Announcing the first In-House Label Design Competiton!

We’re hosting our very first In-House Label Design Competition!

This means that those of you who design your companies’ product labels are finally going to get the recognition you deserve. Every in-house label designer is eligible to enter their product label artwork, and entries will be judged by a panel of packaging experts. The entry fee doesn’t exist – it’s totally free of charge to enter the contest.

Watch this short video about the In-House Label Design Competition. 

What Can You Win?

The public announcement of winners will be held at Pack Expo in Chicago on November 3rd, 2014.

The statuette that you'll recieve if you're the grand prize winner.
The statuette that you’ll receive if you’re the grand prize winner.
  • The Grand prize winner will win $500 and the coveted “Quickly” trophy.
  • Second prize winner will win $300.
  • Third place winner will win $150.

Why Are We Recognizing In-House Label Designers?

We know that being an in-house label designer can be a job with a lot of responsibility and too little reward. You face short deadlines, hear conflicting opinions from your boss, colleagues, and customers, work with low-resolution graphics, shoot your own photos, come up with great new product names off the top of your head, and more!

But now all of your efforts will no longer go unrecognized. By hosting this competition, QuickLabel is aiming to recognize the work that goes behind each label.

There are people in the business that have an art degree, and there are some who don’t. Your level of talent in art, or anything else,  isn’t measured by how many years you went to college for it – it’s measured by how much of your soul that you pour into it! And as in-house label designers, you pour an overflowing amount. Sometimes that can be hard, and sometimes that can be easy, but both deserve recognition.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

What if you don’t own a QuickLabel printer?

The answer to that is super simple: you don’t have to own a QuickLabel printer to enter into the competition. We’re urging all in-house label designers to enter.

How to Enter the In-House Label Design Competition

Enter and submit your label artwork.

How can you win all that extra cash and that awesome trophy for your desk if you don’t submit your labels? You can’t. Actually, you won’t.

So where’s the harm in trying? The only thing you have to lose is nothing. Finalists will be contacted in October, and those who won will be announced on November 3, 2014 at the Pack Expo trade show in Chicago.

So, think it over. If you want to submit, then do it here. We accept .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and please make sure these files are less than 10 Mb. So, it’s time to whip out your thinking caps and open up Photoshop!

We’re waiting for you.


Do you have any questions about the In-House Label Design Competition?

Please contact Charles Smith. We always love to hear from you – no matter the reason.

You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

She gives QuickLabel its sense of fun: meet Bethany!

bethanyEver wonder who gives QuickLabel its sense of fun? If you live in New York, New Jersey or New England, you already know her: Bethany Rosevear. If you’re not lucky enough to know her just yet, read on. She is a fairly new member of our team who just joined us in November! But even though she hasn’t been here long, she has definitely made a name for herself among QuickLabelers and customers alike.

She’s amazingly friendly, and will talk to just about anyone! And here, at QuickLabel, it’s about high time we interviewed this cool individual. But before her personal interview is introduced – let’s get into how her fellow co-workers would describe her.

Bethany has been described as tenacious, witty, and generous… When I asked a fellow co-worker what one word they’d use to describe Bethany they’d replied with: “I would use ‘giving.’ She is constantly giving of herself to others, whether it is to fundraise for a charity or just to make sure that someone has a great birthday here at work. That same giving spirit shines through when she works with her customers.”

Along with being generous, she’s been known to be genuine in every situation (“You’ll always get 100% Bethany from her”) and in the business world, Bethany has proven herself to be an adamant Media Sales Specialist who also knows what a customer wants and how to handle their labeling needs.

But you, reader, might not know her yet – so why not take a look below and get a running start?

QuickLabel: What US states are yours and what can you tell us about the people that live there?

States that Bethany takes care of (Region of New England, NY and NJ.)

Bethany: I have the Northeast, and that includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, 1/2 of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. My customers love working with a company that is “local” from beginning to end: Manufacturing, to shipping, to customer service… They love buying local.

QL: What experience in life best prepared you to work at QuickLabel Systems?

