QuickLabel Referral Benefits: Think You’re Cut Out For Our Benefits?

If you’ve invested in a QuickLabel printer, you already know the height of benefits you and your company are reaping. But did you hear about the QuickLabel referral benefits?

From printing in 600-1600dpi, producing customizable labels at up to 8 inches per second (ips), and photographic quality and clear-cut text; QuickLabel printers have the ability to save your business time and money as well as catch the customers’ eye.

So, do you know someone else who would be interested in having a QuickLabel printer? (Bonus: It will benefit you, too!)


Does a free set of inks get your gears turning?

They don’t have to be from your line of work. With QuickLabel printer’s variety of options, such as the Kiaro! 50, Kiaro!, Kiaro! D and the QL-111, they can be found throughout a wide variety of labeling industries.

Here are five examples of businesses included within our industry range and what they had to say about their QuickLabel printer:

1. Food Labels – Jody’s Popcorn

Jody’s Popcorn of Virginia Beach was in need of a reliable printer that could take on their growth, as well as their quick in-store demands. Looking for a short-run labeling solution, Jody’s found QuickLabel and the Kiaro! label printer. In a short period of time, the Kiaro! allowed Jody’s to flourish with its on-demand, colorful and high quality labels.

Michael Katz, Vice President, states, “The Kiaro! printer has saved Jody’s time and production. The amount of time it takes for us to produce a custom job has decreased greatly. We can literally have somebody walk into the printing area and say ‘I need this’ and turn it around in 10-15 minutes.”

2. Beverage Labels – Doc’s Tea

Doc’s Tea knew they required exceptional labels for their bottles of low calorie tea, and printing labels on demand and in-house was an ideal solution for them. When they discovered the stunning performance of the Kiaro! label printer they were amazed. They have been printing beautiful tea labels with QuickLabel ever since.

Dr. Christopher Banks, CCO of Doc’s Tea, says the Kiaro! has been great for their business because, “We don’t have to spend so much money going out to the big labeling companies – we can print them out as we need them and save some time and also save some money.”

3. E-Liquid Labels – Boosted Vapor

Boosted Vapor, e-liquid maker and vape shop retailer based in Clinton, Michigan, uses the Kiaro! to label its wide variety of vape juices. Boosted Vapor also offers custom labeling of its e-juices to wholesale and private label customers, and prints all labels with their QuickLabel printer.

Jeff Kohr, CEO, says “I believe in our Kiaro! printer. I’ve had a lot of other printers, I’ve never had anything like the Kiaro!. It has improved the quality of our product from a labeling standpoint, it’s improved our productivity, and it’s improved our inventory control. It’s been a top quality unit.”

4. Medical Device Labels – Key Surgical

With in-house UDI label printing, Key Surgical found fast, easy, and affordable compliance for labeling all of their different medical devices. With the ever-changing FDA labeling requirements, Key Surgical needed to stay on top of what was to be included on their labels. In addition to QuickLabel printers’ ability to generate small, clear-cut text and barcodes, the in-house complete label customization was the perfect fit for their business.

Key Surgical Director of Operations, Lena Cordie, says that with the Kiaro! label printer, “We save money on labeling stock and on supplies. We’re able to purchase smaller quantities more frequently rather than storing them on site with the possibility of damage and waste. The Kiaro! has been a huge asset to our production productivity and efficiency.”

5. Hardware Labels – Quick Fitting

Quick Fitting, the leading manufacturer of “push connect” plumbing fittings and valves sold at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware found that frequently changing labels produced a wasteful excess of inventory.. Quick Fitting was able to cut its costs by 40% when they began printing their own retail plumbing labels with the Kiaro!.

“It allows us a flexibility we didn’t have in the past. If we ran out of labels– if we were even short by 30 labels – it cost us a shipment. With the Kiaro! we just simply walk over to the unit and print out some more,” said David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting.

To view the full list of applications our QuickLabel printers have been used for, click here.

So do you know anyone who would like to enhance their own business and branding, as well as save time and money with a QuickLabel printer?

