Our Customers Love Their Kiaro! Label Printers for Making Valentine’s Day Labels

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan
Lake Champlain Chocolates prints beautiful holiday labels with their Vivo! Touch label printer
Lake Champlain Chocolates prints beautiful holiday labels with their Vivo! Touch label printer

Take a Look at Products that Make for Great Valentine’s Gifts

Although I think Valentine’s Day is a little bit of a silly holiday, I just love all of the special holiday packaging and labels, especially all of the Valentine’s Day labels printed by our Kiaro! inkjet label printer customers.

Our sweet Kiaro! customer Amoretti Ingredients explained why the inkjet label printer is perfect for them saying, “We make nearly all of our products and ingredients to order, along with many custom creations, so being able to constantly create new  label art and print on-demand is crucial for our day-to-day operations.”

“Quicklabel’s printers enable us to present our products in a way that helps convey Amoretti’s attention to detail and quest for perfection.”

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve made things easy for you this year by putting together a list of fantastic Valentine’s gifts. Also, our customers wanted to share why they love their Kiaro! this Valentine’s Day!

Harry's Hot Sauce with a Valentine's Label
Hot Sauce Harry’s with a Valentine’s Label

1.Hot Sauce Harry’s

If you are looking to spice things up with your loved one, this Valentine’s Day gift from Hot Sauce Harry’s is perfect. These labels are just awesome! Kiaro! Owner Hot Sauce Harry’s has been in business for close to 20 years, and has thoroughly enjoyed printing labels for companies and restaurants all over the country during that time. They explained that there private label program is so popular saying, “Our trademark is low minimums and fast turnaround. The Kiaro! fits perfectly into that business strategy.”

Hot Sauce Harry’s expressed their Valentine’s feelings for the Kiaro! saying, “We love the Kiaro! for the speed AND quality. Until now you could get speed and sacrifice quality OR you could get quality and sacrifice speed. The Kiaro! gives you both.”

Luckily they also like our team telling me, “QuickLabel service is outstanding and is one of the main reasons we chose the Kiaro! for our label printing needs.”

We LOVE having Hot Sauce Harry’s as a customer, and seeing all of the fun label designs they print!

J.O. Spice Valentine's Label
J.O. Spice Valentine’s Label

2. J.O.Spice

Clearly we think you should spice it up this Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s winter and we  can all use some heating up! J.O. Spice has the perfect way to heat up your seafood dishes with special Valentine’s Day packages of seafood seasonings. Their products and customer service are highly rated, so I recommend you put this on your shopping list! If your Valentine would prefer something sparkly, I also spotted some beautiful crab necklaces they are selling.

A Valentine's Crab Mallet from J.O. Spice
A Valentine’s Crab Mallet from J.O. Spice

We wrote about how J.O. Spice personalized labels add a personal touch to their flavorful seasonings earlier this year. They take full advantage of customizing their labels and mallets to personalize their products for a wide variety of events!

J.O. Spice has loved the benefits that owning the Zeo! light-duty inkjet label printer, the Vivo! Touch production-capacity label printer, AND now the Kiaro! inkjet label printer have brought.

J.O. Spice loves their QuickLabel printers, and WE love having them as a customer.


Amoretti Gourmet Icings
Amoretti Gourmet Icings

3. Amoretti

Now after spicing it up so much, I think it’s time to be sweet! Amoretti is a great place to shop for all of your Valentine’s Day baking needs. They have so many great products that I asked their advice for Valentine’s Day gifts.

“We are in the beginning stages of creating and launching a new product line – Gourmet Icings. These will be naturally flavored and colored, with no preservatives. We had QuickLabel create custom shape Kiaro! labels for the special wide-mouth jars used for the product line. The Gourmet Icings can be used to top cupcakes, frost cakes, or used as a filling for French macaroons. For Valentine’s Day, you might try Wild Strawberry icing or the unique and unexpected — Bulgarian Rose Petal icing. Our plan is to offer the icings through Amazon.com in time for Valentine’s Day!”

Why Amoretti Loves the Kiaro! label printer

“Switching many of our labels to the Kiaro! has been terrific. We love the ease of changing label material and inks – not to mention the stellar speed, quality and accuracy of printing. We are also thrilled that label waste has been eliminated – we can now print exactly 2 labels if necessary, without throwing any blanks away!”

Like many of our customers, Amoretti not only emphasized their love for the Kiaro!, but also their love of QuickLabel’s customer service, saying “The customer service and technical support teams have been critical to our success. Media Specialist Melody Allen has been very helpful and is rolling with the punches as we move forward. “

QuickLabel customers, we would like to be your Valentine! If you love your label printer, please let us know in the comments. As always, we are available to you if you would like to schedule an in-person demonstration of the Kiaro! label printer!