Bethany: I would have to say years of experience in customer service.

QL: I understand that you’re a Media Sales Specialist. What does that position entail?

Bethany: Developing relationships with customers to best service their needs, and it also entails creating good working relationships with RSM’s and MSS’s, so that we can all work together to achieve the sales goals!

QL:  What do you like best about being a Media Sales Specialist? Do you have a favorite customer?

Don't these look great? Bethany is a mail enthusiast.
Don’t these look great? Bethany is a nail enthusiast.

Bethany: Favorite customer… I like them all in different ways for different reasons. If I want to chat and have a laugh, then I know who to call.

QL: Do you have a favorite Regional Sales Manager?

Bethany: I haven’t had much exposure to working with the other RSM’s, but I love working with both Chris and Lou – they are both so patient with me since every day I am learning something new.

QL: Tell us about your family! Do you have any pets?

Bethany: I have 2 brothers and a sister. I am the third child but the youngest girl and will always be daddy’s princess. I grew up in upstate NY and PA. With the exception of me and my younger brother (who lives in Kentucky and has a chiropractic office), my entire family is all within 10 miles of each other. I have 6 nieces and nephews with a new niece or nephew expected in February. Even though she lives in PA, my sister is my best friend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years, and he is wonderful! And then I have my baby, Bella… She’s a 4 year old Shi Tzu, but she is so spoiled, that she thinks she is a person and not a dog!

Bethany and her boyfriend.
Bethany and her boyfriend.
Bella. She really is "bella"!
Bella. She really is “bella”!

QL: What are your hobbies/interests?

Bethany: I love to fish (both freshwater and salt water)! I am a big reader – I will read just about anything with words… I enjoy working on my cross stitch projects, and I love watching baseball and football with my boyfriend… GO YANKEES!!!


 QL: We all love the birthday parties, wing nights, and BBQs you put together. Why do you think it’s so important to celebrate?

Bethany: I have worked in places where frankly, the morale sucked and people came in, did their job, went home, and were miserable!

I am a very social person, and I know that morale can make or break a company. Having a high morale level makes people happier, and being happy while at works makes an enormous difference on a person as a whole, because we spend so many hours at work day in and day out with the same people. I enjoy doing things to help morale, bring people together, whether it is a work setting or outside. It gives people chance to create personal relationships/friendships which in turn creates better work relationships. I know that not everybody in the world is as outgoing as I am and I enjoy the challenge of breaking people out of their shells.

I guess it comes down to: high morale = happy employee= happy workplace.

QL: Lastly, if you could have lunch with any celebrity – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Bethany: Hmmm, that is a tough one. Alive – Luke Bryan, but that is just because he is pretty to look at. Dead – Harriet Tubman. I think she was an amazing woman that stood up for what she believed in, knew right from wrong, and did her best to right the wronged.


Meet Bethany Yourself

Now that you have a little insight on Bethany, I’m sure you would like to get to know her better – especially if you live in her states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine!

When you’re ready to order labels or inks for your label printer, please contact Bethany at or phone her at 877-757-7978 ext. 216. She’d love to hear from you!

Proposed FDA Labeling Requirements Aim to Make Shoppers Smarter

When compared to labeling of organic foods, the labeling of conventional foods has been lightly regulated by the FDA. But that may all change soon. As of September 2013, proposed legislation plans to allow the FDA to more tightly control how manufacturers label foods both to communicate and visually present information to consumers.    


For years on end, shopping for healthy foods has been a struggle for some consumers due to the confusing labeling on shopping items. New legislation titled, The Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2013 was announced in September 2013 and aims to give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) more authority when it comes to monitoring food and beverage labeling for conventional foods.

To be clear, “conventional food” items are on the opposite end of the spectrum from organic food items. They are foods that are produced with pesticides, insecticides, Label shoppingfertilizers, or hormones. Conventional foods are the subject of the proposed new labeling requirements.