Participating in the QuickLabel referral benefits program will not only be beneficial to them.

If you successfully refer a friend, you will be sent a free set of inksThat’s about a $1,000 value towards your business!

So what are you waiting for? Refer a friend today!

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Simplify Your Manufacturing Process with Kanban Cards Printed by the Kiaro! Digital Color Printer

Have you heard you can simplify your manufacturing process with Kanban cards? If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you should.

Kanban cards originated from the Japanese term “Kanban” meaning “visual sign” or “signal.” The physical cards became widely used during the 1940’s in Toyota’s manufacturing process to improve work flow and efficiency. kanban_card

The simplicity of the cards allow for quick comprehension, ease of use and accurate control of inventory in the workplace.

Working in the manufacturing industry, you know how beneficial the Kanban cards are.

They help your company keep track of the parts you have, the parts (and therefore orders) you need, the deliveries you have scheduled or should schedule, and the demand of your products internally and externally.

But what makes the Kiaro! the ideal color label printer for Kanban cards? A lot of things.

The Kiaro! appreciates the need for high quality.

With the Kiaro!, you are not limited to having only a barcode or color code — you have the ability to include photo-quality pictures of the product or part along with a full product description on the card as well.

This makes it easier to verify a complete visual of what it is you need.

What’s more, you can print your cards in full color and 1200 dpi resolution. With that said, you’ll be sure to print with the finest detail and color accuracy.

This is especially useful for not only images, but the color coded cards distributed amongst different product lines.

kiaro_manufacturingThe Kiaro! understands the value of time.

And what’s more valuable than yours?

The Kiaro! has the ability to print at 8 inches per second. The edges are even perforated, so you can produce your prints as needed and separate them just as easily.

It certainly knows how to maintain productivity. No scissors, no cutting and no measuring needed. You can also check out our label slitter for larger productions.

It’s even easier than you thought. Just grab it and go.

The Kiaro! is never wasteful.

A forecast is usually one of two things: lucky or wrong.

Instead of having to predict how many cards to order, the Kiaro! gives you the ability to print your Kanban cards on demand.

Now, you’ll always meet your company’s needs. No more wasted supplies and no more storage rooms full of extras. You can print in batches of one and cut to custom lengths immediately with the optional Kiaro! tag cutter.

And, if you need to change something, you can reconfigure a process instantly without being burdened by the cost of scrapping pre-printed cards. You have the ability to respond to what’s actually being done and fulfill your precise needs with the highest accuracy.kiaro_kanban

All in all, these little cards make a big impact – but they can also become a significant pain to stay on top of.

With the Kiaro!, the process of producing Kanban cards remains effortless — and the possibilities endless.

It’s your visual indicator, it’s your reminder and it’s your record keeper.

Make your Kanban cards with the Kiaro! label printer and you’ll have everything your team needs to know on that little card.

The Kiaro! delivers Kanban cards efficiently, precisely and in a manner that’s most beneficial to you and your company’s continuous improvement initiatives.

Any Questions on How We Can Help Simplify Your Manufacturing Process with Kanban Cards?

To learn more about how the Kiaro! color label printer can save you time, money, and provide you with highly accurate color labels, click here.

Or contact us today by giving us a call, sending us an email or deciding to schedule your own Kiaro! demonstration!


Browndog Creamery Keeps it Cool with the Kiaro!

Browndog Creamery’s Micro Batch Gourmet Ice Cream Meets Micro Batch Label Printing

With an ever-changing variety of ice cream flavors as evocative as Dragon Bite, Tuscan Sun, Buttered Berry Brioche, and French Press Mocha, the owners of Browndog Creamery needed a labeling solution that could adapt to label changes on-the-fly.

For example, they may need 20  labels for Triple Vanilla this morning, and 15 for Mystery Cookie this afternoon.  Luckily for owners Brian Scherle and Paul Gabriel, they found the Kiaro! label printer to print labels for their pints of ice cream on demand, in the exact quantity that they need.

