ surprise, consumers would prefer one thing but once they were involved in the experiment, they wouldn’t choose it. This held true especially with private labels vs national brand labels. Though these are just anecdotal observations, the final findings will be published after the experiment is complete.

Eye-Tracking: The Science Behind Packaging

Photo Courtesy Of: http://cushop.sonocoinstitute.com/

Chip Tonkin, the Director of the Sonoco Institute at Clemson University, explained in an interview that “Eye-tracking is the science behind the design of retail packaging.” He continued, “The research we are doing here is groundbreaking because it takes place in real time in a real shopping environment. Most eye-tracking research is done in a virtual world looking at a large screen.”

The Clemson packaging students were able to make their experiment more realistic than past studies. The products they placed the on the shelves of the “CU Shop” each have a sensor. These sensors work in coordination with a pair of glasses that track, record, and measure eye movements such as “fixations” and “saccades.” A fixation is when your pupil pinpoints an area on a display, and a saccade is very fast eye movement that help transition your gaze between fixations. The glasses can track eye movement (fixations and saccades) at 30 frames per second.

At the CU Shop, the packaging students provide visitors like me with a shopping list of items to find on the shelves. Some items on the list are specific brands whereas others are product categories. One item is Strawberry PopTarts – a specific brand. Another is just “coffee” – a product category.

I went through the store with my list and began looking around, the list included the following items:

  • Strawberry Pop Tarts
  • Grilling fork
  • Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • 2 liter soda
  • Cookie cereal
  • Olive oil
  • Coffee

Adding in a specific detail like the word strawberry makes it interesting to see what the consumer searches for on a package or label to determine whether the item is the one they are looking for. As you do your shopping the results from your glasses are then shown on a computer that tracks which areas of the packaging attracted the consumer’s attention.

After the shopping experience, participants are given a heat map printed off the computer that shows the tracking of their eye movements. This heat map dissects what the consumer was looking at during the experiment.

When I looked at my heat map, I was surprised to see how much detail I find myself looking for. In terms of looking for “Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent” you can see that my eyes automatically looked for a few things:

  1. The shelf with bottles (liquid typically comes in bottles)
  2. The center of the label for details such as the words “original scent” or “liquid”

It really shows how programmed we have become to look for certain things, how we rely on packaging to help give us the answers before finding out for ourselves by touching the product.

We will keep you posted on Clemson University’s findings once research is published. Until then we will most definitely be waiting on the edge of our seats!

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about this packaging science experiment being conducted by Clemson University?

Are you interested to see what their results are? Do you think they will be surprising?

What to Expect from QuickLabel at Pack Expo 2011!

QuickLabel Says “Vivo! Las Vegas”

Hello from Las Vegas! We’re here in the Central Hall waiting for the Pack Expo Show to open. QuickLabel has a lot in store for this year’s Pack Expo (September 26-28) and we can’t wait to share it with you! Here are some things to expect from QuickLabel Booth #1707:

It’s Only Going to Get Better and Better…

QuickLabel Systems is very excited to unveil the newest enhancements to our Vivo! Touch label printer. Our Vice President Eric Pizzuti, stated, “We’ve got some great new features to present, and we’ll continue to add features and functionally to the Vivo! Touch. It’s only going to keep getting better and better.”

The New Vivo! Touch Enhancements Include:

  • A New User Interface TouchPrint Stand-Alone Print Mode

One of the best ways to use our Vivo! Touch label printer in a production setting is to print labels via the color touchscreen interface, from TouchPrint. TouchPrint mode allows users to print labels directly from the touchscreen, without a computer. This makes it much easier for packaging line workers to choose and print the correct label, without accidentally modifying it. At Pack Expo we’ll be showing our new, user-friendly interface that allows you to name, store, manage, and modify label print jobs. Another new twist: you can now also import and export label print jobs from other media.

  • NiceLabel Printer Driver for the Vivo! Touch

We’re announcing a new Vivo! Touch enhancement: The new Vivo! Touch NiceDriver! The NiceDriver opens the door for NiceLabel enterprise software users to use the Vivo! Touch to print color labels with variable information. NiceLabel users can print directly from SAP and other ERP systems thanks to NiceLabel’s ability to interface with so many production systems and data sources. This is the first intelligent printer driver NiceLabel® has developed for a color label printer. We’d like to give a special shout out to our friends Andy, Nick, and Dan at NiceWare for working with us to make this happen. Thanks guys!

