Stanley Black & Decker Prints Professional Hardware Labels In-House with Kiaro! K-100 Printers

Stanley Black & Decker’s East Longmeadow, Massachusetts facility specializes in manufacturing the strongest, fastest and most durable band saw, jigsaw and hacksaw blades on the market.

QuickLabel traveled to their facility to see how they use their Kiaro! K-100 label printers to ensure their labels reflect the quality of their product as well as advance their production line.

Watch our video to see how one of the country’s leading tool brands benefits from printing labels in-house and on-demand.

Kiaro! K-100: The Ideal Hardware Labeling Solution

professional hardware labels“From what we were getting when we printed our previous labels to what we’re printing now – I was just blown away.”
– Sean Wylie, Team Leader, Paint/Print/Pack Department

Stanley Black & Decker produces a wide variety of industrial tools, fasteners and security products for well-known brands such as DeWalt, Craftsman, Lenox, and more.

Within their East Longmeadow, MA facility, Stanley Black & Decker creates professional hardware labels using their three Kiaro! K-100 label printers, which include specific text, barcodes, color codes and photo images. These labels are applied directly onto saw blades and other product carton labels sold to businesses such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and ACE Hardware.

For these labels to be accepted and placed in-stores, they are required to meet stringent retail regulations. An easy, in-house labeling solution, QuickLabel allows Stanley Black & Decker to produce not only compliant, but professional hardware labels that stand out on the shelves.

Sean Wylie, Team Leader, Paint/Print/Pack Department, states, “I believe product packaging is very important here. We have blades that are for metal cutting, wood cutting, blades that cut different thicknesses of metal – all of that needs to be represented on our labels. Anything we put our product in, we want it to stand out.”

SAP Software Integration

Stanley Black & Decker uses a global SAP software system to manage data across multiple product lines and business departments.

saw blade label

The Kiaro! K-100 label printers were able to seamlessly integrate with their SAP system through a custom developed manufacturing floor application, allowing product images, branding and other product data to be accurately printed on all their product labels.

This allowed them to easily update labels as needed, in the quantity they needed, without hassle.

Working with the Kiaro! K-100’s as an IT developer for their SAP system, Anatoli Vishnyakov, states, “Now, we don’t have to keep a pre-printed stock of labels, so we print on-demand as many labels as we need at that specific time.”

Wylie adds, “My favorite trait of the Kiaro! is the ease-of-use. It’s pretty simple – when I need it, I can print it.”

The Benefits of Printing Professional Hardware Labels In-House

hardware labels“My favorite trait of the Kiaro! is the ease-of-use. It’s pretty simple – when I need it, I can print it.”
– Sean Wylie, Team Leader, Paint/Print/Pack Department

By integrating QuickLabel Kiaro! K-100 label printers into their business, Stanley Black & Decker saw an increase in time, flexibility, and speed of production, as well as higher durability and quality of their labels.


About Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is a leading tool brand company, producing a wide variety of industrial tools, fasteners and security products for well-known brands such as DeWalt, Stanley, Craftsman, Lenox, etc. Their East Longmeadow, Massachusetts facility specializes in manufacturing the strongest, fastest and most durable band saw, jigsaw and hacksaw blades on the market. More information about Stanley Black & Decker can be found at

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Why Seasonal Packaging Can Help You Gain Customers

It’s that time of year again; time to decorate your store windows, run holiday sales and, most importantly, switch up your product labels. Why? Seasonal packaging can help gain customers.

That’s right. It’s the holiday season! Everyone wants to get in the spirit, and what’s more cheerful than a festively packaged product? 

If you print your labels in-house, this isn’t a hard task to complete. But if you don’t print in-house, that is something you may want to reconsider.

Holidays Can Equal More Sales

During the holidays, you could be missing out on major sales revenue without seasonal packaging. Why?

Products that are polished, seasonal and unique have a better chance of being picked up and chosen over a similar product.

Recent studies show that product labels are much more critical in the buyer’s journey than anticipated.

Ben Schubert from Nielsen’s Innovation Practice in Europe was recently involved in a report analyzing the topic stating, “Package design is the dark horse of the marketing world. It receives little attention compared to other marketing disciplines, and its impact tends to be vastly underestimated.”

More often than not, what we think are the little things actually end up being much bigger.

Humans are highly visual beings

When we see something aesthetically pleasing, it catches our eye. Your product may be exactly what the consumer is looking for, but if not presented the right way, it is easily passed over.

This is especially heightened during the holiday seasons, where our eyes are trained to pick up on certain color patterns and images. Not convinced?

Nielson continues, “Back-to-basics marketing such as how essential it is to stand out at the shelf has become slightly lost due to marketers’ increasing focus on where to advertise in a media-saturated world.

Nearly 60% of product decisions are made at the shelf, and 56% of European consumers say in-store discovery is one of their top information sources for new products, compared to 45% for TV ads.”