Watch How Browndog Uses the Kiaro! for All Their Gourmet Creations:

Browndog Creamery, a “micro-creamery” located in the heart of downtown Northville Michigan, west of Detroit, brings customers delicious and unique handcrafted ice creams.

Being a micro-creamery, as explained by co-owner Paul Gabriel, “basically means that we make our ice cream in very small batches. We’re not a mass factory where we make thousands of gallons of ice cream. We make about four or five gallons at a time for each flavor.”

Browndog Creamery’s unique flavor combinations are all created in-house by Gabriel and Scherle. “I always tell people I refuse to make butter pecan, so instead we make a bourbon pecan,” said Gabriel. “For our Cinco de Mayo we made a Holy Guacamole ice cream, and that’s the type of stuff that we really like: the really unique, creative stuff that you’re not going to find anywhere else. “

The Perfect Label For Every Single Batch

Browndog rotates flavors of ice creams so frequently because each batch made in their micro-creamery is only a few gallons. Even before they opened their business, they knew that using pre-printed labels wouldn’t make any sense, because buying minimum orders of labels would lead to excessive costs and way too much label inventory for their small backroom.

gourmet ice cream labels“I knew we would be running small batches of ice cream and I didn’t want to take an inventory of a hundred or a thousand labels of one flavor because I knew we might only need ten,” said Gabriel. “The Kiaro! has been a wonderful fit in our business to allow us to make these very small run labels and customize them to everything that we needed to do.”

“Being able to create products and without having to go to a mass printing,” has been a boon to business said Scherle. “Using the Kiaro! printer to label our ice cream, and to create amazing and attractive packaging is just part and parcel of creating our products.”

Scherle described his first impressions of the Kiaro!, “When it was delivered I found that it’s bright purple. Upon seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised that the Kiaro! looks as fun as it is to use.  It’s a good addition to our shop.”

Kiaro! Labels Handle Freezing Temps  

One of Browndog’s chief concerns was whether or not their Kiaro! labels would stand up to the freezing temperatures necessary for storing ice cream.

“The synthetic material that we use for the pint labels is pretty resistant to water best label printerand we actually label the pints after they’ve gone through the freezing process,” said Gabriel.  “We were a little skeptical about how they would adhere to a frozen pint, but the Kiaro! labels do quite well.”

“It’s surprising how fast the printer is,” said Gabriel.  “We have taught some of our employees how to use the Kiaro! and besides its flexibility and other benefits, it’s also very easy to use. The first time one of our managers used it she thought, ‘oh goodness I have to print out 150 labels that’s going to take all day’ and they started to come out and she was trying hard to keep up with the printer, and roll labels up so they weren’t all over the floor, it was actually quite humorous,” added Scherle. “The print speed is amazing.”

More Questions About Label Printing?

Read here how the Kiaro! digital label printer lets you print gorgeous labels, while reducing excess label inventory, saving you time, and allowing you to make more money. The Kiaro! gives you control over your entire labeling process, and allows you to more affordably label your products.

Or, give us a call, send us an email, or schedule your own Kiaro! demonstration today!

About Browndog Creamery…

frozen food label printerBrowndog Creamery is a gourmet ice cream shop and dessert bar on East Main St. in Northville, MI. “Browndog started off as an ice cream line,  but we also now have a retail space where we sell t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and gift cards; along with our own unique blend of coffee,” said co-owner Brian Scherle. “Plus, we now have a pastry chef who is making anything from a simple ice cream cakes all the way up to wedding cakes and specialized cookies, so we’re becoming a full-fledged creamery and dessert bar.”

Stop by their gourmet ice cream shop and dessert bar on 118 East Main St. in Northville, MI, visit them on Facebook, follow them on twitter @browndogcreamery, and stop by their website Browndogcreamery.com


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Doc’s Tea Prints On-Demand With Their Kiaro! Label Printer

Doc’s Tea is a handcrafted, small-batch beverage brewed by a family of dental health professionals dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Recently, Dr. Ken Banks, owner of Doc’s Teas, began printing his own labels with the Kiaro! inkjet label printer in order to increase productivity, reduce cost, and dramatically improve label quality on all of their products.

