QuickLabel Referral Benefits: Think You’re Cut Out For Our Benefits?

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

If you’ve invested in a QuickLabel printer, you already know the height of benefits you and your company are reaping. But did you hear about the QuickLabel referral benefits?

From printing in 600-1600dpi, producing customizable labels at up to 8 inches per second (ips), and photographic quality and clear-cut text; QuickLabel printers have the ability to save your business time and money as well as catch the customers’ eye.

So, do you know someone else who would be interested in having a QuickLabel printer? (Bonus: It will benefit you, too!)


Does a free set of inks get your gears turning?

They don’t have to be from your line of work. With QuickLabel printer’s variety of options, such as the Kiaro! 50, Kiaro!, Kiaro! D and the QL-111, they can be found throughout a wide variety of labeling industries.

Here are five examples of businesses included within our industry range and what they had to say about their QuickLabel printer:

1. Food Labels – Jody’s Popcorn

Jody’s Popcorn of Virginia Beach was in need of a reliable printer that could take on their growth, as well as their quick in-store demands. Looking for a short-run labeling solution, Jody’s found QuickLabel and the Kiaro! label printer. In a short period of time, the Kiaro! allowed Jody’s to flourish with its on-demand, colorful and high quality labels.

Michael Katz, Vice President, states, “The Kiaro! printer has saved Jody’s time and production. The amount of time it takes for us to produce a custom job has decreased greatly. We can literally have somebody walk into the printing area and say ‘I need this’ and turn it around in 10-15 minutes.”

2. Beverage Labels – Doc’s Tea

Doc’s Tea knew they required exceptional labels for their bottles of low calorie tea, and printing labels on demand and in-house was an ideal solution for them. When they discovered the stunning performance of the Kiaro! label printer they were amazed. They have been printing beautiful tea labels with QuickLabel ever since.

Dr. Christopher Banks, CCO of Doc’s Tea, says the Kiaro! has been great for their business because, “We don’t have to spend so much money going out to the big labeling companies – we can print them out as we need them and save some time and also save some money.”

3. E-Liquid Labels – Boosted Vapor

Boosted Vapor, e-liquid maker and vape shop retailer based in Clinton, Michigan, uses the Kiaro! to label its wide variety of vape juices. Boosted Vapor also offers custom labeling of its e-juices to wholesale and private label customers, and prints all labels with their QuickLabel printer.

Jeff Kohr, CEO, says “I believe in our Kiaro! printer. I’ve had a lot of other printers, I’ve never had anything like the Kiaro!. It has improved the quality of our product from a labeling standpoint, it’s improved our productivity, and it’s improved our inventory control. It’s been a top quality unit.”

4. Medical Device Labels – Key Surgical

With in-house UDI label printing, Key Surgical found fast, easy, and affordable compliance for labeling all of their different medical devices. With the ever-changing FDA labeling requirements, Key Surgical needed to stay on top of what was to be included on their labels. In addition to QuickLabel printers’ ability to generate small, clear-cut text and barcodes, the in-house complete label customization was the perfect fit for their business.

Key Surgical Director of Operations, Lena Cordie, says that with the Kiaro! label printer, “We save money on labeling stock and on supplies. We’re able to purchase smaller quantities more frequently rather than storing them on site with the possibility of damage and waste. The Kiaro! has been a huge asset to our production productivity and efficiency.”

5. Hardware Labels – Quick Fitting

Quick Fitting, the leading manufacturer of “push connect” plumbing fittings and valves sold at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware found that frequently changing labels produced a wasteful excess of inventory.. Quick Fitting was able to cut its costs by 40% when they began printing their own retail plumbing labels with the Kiaro!.

“It allows us a flexibility we didn’t have in the past. If we ran out of labels– if we were even short by 30 labels – it cost us a shipment. With the Kiaro! we just simply walk over to the unit and print out some more,” said David Crompton, CEO of Quick Fitting.