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New QuickLabel College Room, Same Commitment to Customer Success

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Purple Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Our New QuickLabel College!

Mark Paul cuts the ribbon on the new QuickLabel College Lab

Today we had the purple ribbon cutting ceremony for our newly revamped QuickLabel College. If you don’t already know, QuickLabel College is where we train label printer operators. Although our printers are easy to use, they also possess many features. QuickLabel College is our way of helping you benefit as much as possible from your label printer.

Mark Paul, Technical Support Manager plays a big role in organizing QuickLabel College. Before inaugurating the new Lab with a ceremonial ribbon cutting, he said, “This is an investment in our customers.  We’ve hosted 319 classes, over 1,000 students coming through these doors and learned the ins and outs of our products, and we look forward to training thousands more.”

Eric Pizzuti describes features of the new QuickLabel College

Introducing the NEW and Improved QuickLabel College Lab!

Our new QuickLabel College Lab is ready for you! Be one of the first sessions to experience all that the lab has to offer. You will still get the knowledgeable and experienced teacher, just in an updated easy to use environment. This hands-on label printer training will have you printing fantastic labels in no time.

Before the ribbon cutting ceremony, Eric Pizzuti, QuickLabel’s Vice President, explained that “This is dedicated as a new training facility for our customers. When you see the room you will really get a sense of why we call it the QuickLabel College “Lab” – it really is a lab environment for our customers to learn.”

“We held the first QuickLabel College in 1994. Since that time a lot has changed within the product line and our company, but one thing has not changed. Something has remained constant. That is the company’s dedication to our customers, and to customer service. This QL College Lab is a direct example of that, a manifestation of the company’s dedication to our customers and intent to make customers as productive as they can possibly be.”

International Wines has utilized the skills they learned at QuickLabel College in printing their wine labels!

What are QuickLabel College graduates are saying?

I was lucky enough to go meet one of our recent QuickLabel College classes, and they were wonderful! They told me about their experience.

Terry Jinks of Corta-flx Equine and Canine Joint Health Supplements was very enthusiastic about the program and explained that, “Our company has 4 different models of QuickLabel printers & I’ve been up to QuickLabel for the College on all of them. QuickLabel provides an excellent value-added service through the College, and I’ve always found it to be extremely helpful.”

International Wines was another fantastic company that visited Rhode Island to attend QuickLabel College. Caroline Haugh took the course and followed up after her trip asking me to, “Please thank everyone again for the great learning experience we had at QuickLabel College.  We had been using our Vivo! Touch for a while before we came up to the course, and while we knew we still had a lot to learn, we were amazed at how many tips and tricks we picked up on in areas that we thought we already had down pat.  Our wine labels have never looked better!  It’s also nice to have two people here that know how to do everything now – just in case one of us is out and something comes up we are totally self-sufficient!  Anyone with a Vivo! Touch MUST attend QuickLabel College or they are missing out!”

QuickLabel employees enjoyed touring the new lab.

Why Come to QuickLabel College?

There are many reasons to take advantage of all of the benefits QuickLabel College has to offer. One of the main ones is that you are investing in the printer, and we want you to get the most out of it. We want to make you as happy as possible with your label printer, and QuickLabel College the way to do so. If you attend QuickLabel College you will gain skills by learning how to utilize your digital color label printer, how to benefit from Custom QuickLabel software, label printer maintenance and upkeep, and much more. You will graduate knowing how to make the best looking labels in the most efficient way possible. Oh ya, and it’s FREE. I think you should really be asking yourself, “Why not?”

Who can attend QuickLabel College?

As I mentioned, everyone who attends QuickLabel College has a full scholarship. If your company purchases any QuickLabel production-capacity color label printer, you get to send two people to college on free tuition. The included printers are the Kiaro!, Vivo! Touch, QLS-4100 Xe, and QLS-3000 Xe. QuickLabel does not cover your travel expenses; however you will be served a complimentary lunch each day. And all the coffee you can drink.

Earn Your QuickLabel College Certificate!

Where is QuickLabel College Held?

You might be wondering where the prestigious QuickLabel College is. It’s here at QuickLabel world headquarters in West Warwick, Rhode Island. (So make sure you say hi to me while you are here!)

Joe Amalfitano is the esteemed professor and facilitator of QuickLabel College. He knows his stuff, and will painlessly guide you through the ins and outs of your new printer and software. Don’t worry though, he’s not TOO strict. Joe is actually a pretty fun guy, and even travels all over to compete in bowling championships. Joe is the perfect person to help you earn your QuickLabel Digital Label Printing certificate as he is the QuickLabel Training Manager and also a Technical Support Technician.