“When I first saw the Kiaro! print I was amazed,” said Dr. Ken Banks, “I was impressed with the application process of the labels with our bottles and the look of the labels.”

We traveled to the home of Doc’s Tea, Inwood, West Virginia, to document how the maker of healthy, low-sugar, bottled sweet teas has increased their production speed, reduced their costs, and enhanced the look of their labels by using a Kiaro! label printer to print their own labels.

“We make our product on demand so that we can deliver a fresh product, not one that’s brewed, bottled and then stored,” said Dr. Ken Banks. Because Doc’s Tea doesn’t allow their teas to sit on shelves, they needed a solution that allowed them to print labels instantly, which eliminated the waiting time and inventory difficulties that come with ordering outside labels.

“The Kiaro! label printer fits in so well for us because it is allowing us to do small batches, to have high quality labels, not to have a large inventory,” says Dr. Ken Banks, “it allows us to brew on demand and to print on demand.”

See for yourself! 

Doc’s Tea, and countless others, have found that printing labels on-demand and in house just makes sense. Schedule a demonstration of a Kiaro! label printer with one of our regional sales managers, who will take a Kiaro! to your facility, and show you what an in-house label printer can bring to your business.


Great Gifts with Sensational Labels (Part Two!)

Christmas is STILL just a week away – and if you’re anything like me, you’re STILL scrambling to get the gifts for everyone on your list. Yesterday, with part 1 of our Great Gifts List, we showed some awesome Kiaro! users with fantastic gifts for you to get for your loved ones this holiday season.

Today we’ve got five more awesome Christmas ideas, with just-as-awesome labels. Here’s part 2 of our list of the Great Christmas Gifts (with sensational Kiaro!-printed labels):

J.O. Spice “Some of Our Favorites” Gift Bag Set

We’d be foolish not to include our Giving Thanks Label Design Contest champions in this list, right?

The spice-makers from Maryland craft some of the best seafood spices we’ve ever had, and this gift-bag of goodies is perfect for any of the at-home cooks in your family. Used in restaurants all over Maryland, and around the Chesapeake Bay, they’re renowned for their quality  (plus the bag comes with a “merry christmas” labeled seasoning – so get to it!). And each gift bag is wrapped in decorative plastic, and is tied with a ribbon for extra presentation points.

Eco Lips, “Create Your Own Lip Balm”

Earlier this year, Eco Lips gave us the year’s single best commercial…

As one of our most creative clients, they craft lip balms that you design yourself. Choose the oils, the flavors, the herbal infusion, tube color, cap color, label color (!!), create your own label text(!!!!), and even add extra premium ingredients like red raspberry seed oil, or Vitamin-E boosts. Eco Lips is the perfect way to say “Merry Christmas” and ensure that your loved ones’ lips stay healthy through the dry winter season.

Maple Butter from the Vermont Country Store

As an almost-but-not-really Vermonter  I feel that I’m particularly qualified to recommend anything and everything from one of our newest Kiaro! users.

Though they have several locations, I would always stop in to the Vermont Country Store off of Route 103 on my way back home, during college breaks.

They offer, maple syrup, cheeses, cakes, candies, toys; everything, really.

If you’re wondering, Maple Butter is made from Vermont Maple Syrup and is great on ice cream, waffles, pancakes, toast or as a frosting.

Gourmet Coffee from La Crema

One of our favorite customers, La Crema Coffee in Ohio, makes wonderfully delicious (and beautifully packaged) gourmet coffee. We even went out and visited them, not too long ago.

Their gourmet coffee comes designed with awesome illustrated labels, by Lula Bell Art & Designs; their coffee looks as great as it tastes, and makes for a perfect holiday gift.

Check out some of the varieties from their Holiday Coffee collection like Rudolph’s Red Velvet, or Prancer’s Peppermint.

Amoretti Cocktail Mixes

Amoretti Ingredients, out in California, makes flavored syrups, olive oils, and other gourmet ingredients, but my personal favorite is their blackberry martini mix.