Now those are staggering numbers. More than half of consumers’ decisions are made at the shelf? Presuming the setup is that of a regular market, that means more than half of the buyers decisions are based on the label alone.

That’s something to pay attention to.

It is more important than ever to remain ahead of the curve

And utilizing information like this will help push you to the forefront.

Think about it, which product would be more likely purchased on the spot: a branded box of truffles or a holiday packaging edition of similar truffles? The presentation matters. Most would go with the latter.

This year, while speaking on a similar topic, Gillian Christie, founder & CEO of adVentures Academy reveals that, “Design message on packaging can be the make or break point with your target audience.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Your seasonal packaging and even personalized packaging can help you gain customers, giving you an edge on your competition and a greater chance for consumers to try your products.

Christie continues, “Understanding consumer behavior and identifying the exact buying motivators, hot buttons and the specific ‘conversion factor’ for that target audience is the differentiating factor between a good design and a great design.”

Now that the labels and packaging have been identified as such a large conversion factor (60%), the opportunity to greatly increase your consumer base is within your grasp.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

Take control over your production line and print your labels in-house.

Managing your labeling process can reap a plethora of benefits in addition to catching the customers’ eye. With less room for errors, no wait time or shipping, and reduced waste, your in-house label printer or packaging system would be earning its keep by saving and earning you money.

What are you waiting for?

It’s the holiday season! Get inspired! Feel the magic! And make your packaging great.

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What Is Your Resolution for 2012? How About Printing Your Own Labels?

Each and every year, by tradition, we all make a New Year’s Resolution. Some people diet, some people quit a bad habit, others want to get more organized or try new hobbies. This year we have a not-so-ordinary resolution to propose to you: we think companies around the world should look into getting an in-house digital label printer as a solution for short-run packaging needs.

QuickLabel’s proposed resolution is ideal for businesses that are looking to cut costs and get more mileage out of their packaging. Having an in-house label printer to print the labels you want when you need them is a great alternative to the high cost and low flexibility of traditional packaging.

Obviously we know that a short run digital label printer option isn’t the best fit for everyone, but we wanted to put some information out on the table for those of you who have been on the fence between ordering large inventories of pre-printed labels or printing your own labels in house.

A New Year of New Opportunity

Printing labels in-house on your own label printer can open up some doors for you. Private Labeling is becoming the new trend in packaging and it is a great way to put some extra cash into your company’s pocket. Especially popular is private labeling of food, beverage, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Imagine the competitive edge you can maintain by offering private labeling to your customers. You can take customers’ orders and with your own label printer, you can customize your products on the spot with their logo and brand identity!

Save More Money and Enjoy Less Stress!

Printing labels yourself also allows you to cut back on stressful forecasting.  No one really enjoys having to keep large quantities of costly labels in inventory just to make sure you have the labels you want when you need them. And on the other hand, you don’t want to have to worry that your keeping too many and that they will just go to waste. If labels go unused, that is money out of your pocket. That sounds stressful just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Printing your labels on the spot can allow you to print the exact number of labels you want right when you need them with no lead times, shipping, signing off on proofs, etc.

Take on a Challenge: Test Your Creativity!

Resolutions are suppose to be challenging right? Printing your own labels gives you endless opportunities to hone your creative marketing skills. You can create your own labels that reflect your product and company to a tee. If you have a diverse line of products you can help brand them by putting your own creative twist on each label. This is especially perfect for companies who have seasonal items – you get the chance to spice up your label to get customers in the seasonal spirit. When you have your own label printer, there’s nothing holding you back from tweaking a label or even toying with the idea of a packaging redesign. You can do it all on your own terms!

Become More Worldly!

Have you ever considered exporting your products? Creating and printing your own labels gives you the ability to package products for export markets. Managing and creating your own label artwork lets you tailor your product packaging according to the country and culture into which you are selling. For instance, if you’re fluent in Mandarin Chinese, or if you can get your label translated into Chinese, you can instantly create your own labels to export your products to China. This gives you access to the great business opportunities beyond our borders!

Do More with Less

Instead of having a barcode printer and pre-printed labels, you can use one color label printer to make every label you need. One label printer can make product identification labels with barcodes and linked databases as well as photo-realistic front panel display labels! Using an intelligent label printer means that you can print any information from your production database onto a label – including text, numbers, serializing lot codes, barcodes, color codes, and graphics – all with the same label printer that makes the display label created by your graphic design team!

Here’s to a Happy & Productive 2012!

We know this isn’t your typical New Year’s Resolution, but it may be something to think about – especially if you are thinking about re-making your product labels or getting more out of your packaging. A new year means a fresh start and we are happy to help in whatever way possible. Even if this isn’t your own resolution it could be a great resolution for a business you know of, and we’re very happy to help. We hope you all have a great last few days of 2011 and a very happy and fun 2012!

Please share with us what your resolution is for 2012 – we can’t wait to hear what everyone has in mind!