Fill out this short form to attend QuickLabel College!

QuickLabel College Before and After




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5 Labels We Love!

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

Check out a handful of our customers with great labels.

I never thought I would pay such close attention to labels, but I now realize that in a sense I always have. I’ve always loved shopping, and from a young age would want the candy that looked the prettiest, or the no-tears shampoo in the brightest packaging. So the only thing that has changed in this respect is that I’m slightly more aware of how labels influence my purchases.

There are so many great packaging and label designs out there, I can hardly make it down a grocery store aisle without stopping to take note of at least a handful of labels (unless I’m really hungry!). So, I wanted to share with you 5 of our customers’ labels that we love.

1. Dave’s Market

Dave’s Market and Le’s Isle Rose gift shop carry such an abundance of delicious foods and gifts. Their stores are much more pleasant to shop in than the average grocery store. We recently took a trip to Dave’s Market to see how they use their Kiaro! inkjet label printer to print a wide variety of labels for their specialties and prepared foods. They love how fast it prints, and are always finding more and more products that they can conveniently label. You can see for yourself how fast Dave’s Market prints labels on the Kiaro! Their gift shop and florist Le’s Isle Rose is lovely, and I personally love these simply elegant labels. Beautiful, don’t you think?

2. Coffee City USA

Coffee City USA is coffee roaster, and as many might imagine they say it’s always a great day there! The owners are a lovely married couple who decided to open their own coffee roasting company after gaining expertise in the specialty coffee business. Not only do they sell coffee and tea, but a variety of other yummy treats and gifts as well. They LOVE printing vibrant labels with their Vivo! Touch color label printer.

3.Freshway Foods

Our Regional Manager, Bill Pizzuti  has a favorite label with this wonderful customer based in Ohio. This company supplies fresh cut produce to a wide variety of locations. These include hospitals, restaurants, and catering companies. With their Vivo! Touch color label printer they can easily and quickly print a variety of customized labels to send with their products. Billy likes this Snack Takes label that is placed on packages of fresh crunchy carrot sticks and celery because, “it’s simply succinct, it reminds me that I’m on a diet and should eat healthier foods, it gets applied to a nice light fresh snack which I think is fit for this summertime weather, and it’s from a great company and great customer.” Do you like this label as much as we do?

4. Kramer’s Salsa

I LOVE salsa! This delicious salsa was spotted by Cassie Dib, one of our Media Specialists.She was so thrilled and told me, “I was so excited when I found Linda’s salsa at Wal-Mart in my hometown of Oskaloosa! Look at that beautiful flexo-printed label. I had to buy a jar and I must say, the salsa was DELICIOUS!! “ Now I need to send her back to get me some. What’s your favorite food to enjoy with salsa? I’m torn between quesadillas and nachos!

5. Urban Herbs

This company sells their amazing spices straight to chefs. But, not to fret you can order their products easily online. Then, thanks to their products you will be the most famous chef in your family, maybe even in the whole neighborhood! Not only do they have a huge variety of spices, but they also have dried beans, rice, sugars, gourmet and coffee beans. This is a great example of how owning a Kiaro! inkjet color label printer can allow a company to print custom spice labels for private label customers. We also love how the side panel is devoted to “Directions for you” suggesting various ways to use this rub.

I hope you love these labels just as much as we do. Which one is your favorite? If you use a QuickLabel printer I would love to hear about it and  your products. Feel free to e-mail me and show me your labels!

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Vivo! Touch Label Printer Review: Q&A with Madge Brown of Freshway Foods

Posted on by Kelsey Sullivan

I recently had the opportunity to chat with a member of Freshway Foods’ R&D  department, Madge Brown, who took time out of her busy schedule tell us about her experience of digitally printing labels with the Vivo! Touch color label printer.

QL: What does Freshway Foods make and sell?

MB: Freshway Foods, located in Sydney, Ohio, provides fresh cut produce solutions to customers such as restaurants, catering companies, and hospitals. Our “fresh-cut and value-added products” save our customers time and money.

QL: Which of your products do you label with the Vivo! Touch printer?

MB: We send the labels out in kits and the customers apply them at store level. For example: grab and go salads and apple trays.

QL: About how many labels do you print in each print job (batch size?)

MB: We run several, the largest batch we run is 10,000 and the least we run is 6 labels depending on the product!

QL: Have you had any maintenance problems with the Vivo! Touch and if so what?

MB: At one time we had thought the label printer had a major issue and QuickLabel technical support had a loaner printer boxed up and ready to ship out to us. Then we figured out I had the wrong image drum in it.

QL: How did QuickLabel Technical Support respond to your issue?