To view the full list of applications our QuickLabel printers have been used for, click here.

So do you know anyone who would like to enhance their own business and branding, as well as save time and money with a QuickLabel printer?

Participating in the QuickLabel referral benefits program will not only be beneficial to them.

If you successfully refer a friend, you will be sent a free set of inksThat’s about a $1,000 value towards your business!

So what are you waiting for? Refer a friend today!

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Ortho Development Upgrades to a Kiaro!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Ortho Development, a manufacturer of medical devices, was losing money because of poorly printed labels. After having shipment after shipment sent back from overseas due to unreadable, blotchy labels, they decided to upgrade to a Kiaro! inkjet label printer. With their new printer, they immediately found improvements in quality, reductions in price, and savings in cost.

Ortho Development is in Draper, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City, where they craft all number of medical devices. But mostly, they make implants – hips, knees, spines. 

A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices
A worker at Ortho Development crafting some tiny, perfect piece of one of their medical devices

They spend countless, painstaking hours in clean rooms within their sparkling facility making sure every nanometer of their medical devices, and the labeling of those devices, is perfect.

“We distribute about half, or more than half of our product to Japan, and distributing to Japan requires labels to be perfect,” Carmen Moore told us.

Carmen Moore is the packaging and labeling engineer at Ortho Development, and works with the Kiaro! daily.

You can watch a video about Moore’s use of the Kiaro! here:

“We ran into… ink blotches… smeared ink,” said Carmen Moore, “often little spots of ink were misplaced on the label.”

As a result of imperfect labels, its distributors returned shipments to Utah, at great cost to Ortho Development. International distributors, in particular, have very strict demands on the appearance of medical device labels.

Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development
Carmen Moore and one of her two Kiaro! label printers at Ortho Development

The spotting, smearing and blotches came because the printheads required frequent cleaning and were constantly clogged, the ink wasn’t durable, and because the other brand printer, “was difficult for our operators to use,” said Moore, “it required constant cleaning of the printhead, and constant wiping of the printer itself.”

“Previously, we were wasting about half of our labels,” said Moore. In other words, Moore’s team had to print twice as many medical device labels as the needed in the hopes of printing 50% that were usable.

So, Carmen decided to take on a Kiaro!

Labels for Ortho Development's medical devices as printed on a Kiaro!.
Labels for medical devices as printed by a Kiaro!.

“We did a trial period with a Kiaro!,” said Moore, “and found that it printed our labels perfectly. So, we kind of fell in love with it.”

“With our other label printer, I spent an hour each day in production just fixing it,” she continued, “whereas I’ve spent only two hours on the Kiaro! in the whole time that we’ve had it.”

Moore was also responsible for training the Kiaro! operators in how to use the label printer, a process that only took a few minutes. “All I have to do is show them how to transfer the label stock – then printing the labels is very easy,” she said.

They started printing labels for their trauma products, but they found they were saving so much money and  time by printing with their Kiaro! that Carmen decided to buy a second Kiaro! label printer. Now they make all of their product labels with the Kiaro!.

The Kiaro! and Ortho Development’s labeled packages.

“Our previous printers did not work for our application very well,” said Moore, “The Kiaro! printer is completely what we need.”

While we were talking with Carmen, we met Jenney Spencer – a Kiaro! printer operator at Ortho Development. She explained to us that the Kiaro! is far easier to use than any label printer they’ve had.

Jenney Spencer, Kiaro! operator, at Ortho Development.

“Printing with the old labels, they’d have smudging and spots,” said Jenney, “with the Kiaro! it’s better, and clear.” She also explained that with the  other printer the operators would have to take time out of their day to phone the engineers and technical support frequently – because of the myriad of problems it offered, “with the Kiaro! we don’t have to call anybody,” she said.

To see for yourself how a Kiaro! label printer can save your facility money and time, schedule an in-person demonstration – you’ll save $500 off of your purchase!

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