Blend with 2oz vodka, shake with ice, strain into a chilled martini glass, and serve. They say it goes great with gin, rum, tequila and more for any festive libation. But always, always remember to drink responsibly. 

We hope you enjoyed reading through our selections and we hope even more that you took a shot and purchased one of these great holiday items. We’d love to hear about any other holiday items you’re labeling yourself! Let us know with comments, on facebook, or twitter!

J.O. Spice Wins Giving Thanks Label Design Contest!

The winner of our first ever Giving Thanks Label Contest is J.O. Spice!!k_print_labels

The Giving Thanks Label Contest was established as an effort for us to give back to our customers and friends, while working with the contestants to support local communities this holiday season.

For winning, J.O. Spice will receive $500 which will be donated on their behalf to their chosen charity: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation. All 21 employees of J.O. Spice Company are also receiving award-winning Kringle Pastries baked and custom-labeled by O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, WI.

J.O. Spice Graphic Designer Kathleen Duncan printing her winning label on her Kiaro! inkjet label printer
J.O. Spice Graphic Designer Kathleen Duncan printing her winning label on her Kiaro! inkjet label printer

The winning label was designed by Graphic Designer Kathleen Duncan, who has been with J.O. Spice for almost 9 years, and started with the company just after high school. Duncan has been designing labels to be printed by the Kiaro! label printer since JO Spice first acquired their Kiaro! in August 2012.

Kathleen is “a creative, team-player, who is really into what she does, and cares about the company as much as anyone,” said Ginger Ports, Sales and Marketing Manager of J.O. Spice.

Using their Kiaro! inkjet label printer, O&H Danish Bakery will print custom kringle labels featuring Duncan’s winning design on each of the Kringles that it sends to J.O Spice.

The Giving Thanks Label Design Contest was held on Facebook, and participants were encouraged to create labels with the theme of “giving thanks.”

J.O. Spice’s winning label received over 170 likes during the voting period.  Their label stated that they were “Giving Thanks to the Chesapeake Bay,” and that, “the Chesapeake Bay Foundation never takes a day off from conservation.”

The winning label from J.O. Spice
The winning label from J.O. Spice

“We picked the Chesapeake Bay Foundation,” said Ports, “because the Bay plays such a key role in what we, the seafood market, and watermen all do”

“We’re thankful for the Bay,” she continued, “and without the Chesapeake Bay Foundation the watermen wouldn’t have a job, we wouldn’t be able to supply them for their seafood. Without the bay kids wouldn’t be able to play in the ocean. “

“We work with so many family businesses,” said Ports, “and all of us as families depend on the Bay. We need foundations like Chesapeake Bay Foundation that educate people so we can continue on to 4th and 5th generations,” she said , alluding to the fact that J.O. Spice is currently in its 3rd generation of family management with plans for a fourth to start working after finishing their education.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Communications Coordinator Tom Zolper said, “Thank you so much to Ginger Ports, to the designer of the label, Kathleen Duncan, and to everyone who cares about the Chesapeake. We are touched and grateful for your love of the bay, and for your support of our work.”

Including J.O. Spice, 15 different companies from across the country entered the Giving Thanks Label Design Contest, and tallied over 515 total votes in the contest. “It was a wonderful way for small businesses to show what they’re thankful for,” said Ports, “it was a fun, friendly competition.”

Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe's label received the 2nd most votes
Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe’s label received the 2nd most votes

Ginger Ports was familiar with some of the other entrants, “I actually travel to Key West,” said Ports, “and I’ve had Key Lime Pie from Kermit’s!” she said. Kermit’s Key Lime Pie was the 2nd place finisher in the contest, “the best thing to get there is the one covered in chocolate!” exclaimed Ports.

J.O. Spice’s most known product is the No. 1 Brand Seafood Seasoning, served in Maryland restaurants. “If you’ve eaten crab in a Maryland restaurant,” said Ports, “you’ve had our Number One.”