Under this Act, the FDA would be directed to establish a standard symbol system for front-of-packaging (FOP) labeling on conventional foods. Essentially, the Act aims at giving the consumer more knowledge about the food they’re consuming.


How your labels might change under the Food Labeling Modernization Act:

Front of Package Standards:

  • If the principle display panel (PDP) does not include summary nutrition information that mirrors the nutritional value of the food, the food will be deemed as misbranded
  • Labeling must use a simple, clear labeling design including calorie and nutrient information

Ingredient Disclosures:

  • The PDP must disclose information regarding use of added color, non-caloric sweeteners, added flavoring and sugar alcohols on all products. Added color disclosure applies to all products excluding, ice creams, butters and cheeses.
  • Declaration of added sugars per serving statement on label.
  • Percent of daily calories recommended for consumption statement will be added.
  • Declaration of caffeine added if amount is 10mg or over from all sources.
  • Ingredient listing formats will be changed for easier reading. Changes include: upper and lower case characters, a non-condensed font type, separation of ingredients with bullet points and a higher color contrast between the text and the background.
  • More regulations would be put in place on use of nutrient content claims for cholesterol, saturated and trans fats.

“Natural” Foods:

  • Natural foods are misbranded if they contain any artificial ingredient or coloring, or if they include ingredients that are chemically altered. Examples of such ingredients include: high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, chemically modified starch, cocoa processed with alkali or any other artificial ingredient specified by the FDA.

Whole Grain Foods:

  • If a product claims that it is “whole grain” or “whole wheat”, the percentage of whole grains or whole wheat must be clearly identified next to the label.
  • In order for a product to be deemed as “healthy”, at least half of the grains in the food have to be whole grain.

Single Serving:

  • A product that can be consumed on a single occasion will be deemed as “single serving”.

    Label changes-cspinet.jpeg
    What new food labels might look like under the Act. (photo provided by

The big picture: what these labeling changes mean

Both the FDA and its Center for Food Safety and Nutrition (CFSAN) have identified these new regulations as top priority and have goals at changing the way that conventional food Nutrition Labelitems are labeled to create smarter and easier shopping experiences for consumers. In their push to create smarter shoppers, the FDA aims to create food labels that are easier to read and understand. Although there is skepticism over whether the bill will actually pass, it will play an important role in proposed FDA regulations that are expected for the coming year.


What these changes mean for YOU, and how QuickLabel can help

According to the bill, big changes for food labels are in store. Not only will there be added ingredient information, but the formatting for labels will be changed as well. Under the bill, the FDA would be required to offer guidance on requirements to food manufacturers and likewise, manufacturers would be required to provide documentation to the FDA that validates their claims within 90 days of the request.

kiaro and labelQuickLabel printers are here to help. With the Kiaro! inkjet label printer, labels are printed instantly and label changes can be made easily through our easy-to-use Custom QuickLabel labeling software, allowing you to conveniently change your label designs without having to pre-order entirely new labels for your products. The Kiaro! inkjet label printer will not only save you time and energy ordering new labels, it’s also going to be less expensive than other label printing options.


More Resources About the Food Labeling Modernization Act:

The Kiaro! and Just-In-Time Manufacturing

The first tenets of Just-in-Time manufacturing can be traced back to Henry Ford, the beginnings of Toyota, and even the first grocery chain, Piggly Wiggly*. The true fulfillment of the Just-in-Time revolution happened in the 1950s, when Japan’s car companies became total Just-in-Time manufacturers, and a decade after that when the US, and the rest of the world, followed suit.

David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting used the Kiaro! to turn his business into a Just-in-Time manufacturer.

Today, companies in all fields of production across the globe manufacture their products just-in-time, because as the Houston Chronicle points out, there are a great many benefits. Mostly, though Just-in-Time keeps inventory low, which in turn lowers warehouse costs, and creates less waste.

David Crompton of Quick Fitting, a Rhode Island manufacturer of push-connect plumbing technologies found that the Just-in-Time model was ideal for his business. The problem, however, was that he couldn’t convert to it, because of his labels.