Web Server Status Interface for the Vivo! Touch

The new Vivo! Touch web server allows you to keep tabs on your Vivo! Touch printer from the web! All you need is a standard browser such as Internet Explorer® or Firefox®. Using your browser you can view label printer status such as: CMYK toner usage levels, print speed, the current state of the printer, and more.

Pack Expo Booth Happenings!

CONTEST! Have you been dying to get an iPad 2? Well, wait no longer. Test your luck in Vegas by entering our iPad2 Contest.  Throughout the show (Mon. September 26th – Wed. September 28th) just  follow us on Twitter (@QuickLabel) and tweet us with the hashtag #PackExpo OR follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/QuickLabel) and comment on seeing us at Pack Expo.  Doing so will enter you for a chance to win a brand new white 16GB iPad 2 compliments of QuickLabel Systems! Pretty cool, huh?

SURPRISE! Last but not least, we will have

The Kiaro! live from Pack Expo Las Vegas!

a little prototype to show you. We’re always looking for ways to bring lower-priced, easier-to-use label printers to the market, and we’ll have a new, affordably-priced high-speed inkjet color label printer on display for you to see! If you’re looking to add a new color label printing solution to add to your packaging line, we suggest coming to check it out. We’d love to hear what you think! Shipments will begin in the spring.

Let’s Meet in Fabulous Las Vegas!

We are so excited to see you all at the show! We are especially excited to connect to Facebook and Twitter followers face-to-face who we have come to know in the social media realm! Please stop by Booth #1707 and say hi or let us know where to come see you so that we can put some faces with the Twitter handles! I know they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but I can’t promise you that – Twitpic is my best friend after all!

Vivo! Touch Launch Day!

The big day is finally here!

We’re finally able to show everyone our brand new Vivo! Touch digital color label printer. We’re doing something special with this printer, making color labels in awesome photo-quality with a label printer that can actually be integrated with your packaging line, so you can print your own color labels on the fly, with no hesitation as variable information labels get processed and printed.

The Vivo! Touch prints right on die-cut labels, we have an on-board RIP that processes label artwork and prints color labels fast. With the Vivo! Touch, you have the flexibility to print labels whenever you need them, printing in short run batches of just 100 labels at a time, or longer runs of 1,000s of labels at a time – at speeds of around 4,000 labels an hour! And I’m happy to say that our Tech Support team will be supporting our Vivo! Touch customers with an in-person installation and training at their facility, and continuing to serve them with the Two-Year Warranty and Customer Support Package that comes included with the Vivo! Touch.

A sample of the different labels we're printing here on our new Vivo! Touch digital color label printer

I’ve been having fun making label designs to demonstrate on the Vivo! Touch for months. The labels look so good with the new print quality thanks to our new halftoning screen. (I think it makes my labels look even better than they should) And getting to print labels from a touchscreen is very cool and convenient.

If you’re in Chicago this between today and November 3rd, I hope you’ll stop by our Pack Expo booth #4020 in the North Hall. I’m here, along with our team of outstanding sales engineers, and we are all looking forward to meeting you “live and in color!” You really won’t want to miss all the exciting things we’ll have going on at our booth.

We’ve all been working full-tilt on this new color label printer, labeling software, CMYK

A fraction of our QuickLabel team: Steve, Kevin, Billy, and Kendall

toner system, and compatible LED label materials. I’d just like to give a shout out to our amazing QuickLabel Engineering team, especially Tony L, Lou V, Jon A, Joe C, Pedro C, Glen D, Matt G, Chris P,  Armen D, Chris W, Jim G, Chris N, Chris N2, and Pete F. Most people don’t get to meet you at trade shows, but you all lived and breathed this project and made it a reality. Thank you.

A special thank you to our web developer, Ron Schram, who designed this blog and for creating a slick new website to coincide with the launch of the Vivo! Touch digital color printer launch – we can’t thank you enough.

Nothing this complex happens without a vision and a will to get it done, so I’d like to say thanks also to CTO Mike Sullivan, COO Everett Pizzuti, and to our CEO Albert Ondis. It’s a pleasure getting to work with you all.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Anonymous

Cheers everyone!