MB: They were going to get a truck to deliver it overnight! Also, I was sent an order of 8,000 printed labels the following day at no cost to me other than the cost of the blank label material itself after I sent them the artwork that I needed for my order! There are truly a great bunch of Tech Support folks there. None better in my opinion. Their group has yet to say ‘We can’t do that today.’

QL: How has printing labels in short-run batches helped Freshway Foods?

MB: It helps because we don’t have a lot of inventory sitting around …paid for inventory that we may or may not use equals money sitting around.

QL: You purchase labels and ink exclusively with QuickLabel, do you find the pricing competitive or is it more expensive?

MB: I can tell you that we have run over 900,000 labels and the printer has more than paid for itself. As a matter of fact, we just purchased a second Vivo Touch. When I said the printer paid for itself, I mean it paid for itself, the new printer, and all of the materials needed to run the over 900,000 labels and then some. The Vivo! Touch is great. On average we were paying 13 cents a label printed outside and now I print them in house for approximately 3 cents (including materials).

QL: How is Customer Service with QuickLabel?

MB: AWESOME!!!! Joe Quednau, our QuickLabel salesman, is the best!

QL: Did you attend QuickLabel College and if so was it worth it?
MB: QuickLabel College is a great time. You tour their facility, learn not only the machine but in my case I had never had a Photoshop® class and the trainer, Joe, taught me a lot about that program as well even though that wasn’t his job and never said “well we don’t teach that in this class.”

QL: Have you had any customer feedback about your labels?
MB:  No but no negative feedback is good feedback as far as I am concerned and in just over a year of printing our own labels we have had zero complaints!

We’re pleased to see that our good friend, Madge, is happy with the Vivo! Touch and that Freshway Foods is reaping the benefits of printing labels on-demand. We want nothing but the best for our customers and it brings a smile to our faces to know that the Vivo! Touch is doing the job for Freshway Foods.

If you would like to learn more about the Vivo! Touch color label printer and schedule an in-person demonstration, let us know! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions about in-house label printing!

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Personalized Labels Add Flavor for J.O. Spice

Posted on by kginter

Considering that it’s the state’s official crustacean, it’s safe to say that Maryland is known for its love of the blue crab. For the past 67 years, one company has been in the business of making this local delicacy even more delicious: J.O. Spice. “J.O. Spice is the flavor of Maryland!” said Kathleen Duncan, one of the company’s enthusiastic employees. “When you enjoy seafood in our state, especially crabs, I can almost guarantee that you are tasting J.O. Spice.”

People in the Chesapeake Bay area ask for J.O. Spice crab seasoning by name. One of Maryland’s best kept secrets, J.O. Spice’s seafood seasonings, spices, batters, breadings, and soups are also used in virtually every crab house and seafood restaurant along the East Coast – pretty impressive!

Cracking Into Custom Label Printing …

Whenever there is a special event going on in the Baltimore area, crab lovers want to incorporate their favorite meal into the event. J.O. Spice’s custom-labeled spices and seasonings have become popular wedding favors and are often paired with their personalized crab mallets.

Printing Custom Spice Labels Since 1945

Since their opening in 1945, J.O. has been custom blending and custom labeling their line of spices for restaurants. “We’ve always offered custom labeled seasoning and spices,” explains Duncan, “but as technology has advanced so has the demand for custom labels.”

When J.O. Spice realized they needed to bring label printing in-house in order keep up with the demand for custom labels, they had some decisions to make. One was to find an in-house label printer capable of printing the kind of labels they wanted to offer to their customers.

When they discovered QuickLabel Systems, J.O. settled on two of our color label printers: the Zeo! light-duty inkjet label printer and the Vivo! Touch production-capacity label printer. “The Vivo! Touch and the Zeo! label printers have advanced the quality of our label printing needs,” said Duncan.

J.O. Spice’s local sales engineer, Tony Bucci, explains, “the Vivo! Touch was a solution that provided J.O. Spice high quality, full color labels like their Zeo! but is much faster & less expensive (per label).”  Bucci gave an on-site demonstration of the Vivo! Touch at J.O. Spice and they were pleased with what they saw, “as soon as I was able to demonstrate the Vivo! Touch and show them the productivity there was no looking back.”

Old-Fashioned Customer Service

If you’re interested in ordering seasonings or spices with personalized labels or custom-engraved mallets, J.O. Spice makes buying as easy and personalized as their products. All you have to do is make an old-fashioned phone call to 1-800-537-5714 or send an email to Ginger (jospiceginger@yahoo.com), Marketing and Sales Manager and tell her what you want on your personalized product.