He ordered-out for his plumbing labels – 10,000 labels at a time. This created the polar opposite of the “lean inventory” he was hoping to achieve. Not only did he waste the pre-printed labels as they became obsolete on his shelves, he was wasting his inventory space and “parking” his money, as he said.

So, David got a Kiaro!.

Just like that, he was Just-in-Time. Obviously, he needed to convert other parts of his production; alter the way he ordered his raw materials.  Acquiring the Kiaro! was just one of the changes he made to go to Just-in-Time, which ultimately streamlined his business, and continues to save his company money and time.

So how does the Kiaro! contribute to Just-in-Time manufacturing?

Well, there are a few ways.

Baltimore Photographers
Line-of-sight supervision allows for immediate review of labels – as seen here at Eastern Shore Tea.

Line of Sight Supervision

With the Kiaro!, manufacturers can oversee label design, printing and application at the same time – right in their facility.When using an outside printer, any mistakes made on labels are not recognized and corrected until significant time has passed. For instance – if an outside printer sent Mr. Crompton a batch of labels that all had an error on them, between ordering new labels and waiting for them to arrive, it could take days, even weeks, to get a new roll of pre-printed labels in.

With the Kiaro!, errors are immediately identified.  The user can pause printing runs,  correct errors instantly, and go right back to printing on demand, on the very next label. The Kiaro! doesn’t waste a single label when starting, ending, or pausing runs.

Eliminates Label Inventory

Arguably, the greatest benefit of Just-in-Time manufacturing is keeping inventory low. Outside print-houses require large minimum orders. Because of this, a manufacturer will order extremely large runs of pre-printed labels, and store them in their facility.

Intricate labels meet strict retail standards, and are printed instantly with the Kiaro!
Intricate labels meet strict retail standards, and are printed instantly with the Kiaro!.

Unfortunately for those manufacturers, the demands of their retailers are often strict – orders can change up-to and including on the day of shipment – leaving them with a new order to place with the outside print-house, and a roll of labels they can’t use, because now they’ve become obsolete. They end up collecting dust, or getting thrown out. Either way – they’re wasted.

The Kiaro! prints on demand, in runs of any size. If an order is changed the day of shipping; that’s not a problem. The Kiaro! prints out however many labels are needed to get the product sent out the door.The Kiaro! prints quickly, at 8 inches per second, so even large print runs are finished quickly.

Versatility, Durability, Dependability

The Kiaro! can print anything. Anytime. And it doesn’t let users down. Just-in-Time manufacturers need their printers to work; they don’t have the time for error messages and software problems. The Kiaro! is a highly dependable printer that provides true Up-time Peace of Mind for its users.

Colorful Kiaro! labels in 1200dpi
Colorful Kiaro! coffee labels in 1200dpi.

The Kiaro prints in 1200 dpi for all types of images: fine text, intricate graphics, large lettering and photographs, in every single color on the spectrum. Manufacturers can print labels for each and every one of their products, at each of its shipping stages.

The Kiaro! prints shipping labels on rugged, durable substrates to handle the rigors of international shipping. It prints glossy, colorful, eye-catching labels that go directly on the product to grab customers as they’re walking down aisles.

Switching to Just-in-Time

Manufacturers switch to Just-in-Time every day. The Kiaro! is more and more becoming a part of the businesses who want their factories to have a streamlined, efficient packaging process. With no inventories of pre-printed labels, and the ability to print labels on demand in quantities large or small, the Kiaro! is the ultimate printer for just-in-time manufacturing.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! can help your business convert to a Just-in-Time manufacturer, schedule an in-person demonstration. We’ll bring a Kiaro! to your facility, print your artwork, and show you how to save money and time with the Kiaro!

Quick Fitting Prints their Plumbing Labels with the Kiaro!

We love visiting our customers and seeing how the Kiaro! inkjet printer benefits their businesses – as you may have seen from our CJ’s Unique Boutique video – and this time, our travel took only about 15 minutes!

qf9We visited a company called Quick Fitting in nearby Warwick, Rhode Island. Quick Fitting manufactures “quick connection” plumbing and heating technology.