Just some of J.O. Spice's seasonings, including No. 1 Brand Seafood Seasoning
Just some of J.O. Spice’s seasonings, including No. 1 Brand Seafood Seasoning

“We couldn’t be happier with the participation in our first-ever Giving Thanks Label Design Contest,” says , Eric Pizzuti, General Manager of QuickLabel Systems.  “We enjoyed the opportunity to give back to our community through the creativity of our customers. We loved and appreciated each and every entry, and I heartily congratulate J.O. Spice and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.”

“Founded in 1967, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is the oldest and largest non-profit organization focused exclusively on restoring the Chesapeake to good health,” said Tom Zolper, “One academic journal recently said ‘we may be half way home’ to saving the Bay, with significant reductions in pollution in the past two decades.”

“To finish the job,” Zolper says the,  “CBF restores oyster reefs, plants trees and underwater grasses, takes about 35,000 students and teachers on field experiences each year, advocates in three state capitals and in Congress for laws and regulations that aid the Bay, and when necessary, goes to court to fight for progress.

Ortho Development Upgrades to a Kiaro!

Ortho Development, a manufacturer of medical devices, was losing money because of poorly printed labels. After having shipment after shipment sent back from overseas due to unreadable, blotchy labels, they decided to upgrade to a Kiaro! inkjet label printer. With their new printer, they immediately found improvements in quality, reductions in price, and savings in cost.

Ortho Development is in Draper, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City, where they craft all number of medical devices. But mostly, they make implants – hips, knees, spines. 

A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices
A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices

They spend countless, painstaking hours in clean rooms within their sparkling facility making sure every nanometer of their medical devices, and the labeling of those devices, is perfect.

“We distribute about half, or more than half of our product to Japan, and distributing to Japan requires labels to be perfect,” Carmen Moore told us.

Carmen Moore is the packaging and labeling engineer at Ortho Development, and works with the Kiaro! daily.

You can watch a video about Moore’s use of the Kiaro! here:

“We ran into… ink blotches… smeared ink,” said Carmen Moore, “often little spots of ink were misplaced on the label.”

As a result of imperfect labels, its distributors returned shipments to Utah, at great cost to Ortho Development. International distributors, in particular, have very strict demands on the appearance of medical device labels.

Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development
Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development

The spotting, smearing and blotches came because the printheads required frequent cleaning and were constantly clogged, the ink wasn’t durable, and because the other brand printer, “was difficult for our operators to use,” said Moore, “it required constant cleaning of the printhead, and constant wiping of the printer itself.”

“Previously, we were wasting about half of our labels,” said Moore. In other words, Moore’s team had to print twice as many medical device labels as the needed in the hopes of printing 50% that were usable.

So, Carmen decided to take on a Kiaro!

Labels for Ortho Development's medical devices as printed on a Kiaro!.
Labels for medical devices as printed by a Kiaro!.

“We did a trial period with a Kiaro!,” said Moore, “and found that it printed our labels perfectly. So, we kind of fell in love with it.”

“With our other label printer, I spent an hour each day in production just fixing it,” she continued, “whereas I’ve spent only two hours on the Kiaro! in the whole time that we’ve had it.”

Moore was also responsible for training the Kiaro! operators in how to use the label printer, a process that only took a few minutes. “All I have to do is show them how to transfer the label stock – then printing the labels is very easy,” she said.

They started printing labels for their trauma products, but they found they were saving so much money and  time by printing with their Kiaro! that Carmen decided to buy a second Kiaro! label printer. Now they make all of their product labels with the Kiaro!.

The Kiaro! and Ortho Development’s labeled packages.

“Our previous printers did not work for our application very well,” said Moore, “The Kiaro! printer is completely what we need.”

While we were talking with Carmen, we met Jenney Spencer – a Kiaro! printer operator at Ortho Development. She explained to us that the Kiaro! is far easier to use than any label printer they’ve had.

Jenney Spencer, Kiaro! operator, at Ortho Development.

“Printing with the old labels, they’d have smudging and spots,” said Jenney, “with the Kiaro! it’s better, and clear.” She also explained that with the  other printer the operators would have to take time out of their day to phone the engineers and technical support frequently – because of the myriad of problems it offered, “with the Kiaro! we don’t have to call anybody,” she said.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! label printer can save your facility money and time, schedule an in-person demonstration – you’ll save $500 off of your purchase!