Kathleen Duncan will then come up with a design based on what you’re looking for and send you a proof. Duncan is a seasoned (no pun intended!) graphic artist who loves what she does. “Most customers approve their proofs the first time around and are very happy!”  Once the custom label proof is approved, payment can be made by mail or over the phone. “It’s old-fashioned personalized customer service throughout the whole ordering process all the way up to the arrival of your products!” Duncan proudly explained.

Duncan loves hearing the customers’ expressions of appreciation when they see the finished product. “The emails and referrals I receive from happy customers is overwhelming and makes my job very rewarding.”

As far as picking her favorite label, Duncan said she can’t – every label she designs is unique in its own right. Duncan strives to tailor each personalized spice label especially for each wedding couple or for each special event. “It’s always fun to let your imagination run wild while designing,” she said. “Seeing the finished product is rewarding. Most times it comes out better than I imagined!”

“It’s amazing how much personality you can bring out in a label by the use of design and color. Now that we have our Vivo! Touch and Zeo!, our color selection is endless.” With “vivid and bold” label colors, Duncan said that she can create label designs from “bold and sassy to simple and understated.”

Luckily, the fact that her QuickLabel printers really deliver makes the time spent designing custom labels for her customers well worth it. “Printing our own labels in house has allowed us to print a quality label at an affordable price which allows us to offer custom labeling with a smaller minimum requirement.”

Eat Like a Local, Talk like a Local

Although J.O. Spice has always specialized in spices and seasonings, they are “more than just a spice company, for sure!” said Duncan. The products in their store range from spices and seasonings to crab mallets and apparel.

I took a lesson in crab lingo when talking to Duncan about the personalized crab mallets. I referred to them as hammers, which gave her a giggle. She shared, “You can always tell when someone is from out of town with inquiries about custom mallets.” How? Just like me, J.O.’s out of town customers will refer to the mallets as “mallots,” “hammers,” “crab crackers,” and “knockers.” “The term we use in Maryland is ‘mallets,’” Duncan said, “but we enjoy hearing all the other terms that are used!”

JO Spice’s Old Fashioned Customer Service Meets QuickLabel’s Customer Support

Being such passionate advocates for customer service, J.O. Spice has high expectations for the service they receive – just as they should! Luckily for us, we have met those expectations.

“The customer service and support from QuickLabel has been great,” Duncan shared with us. “If we ever have a troubleshooting problem everyone at QuickLabel has been great at getting us the support that we need. Our QuickLabel printers have proved to be a great business investment!”

Want A Taste of What J.O. Spice Has to Offer?

You can check out their website and online store at store.jospices.com. Or call Ginger at 1-800-537-5714.

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Adelbert’s Brewery Taps Into Austin’s Craft Beer Market

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A Hoppy Sighting In Austin…

While traveling in the Austin, TX area, our Product Manager Kevin Brisson spotted some very unique-looking craft beer on the shelf at the flagship Whole Foods Store. Kevin saw Adelbert’s  Brewery Triple B, Scratchin’ Hippo, and Dancin’ Monk at Whole Foods  – wow that’s HUGE for Adelbert’s! He took a quick photo and sent it home for all of us to see – he knew how excited we would be because Adelbert’s Brewery prints labels with the Vivo! Touch color label printer!

Adelbert’s Brewery is an Austin-based microbrewery that just released its first round of bottle conditioned Belgian-Style beers to stores in December, and opened its doors to the public in March with a Grand Opening that featured beer sampling and live music.

How Does Adelbert’s Make Their Delicious Brews?

Adelbert’s Brewery has committed themselves to brewing Belgian-style bottle conditioned ales.  For those who aren’t sure exactly what “bottle conditioned” means, it is a process of unfiltering the beers so that the final “conditioning” takes place in the bottle itself, or the beer is filtered and then “reseeded” with yeast so that additional fermentation may take place in the bottle. It is Adelbert’s belief that such conditioning with quality ingredients and attention to detail during the brewing process make for the best brewed beers.

Adelbert’s uses Bohemian old-world floor malted barley – say that ten times fast after 2 or 3 of their Rambler Ales! They also use low alpha Noble Czech hops and fresh yeast that is produced onsite at the brewery. Adelbert has a five vessel brewhouse. Each batch of beer is conditioned for a minimum of six weeks, and three of the six weeks is spent in the fermentation vessels. During the next three weeks, the beer is conditioned in bottles or kegs, which allows natural carbonation and flavor development. Is your mouth watering yet?

What’s Brewin’ Now?

Right now Adelbert has five Belgian brews for your enjoyment:  Rambler Ale, Scratchin’ Hippo, Dancin Monks, Tripel B, and Naked Nun. Adelbert’s is also planning to release 2 more brews in May and June:  Black Rhino (Dark Ale) and Philosophizer (Saison Ale.) You can try these delicious brews in 750ml bottles, kegs, or on draft in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and other areas throughout Texas – keep your eyes peeled!