Their “Push to Connect” products provide a simple, safe, and cost effective solution for connecting copper, stainless steel, PEX, and CPVC piping in plumbing and heating applications.

It may have been in the middle of a steamy July heat wave but Charles, Michael our Art Director, our boss April and I still arrived to the Quick Fitting manufacturing plant in style. (We were in the company mini-van.)

April, Michael, and Charles preparing to shoot the first interview

As soon as we arrived in the building, we were greeted by the CEO of Quick Fitting, David Crompton, Walter Tavares, Production Coordinator, and also Eric Sanches, Quick Fitting’s Production Manager. They immediately made us feel welcome and toured us around their entire building.

It was neat to see their facility and how the packaging process was completed. All of the employees working in the packaging room were playing their music loud, singing and having fun while they got their jobs done. Definitely a great way to help the work day go by!

David led us to one of Quick Fitting’s nicely decorated board rooms, where Charles would conduct the first interview with him. I felt like I was on the set of a movie with so many hot lights, the microphone, and camera set up. Their interview went remarkably well, and then it was my turn to put my interviewing skills to the test. I had the pleasure of interviewing Walter, followed by Eric, and the outcome was very successful!

Quick Fitting supplies their connection products to retailers across the nation, which is where the Kiaro! comes into play most. With so many different connections and products, Quick Fitting needs labels printed for each different product. Quick Fitting needed to find a durable label, and the Kiaro! provided the quality, consistency, and durability that they were looking for.

Prior to finding the Kiaro!, Quick Fitting ordered their labels pre-printed, and that didn’t always work for them. Retailer customers were always changing their label designs, they would run out of stock, or packaging standards would change; leaving them with wasted labels. With the Kiaro!, Quick Fitting is able to print the correct labels that they need, when they need them.

“Print Shop Lane” at Quick Fitting- where all their Kiaro! labels are printed

Before Quick Fitting began using the Kiaro!, if they were short labels for an order, they could not send the shipment out that day. They would need to expedite the pre-printed labels to their facility, and wait until their arrival in order to ship out the products. Now, if they are even a few labels short, the Kiaro! will print as many or few labels necessary to complete the order.

Eric said, “When using the Kiaro! we actually get to see the labels printed right in front of us. If there are any mistakes in the label design, you get to fix them, right then and there… It cut our time by more than 80%.”

Walter printed some labels for us, showing just how simple and easy it is for him to produce labels on his Kiaro! printer. You will be able to see just how he does it, along with the interviews, in our Quick Fitting video that will be released later this month.

The Kiaro! has saved Quick Fitting a substantial amount of time and money, cutting costs by about 40%, according to CEO David Crompton. They are no longer waiting around for shipments, never waste labels, and the outcome is always exactly what they need.

I even got to take a mini-photoshoot with Quick Fitting’s Kiaro!

I really enjoyed being able to be a part of the Quick Fitting video. I loved seeing the entire facility, the production process, and the Kiaro! in use. This was one of the best opportunities for learning that I got to experience as an intern this summer!

 We will be posting the video once it is polished and complete, so look back soon to watch the finished product!

Check out Quick Fitting’s website to learn more about their Push-to-Connect technology and how you can utilize their products for your own plumbing and heating needs!

Video: Their new Kiaro! prints great lotion labels for CJ’s Unique Boutique

QuickLabel Systems had the pleasure of visiting CJ’s Unique Boutique in June to interview them for a video. We got to meet everyone behind the brand, see their extensive line of scented and unscented “BUTTer” products and watch their Kiaro! label printer (also known as “Kiki” around their office) in action.

Check out the video for yourself, and see just how CJ’s creates their own beautiful labels!

Have you ever tried every product imaginable to find a solution to your problem? CJ Miller has.

CJ Miller and her Kiaro! label printer
CJ Miller and her Kiaro! label printer

She was simply trying to find a product to cure her son’s terrible diaper rash, but nothing worked. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and stood over her stove until she created her own diaper cream to help relieve her son.