QuickLabel at PackExpo 2013 in Las Vegas!

Last week was Pack Expo 2013, and we went out to Las Vegas to launch our new Kiaro! 200 wide-width inkjet label printer, Lustro-Lam laminating solution, and staff the QuickLabel Systems booth.

While we were there with our fantastic team, Michael shot some videos, I took some pictures and we talked with a lot of customers about their experiences with Kiaro! inkjet label printers.

We filmed a few testimonials from satisfied customers, and posted them on YouTube. But, first here’s Joe Quednau introducing the Kiaro! 200.

Without further ado, here’s Bill Pizzuti talking with Dr. Ron Micchia, owner of Lip Balm Express, about their Kiaro! inkjet label printer. This isn’t the first time they’ve given us great reviews of the Kiaro! – they’re featured on one of our End-Use pages as well.


This time Bill talks with new Kiaro! customer The Village Well Water about how they’ve used their Kiaro! to label their water bottles.

Finally, we had so much footage from the guys from Village Well, we cut together a  bonus clip.  In this one, Bill listens to some kind words about QuickLabel salesman Frank Knopf.


Last but not least, here are some of our favorite pictures of the QuickLabel booth, our Pack Expo team, and even one picture of some crazy person dressed as Elvis.



The Kiaro! and Just-In-Time Manufacturing

The first tenets of Just-in-Time manufacturing can be traced back to Henry Ford, the beginnings of Toyota, and even the first grocery chain, Piggly Wiggly*. The true fulfillment of the Just-in-Time revolution happened in the 1950s, when Japan’s car companies became total Just-in-Time manufacturers, and a decade after that when the US, and the rest of the world, followed suit.

David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting used the Kiaro! to turn his business into a Just-in-Time manufacturer.

Today, companies in all fields of production across the globe manufacture their products just-in-time, because as the Houston Chronicle points out, there are a great many benefits. Mostly, though Just-in-Time keeps inventory low, which in turn lowers warehouse costs, and creates less waste.

David Crompton of Quick Fitting, a Rhode Island manufacturer of push-connect plumbing technologies found that the Just-in-Time model was ideal for his business. The problem, however, was that he couldn’t convert to it, because of his labels.

He ordered-out for his plumbing labels – 10,000 labels at a time. This created the polar opposite of the “lean inventory” he was hoping to achieve. Not only did he waste the pre-printed labels as they became obsolete on his shelves, he was wasting his inventory space and “parking” his money, as he said.

So, David got a Kiaro!.

Just like that, he was Just-in-Time. Obviously, he needed to convert other parts of his production; alter the way he ordered his raw materials.  Acquiring the Kiaro! was just one of the changes he made to go to Just-in-Time, which ultimately streamlined his business, and continues to save his company money and time.

So how does the Kiaro! contribute to Just-in-Time manufacturing?

Well, there are a few ways.

Baltimore Photographers
Line-of-sight supervision allows for immediate review of labels – as seen here at Eastern Shore Tea.

Line of Sight Supervision

With the Kiaro!, manufacturers can oversee label design, printing and application at the same time – right in their facility.When using an outside printer, any mistakes made on labels are not recognized and corrected until significant time has passed. For instance – if an outside printer sent Mr. Crompton a batch of labels that all had an error on them, between ordering new labels and waiting for them to arrive, it could take days, even weeks, to get a new roll of pre-printed labels in.

With the Kiaro!, errors are immediately identified.  The user can pause printing runs,  correct errors instantly, and go right back to printing on demand, on the very next label. The Kiaro! doesn’t waste a single label when starting, ending, or pausing runs.

Eliminates Label Inventory

Arguably, the greatest benefit of Just-in-Time manufacturing is keeping inventory low. Outside print-houses require large minimum orders. Because of this, a manufacturer will order extremely large runs of pre-printed labels, and store them in their facility.

Intricate labels meet strict retail standards, and are printed instantly with the Kiaro!
Intricate labels meet strict retail standards, and are printed instantly with the Kiaro!.