Congratulations Adelbert’s Brewery on a successful product launch and a very bright future. We’re happy to provide a labeling solution to a great company with such unique products. Your labels, just like your beer, came out great! Cheers!

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Spangler Candy Licks Lollipop Label Personalization with the Help of the Vivo! Touch Color Label Printer

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Is one of your favorite childhood memories of going to the bank or to the doctor’s office and receiving that free lollipop at the end? I know it is one of mine; it did make the trip worth it after all!  There’s a pretty good chance that the yummy pop you received was a Saf-T-Pop from Spangler Candy Co.

The Saf-T-Pop, named appropriately for its loop handle to prevent choking, is produced by Spangler Candy Co based in Bryan, Ohio.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting with the Spangler team at their Bryan world headquarters. Spangler VP of Marketing Jim Knight welcomed me and the QuickLabel marketing team into the Spangler family for the day.

Knight, who enamored us all with his Midwestern courtesy, also introduced us to the young and enthusiastic Mattea St. John, Spangler E-commerce Manager, and the down-to-earth Rich Trubey, Fulfillment Center General Manager. I knew the day was off to a great start when, to my delight, we were greeted not only with warm smiles, but with Spangler gift bags full of Saf-T-Pops®, Dum Dum pops®, Spangler Candy Canes®, and Spangler Circus Peanuts®. Yum!

You can see more about our trip to Spangler Candy Co. in our latest video.

Pop-ular Giveaways

Besides being the giveaway of choice at banks, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and salons, because of Saf-T-Pops “safe” reputation, they have always been a popular giveaway item among organizations that promote safety. The Saf-T-Pop gets its name from its loop handle, a safety measure that helps to prevent choking. Because of this – and because the cherry, orange, grape, and apple pops taste so good – police stations, hospitals, clinics, and car seat and seat belt safety programs have long given out Saf-T-Pops as a way to say “thank you.”

So, you might be thinking “how can an organization promote its message with Saf-T-Pops?”

The answer is: with personalized labels, of course!

A Sweet Solution for Printing Custom Labels  

But printing customized labels for Saf-T-Pop lollipops comes with a challenge. Spangler produces over 500,000 Saf-T-Pops per day. With packaging lines established for these high volumes, it would have been too costly for Spangler to break into them in order to produce custom packaging for smaller orders placed by organizations or individuals who want personalized giveaway items.

Well, Spangler Candy Co found the answer to its packaging challenge when it discovered the Vivo! Touch digital color label printer.

With the flexibility to print custom labels in short runs (aka smaller quantity batches), Spangler Candy has been able to use the Vivo! Touch digital color label printer to print custom labels for its personalized Saf-T-Pop orders without having to interrupt its main packaging lines.

Now Spangler has entered into a new market for candy and confections – personalized and customized lollipops. Personalization has become a popular trend, and with requests for customization coming from consumers, Spangler has been able to use the Vivo! Touch to make personalized Saf-T-Pops that reach new customers and open new avenues for sales. As St. John said, “The options are endless with the Vivo! Touch.”

Online Ordering Makes it Easy to Buy Custom Labeled Saf-T-Pops

With the Vivo! Touch label printer in place, Spangler was able to set up an “easy and intuitive” customized labels section on their website, said St. John. All you have to do is go to www.saftpops.com, click on Buy Online, upload a logo, photo, or other graphic from your computer, and you are good to go! You can preview the label on the website and approve it before ordering.

After each customer’s order is placed, an automatic email notification is sent to the Fulfillment Center and Rich Trubey, who is responsible for overseeing printing of the customized labels on the Vivo! Touch. Some of the popular customized labels he has seen since the program started are “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” labels and also voting issue labels such as “Vote Yes” or “Vote No.” Some of the other fun options that bring smiles to the littlest faces are “Happy Birthday” pops and “Congratulations!” pops for children. Parents love having the option to make a special gift for their child to have as a keepsake and to make memories with.

While we were at Spangler, I was able to see samples of custom printed labels that have been ordered. The “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” labels are adorable! The feature blue or pink “child’s” writing and cute little baby feet print! I actually ordered some for a friend who is expecting a little girl this summer!

Personalized Lollipop Fulfillment 

The first order Spangler received was for 50,000 custom-labeled pops. Spangler was able to produce the custom labels with ease, “the Vivo! Touch was fast at 3 labels a second, it kept up just fine!” shared Trubey, General Manager of the Spangler Fulfillment Center.