CJ’s Unique Boutique, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has been producing their all-natural BUTTer since 2008. CJ and her husband Mark Miller, CEO of CJ’s Unique Boutique, use only the finest, all-natural ingredients in their products. Except now, they are no longer limited to diaper cream – but also offer lotions, body sprays, lip balms, and bug spray, among many other products.

CJ’s Unique Boutique storefront in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Their company grew so fast that in no time they went from their kitchen to a fully equipped facility in the city. Last year, CJ stood in her new production facility, with hundreds of bottles, tubes, and tubs surrounding her. Although she had expanded far beyond her original kitchen, she knew that there was one big component missing from her amazing products: an equally amazing label.


So, what did CJ do? She brought on the Kiaro! inkjet label printer.

As their business grew, so had the demand for labels. CJ and Mark realized that they needed a label printer capable of meeting their high standards and complementing their wonderful products.

Just a glimpse at all the different kinds of BUTTer Spritz sprays CJ’s offers!

The importance of packaging and labeling is just one of the lessons that CJ and Mark have learned since starting their business.

Because CJ’s has so many products and over 30 fragrance options, they needed to find a label printer capable of printing labels in large batch volumes, in a variety of sizes, in any color, and with astonishing detail. The durable, quality labels that the Kiaro! produced for CJ’s were everything that the company was searching for.

Ryan Flynt, Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator at CJ’s, works with the Kiaro! often. So often, in fact, that he even began calling his Kiaro! by the affectionate nickname of “Kiki.” Ryan designs the label artwork, prints labels daily, and handles everything concerning his printer, Kiki.

Ryan Flynt and the Kiaro! commonly referred to as Kiki!

Ryan loves his Kiaro! and says that, “It’s a cost effective time saving printer. It creates excellent quality labels for our packaging, and I couldn’t be happier.”

As the Kiaro! prints quickly (at 1200 dpi) it never fails to print beautifully, without any wasted labels. The Kiaro! has saved CJ’s a great amount of time and money, especially because of their need for moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant labels that look great no matter what they may encounter.

After CJ’s began printing their own labels for each of their products, Heather Hodge, general manager of CJ’s Unique Boutique, immediately noticed a difference in the durability and overall look of their labels. The Kiaro! labels don’t wash off CJ’s products when wet, don’t scratch off, and stay intact throughout daily travel and wear and tear.  “We no longer have people calling and saying I think this might have been your product- can you help me try and figure it out?” Heather said.

CJ’s Kiaro! showing off the beautiful labels it just printed for her bottles!

Hodge said that one of the best qualities of the Kiaro! is how simple it is to use. The software is easy to learn, and any adjustments are easy to make. Training staff members is a breeze, according to Flynt. “It doesn’t take a long time even to show someone how to load the labels into the printer,” Webmaster Flynt said.

“If time is money, and you want to spend less time working with what needs to get produced,” Flynt said, “this is the printer for you.”

If you would like to check out CJ’s products, and try some BUTTer yourself, visit CJ’s Unique Boutique’s website!

To keep up with the latest CJ’s Unique Boutique news and product announcements, follow their Facebook and Twitter pages!

New Image
Visit  CJ’s Unique Boutique’s website to see all the reasons why CJ’s BUTTer will be your new favorite product!

For any direct questions or inquiries about CJ’s and their products, you may contact them by email at

We had an excellent experience visiting CJ’s Unique Boutique and look forward to seeing all of their coming success!

“Serving facts” labels to soon be seen on some alcohol

margarita-beachPicture yourself sitting on the beach with a frozen margarita in hand. This may seem like the ultimate paradise, but do you have any idea how many calories and carbs you are consuming in one drink? Probably not. Until now, alcohol producing companies have not been required to inform their consumers with complete nutritional information, so we’ve been enjoying countless calorie-filled “cups of paradise” for decades now.