Unfortunately for those manufacturers, the demands of their retailers are often strict – orders can change up-to and including on the day of shipment – leaving them with a new order to place with the outside print-house, and a roll of labels they can’t use, because now they’ve become obsolete. They end up collecting dust, or getting thrown out. Either way – they’re wasted.

The Kiaro! prints on demand, in runs of any size. If an order is changed the day of shipping; that’s not a problem. The Kiaro! prints out however many labels are needed to get the product sent out the door.The Kiaro! prints quickly, at 8 inches per second, so even large print runs are finished quickly.

Versatility, Durability, Dependability

The Kiaro! can print anything. Anytime. And it doesn’t let users down. Just-in-Time manufacturers need their printers to work; they don’t have the time for error messages and software problems. The Kiaro! is a highly dependable printer that provides true Up-time Peace of Mind for its users.

Colorful Kiaro! labels in 1200dpi
Colorful Kiaro! coffee labels in 1200dpi.

The Kiaro prints in 1200 dpi for all types of images: fine text, intricate graphics, large lettering and photographs, in every single color on the spectrum. Manufacturers can print labels for each and every one of their products, at each of its shipping stages.

The Kiaro! prints shipping labels on rugged, durable substrates to handle the rigors of international shipping. It prints glossy, colorful, eye-catching labels that go directly on the product to grab customers as they’re walking down aisles.

Switching to Just-in-Time

Manufacturers switch to Just-in-Time every day. The Kiaro! is more and more becoming a part of the businesses who want their factories to have a streamlined, efficient packaging process. With no inventories of pre-printed labels, and the ability to print labels on demand in quantities large or small, the Kiaro! is the ultimate printer for just-in-time manufacturing.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! can help your business convert to a Just-in-Time manufacturer, schedule an in-person demonstration. We’ll bring a Kiaro! to your facility, print your artwork, and show you how to save money and time with the Kiaro!

Get to Know QuickLabel Media Specialist, David!

Say Hello to Recently Promoted QuickLabel Customer’s Media Specialist.(Warning: Do not continue reading if you are a Yankees fan!)

chadwick_davidDavid has been training with Nicole Moosey, and is enjoying getting to know customers. He recently finished training and has taken over service to the states of AR, DE, IA, LA, MD, MS, NJ, OH, PA, VA, and WV. after Greg Azar was appointed to the position of production planner in our Media Plant.

David grew up in North Scituate, Rhode Island. His taste in foods matches accordingly; he loves Italian and Portuguese foods. However, he said that he will try anything once. Muahaha, what disgusting food can I get him to try? David just turned 40 (I couldn’t get him to let me agree to sharing a photo of him in the office birthday cape unfortunately), and he’s married with two adult step-sons. We asked him who the adorable baby is pictured in a frame on his desk. It’s actually an “honorary grandson.” David and his wife also have three other “kids.” These are their two cats, and dog named Buddy.

I hope you aren’t a Yankees fan if you are one of David’s customers! Just kidding, he won’t treat you any differently despite being a New England sports fan. For sports illiterate people like me, that apparently means he likes The Patriots, Red Sox, and the Celtics.

David helps himself to candy on Halloween
David helps himself to candy on Halloween

David’s love of sports isn’t what has prepared him well to be an asset to our team though. Actually part of what has, is his varied and extensive work experience. David has had a wide variety of experience including working in the legal department of a bank as an assistant to loan officers in commercial real estate, loan sales at a credit union, and even work in the Naval Reserves. David joined the Naval Reserves after 9/11, and worked in both Rhode Island and Florida.

David started with QuickLabel as a temp., so we asked him why he decided to stay. He replied, “Why wouldn’t I want to stay? QuickLabel Systems is a growing business always gaining new customers. Everything out there needs to be labeled of course, or we wouldn’t know what it is.” David also understands the importance of providing great customer service to existing customers, which makes him a great fit for this position.

Please welcome David and feel free to ask him any questions you may have in the comments below or by e-mail. He’s excited to get to know you!