Using the Vivo! Touch color label printer is easy for Spangler. They simply place the customer’s logo, graphic, or other artwork into Custom QuickLabel, the software QuickLabel provides with the Vivo! Touch, and press print!

Pretty sweet huh? If you’re interested in ordering your own custom labeled Saf-T-Pops, swing by www.saftpops.com.

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Counterfeit is Unfit: Preventing Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals with 2D Barcodes

Posted on by kginter

In light of the recent discovery of counterfeit Avastin, a cancer infusion drug, making its way into the US market, many are left wondering how to avoid such issues in the future. Part of the answer is printing labels with smart barcodes that contain valuable traceability information. Don’t worry, QuickLabel printers can help.


Current FDA Labeling Standards for Pharmaceuticals

Currently, pharmaceutical labels are regulated by a 2004 FDA rule requiring manufacturers to print a 10-digit linear barcode which encodes the product’s National Drug Code (NDC) either on the package or on a label.

This rule was put into place primarily to prevent medications from being mixed up and given out incorrectly, which had become an issue. Hospitals and physicians’ offices could easily scan the drug to ensure it was the correct one, even right at the patient’s bedside. Although this system is efficient in preventing bedside mix ups, it hasn’t helped to prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the market.

The Need for a New FDA Standard

In October of 2011, the FDA announced that they would be reviewing the 2004 labeling rule.

Now that it is known that an imitation version of Avastin made its way into the United States supply chain, and into hospitals and physicians’ offices around the country, it is possible that a new labeling system may be established.

It is widely assumed that the FDA will eventually require that pharmaceutical manufacturers use better labeling solutions to ensure drug security – the question is, how?

Are 2D Barcodes on Pharmaceutical Labels the Answer?

The state of California has taken the lead in
preventing counterfeit pharmaceuticals from reaching the market in their state. California has enacted what is called an “e-Pedigree” requirement. Under the “e-Pedigree,” pharmaceutical companies must encode a barcode with serial number, lot number, and other information by 2015, ensuring that each individual package can be tracked and traced throughout its supply chain lifespan.

It is possible to fit this information into a linear barcode, but doing so would make the label on the package an awkwardly large size. Instead, manufacturers who want to comply with the California law must turn to space-saving 2D barcodes such as GS1 DataMatrix.

Mark J. Goldberger, MD, MPH, divisional vice president, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence, Abbott Laboratories believes in updating the 2004 rule to comply with GS1 data standards. “Using GS1 standards, manufacturers could choose the appropriate data carrier type for the package size and market,” Goldberger explains.

Health Care Labeling and GS1 DataMatrix   

The GS1 DataMatrix 2D barcode is useful in the healthcare industry because it can be used to improve patients’ safety through better identification and traceability. Most commonly, a Global Trade Number (GTIN), Expiration Date, and Batch Number are embedded into Datamatrix healthcare codes.

The GTIN is a globally unique ID number that can be used throughout the healthcare industry to meet many of the industry requirements. Healthcare industry barcoding requirements include:

  • Ensuring the right drug is used at the point of administration
  • Providing efficiency in product ordering and cost re-imbursement schemes
  • A globally recognized system of identification and bar coding
  • A reference key for ensuring compliance to any local regulatory requirements (e.g., in the many countries where it is necessary for the national government to approve a drug or medicine before it can be made available on the market (or available to doctors to prescribe)

GS1 Data Matrix may be printed either as a square or as a rectangle composed of individual dots or squares. The data is encoded using a series of dark or light dots based upon a pre-determined size.

The size of a DataMatrix code is determined by the amount of information the code is going to hold. The more information there is, the larger the size the code will be. The most common DataMatrix code is the code in the shape of a square because it can retain the most information.

You Can Print 2D Barcodes with a QuickLabel Color Label Printer 

When you think of a color label printer, barcodes may not necessarily be what comes to mind. But actually, all QuickLabel full color label printers are able to print 2D barcodes such as GS1 Datamatrix, in addition to printing colors, logos, and text.

Once you have registered with GS1 and received your unique code, you can create your own 2D barcode using Custom QuickLabel software or NiceLabel software. Using the intuitive labeling software, just enter the appropriate traceability information to encode the 2D barcode. Then, you are ready to print – GS1 Datamatrix barcode, color graphics and all – with the confidence your products are tracebable throughout the global supply chain.

The Vivo! Touch, with its high-speed color label printing, is your full package printing solution. You’ll be printing full color labels 2D bar codes on-the-fly, ready to tackle any label job that comes your way – quickly and efficiently.

More Resources:

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a GS1 member, check out the GS1 website!

If you are interested in learning about how you could incorporate the GS1 DataMatrix 2D barcode onto your product label, visit the QuickLabel website!