 How to Comply with the new “voluntary” Alcohol Serving Facts Labels

A new law was passed by the Department of Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in late May 2013 which allows for the voluntary inclusion of “Serving facts” labels on wine, spirits, and malt beverage bottles. Alcohol-producing companies that comply with this new law are coming to terms with the growing health-conscious population, and aim to better inform their customers of what they are consuming.

alcohol serving facts Quicklabel Systems
Here is an example of what a “Serving Facts” label may look like on a bottle of beer

If alcohol producing companies wish to comply with this voluntary new rule, their products will contain a panel of information which includes the serving size, servings per container, calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat per serving for the given beverage.

The U.S. FDA does not regulate alcohol and the labels that it requires, rather alcohol producers must go through the TTB first. Prior to this law, the TTB never required there to be such labels on alcohol products. This law, which may come across as misleading to some, is clearly explained by the Tobacco and Trade Bureau. The document clearly explains all stipulations regarding the law, and states that it will offer guidance for those in the industry who wish to comply with the new rulings.

As this new rule is strictly voluntary, not all alcohol producers will label their bottles with this information. Wine producers may decide to opt out so that they don’t ruin the sleekness of their bottle labels, while beer brewers may not comply because they don’t want their consumers counting calories. At the same time, many companies will add this information to their labels because they feel like what is “voluntary now” may soon become mandatory.

What is most important to remember about the nutrition labels on such products is that it does not necessarily mean that the product is nutritious! The label is meant to contain beneficial information for those who wish to be aware of what exactly they are consuming.

Instantly print new alcohol labels with the Kiaro!

For the alcohol producers that do wish to add serving facts labels to their bottles, they will find that it’s easy to do with the Kiaro! inkjet printer. Wineries, breweries, and distilleries that already use a Kiaro! to print their beverage labels will not need to worry about having to discard their stock of pre-printed labels, because they already print their bottle labels as needed with the Kiaro!. Users of the Kiaro! will simply need to edit their digital label file by using Custom QuickLabel software, and create a new label design that includes these voluntary serving facts – with no waste of labels at all! The Kiaro! makes it easy for food and drink producers to comply with the ever changing rules of the FDA, while saving the user time and money.

Beer labels Quicklabel Systems Alcohol
The compliant Kiaro! is perfect for printing labels for any alcohol bottle

For the alcohol-producing companies that wish to keep their bottle labels as they are now, they might choose to include their “serving facts” information in other places such as on their website, for people to look up as needed. If label space is an issue, alcohol makers might decide to print a small QR code on their label that simply links mobile device users to the serving facts information on their website.

As always, the labels of all alcoholic products will contain a “Government Warning” which includes information about the health risks that come along with drinking, and a friendly reminder to drink responsibly. These new label panels have one main purpose, which is to better educate drinkers about what is included in their beverages.

Looking for a lifestyle change?

WineFactsWill these new labels change the way you enjoy a few drinks on a Saturday night? Drinks that individuals consume regularly contain more “liquid calories” than most even realize. For example, one 12 oz can of beer contains around 150 calories. This doesn’t seem so bad if you only consume one. (But let’s be serious how often does that happen?)

The addition of these labels will make it much easier to be aware of what is entering your body, and to keep watch on the amount you are consuming. With that being said, drinking 3 cans of beer by the pool on a hot summer day will cost you at least 450 calories- what  people often aim to take in with just one daily meal.

iStock_000004766629XSmallOn the other hand, the inclusion of these labels may not make any difference to consumers. When drinks are consumed at a restaurant or bar, reading a label is typically the last thing that is done. If someone knows that they are going to have a few drinks, they are going to do so regardless of what the label may say.

With the growing population of health-conscious Americans, many might think twice before drinking a few glasses of wine, or possibly make some moderate choices. So, if your favorite adult beverage contains a serving facts label, will that hinder your decision about cracking open a cold one?



More information on Serving Facts and alcohol:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Tobacco and Trade Bureau Ruling 2103-2

Alcohol Labeling to Come Soon

Alcohol Calorie Counter

Tips to rethink drinking