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What to Expect from QuickLabel at Pack Expo 2011!

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QuickLabel Says “Vivo! Las Vegas”

Hello from Las Vegas! We’re here in the Central Hall waiting for the Pack Expo Show to open. QuickLabel has a lot in store for this year’s Pack Expo (September 26-28) and we can’t wait to share it with you! Here are some things to expect from QuickLabel Booth #1707:

It’s Only Going to Get Better and Better…

QuickLabel Systems is very excited to unveil the newest enhancements to our Vivo! Touch label printer. Our Vice President Eric Pizzuti, stated, “We’ve got some great new features to present, and we’ll continue to add features and functionally to the Vivo! Touch. It’s only going to keep getting better and better.”

The New Vivo! Touch Enhancements Include:

  • A New User Interface TouchPrint Stand-Alone Print Mode

One of the best ways to use our Vivo! Touch label printer in a production setting is to print labels via the color touchscreen interface, from TouchPrint. TouchPrint mode allows users to print labels directly from the touchscreen, without a computer. This makes it much easier for packaging line workers to choose and print the correct label, without accidentally modifying it. At Pack Expo we’ll be showing our new, user-friendly interface that allows you to name, store, manage, and modify label print jobs. Another new twist: you can now also import and export label print jobs from other media.

  • NiceLabel Printer Driver for the Vivo! Touch

We’re announcing a new Vivo! Touch enhancement: The new Vivo! Touch NiceDriver! The NiceDriver opens the door for NiceLabel enterprise software users to use the Vivo! Touch to print color labels with variable information. NiceLabel users can print directly from SAP and other ERP systems thanks to NiceLabel’s ability to interface with so many production systems and data sources. This is the first intelligent printer driver NiceLabel® has developed for a color label printer. We’d like to give a special shout out to our friends Andy, Nick, and Dan at NiceWare for working with us to make this happen. Thanks guys!

Web Server Status Interface for the Vivo! Touch

The new Vivo! Touch web server allows you to keep tabs on your Vivo! Touch printer from the web! All you need is a standard browser such as Internet Explorer® or Firefox®. Using your browser you can view label printer status such as: CMYK toner usage levels, print speed, the current state of the printer, and more.

Pack Expo Booth Happenings!

CONTEST! Have you been dying to get an iPad 2? Well, wait no longer. Test your luck in Vegas by entering our iPad2 Contest.  Throughout the show (Mon. September 26th – Wed. September 28th) just  follow us on Twitter (@QuickLabel) and tweet us with the hashtag #PackExpo OR follow us on Facebook (Facebook.com/QuickLabel) and comment on seeing us at Pack Expo.  Doing so will enter you for a chance to win a brand new white 16GB iPad 2 compliments of QuickLabel Systems! Pretty cool, huh?

SURPRISE! Last but not least, we will have

The Kiaro! live from Pack Expo Las Vegas!

a little prototype to show you. We’re always looking for ways to bring lower-priced, easier-to-use label printers to the market, and we’ll have a new, affordably-priced high-speed inkjet color label printer on display for you to see! If you’re looking to add a new color label printing solution to add to your packaging line, we suggest coming to check it out. We’d love to hear what you think! Shipments will begin in the spring.

Let’s Meet in Fabulous Las Vegas!

We are so excited to see you all at the show! We are especially excited to connect to Facebook and Twitter followers face-to-face who we have come to know in the social media realm! Please stop by Booth #1707 and say hi or let us know where to come see you so that we can put some faces with the Twitter handles! I know they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but I can’t promise you that – Twitpic is my best friend after all!

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Getting Crafty: Printing Your Own Beer Labels

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If you are an up-and-coming craft brewer and looking to label your own line of delicious brews, we’re here to give you some tips for printing labels with all of the required information.

What USA Labeling Regulations Do I Need To Follow?

Before you can put your beer on the market, you have to first receive a Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) from the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). You can apply for a COLA by going to the TTB’s website and downloading the application. Once you are there you can also find the necessary information you’ll need to have on your label before you send it in for approval.

Each beer that is put out into the market must have a label that displays the following:

  • Name or trade name of the brewer
  • Net contents of the bottle (exact volume of beer within the bottle)
  • Nature of the product (beer, ale, IPA, stout, etc.)
  • ACTUAL place of production (city and state)

One thing that is not mentioned on this list is Alcohol Content. Unlike liquors, beer is not required to list alcohol content on their labels.

Crafting Up Your Own Beer Labels with In-house Label Printing

One of the best accessories for crafting beer and marketing it is an in-house label printer. Making your own beer labels with an in-house color label printer is the perfect match for the craft beer tradition of experimentation, adaptability, and small batch production. It’s no surprise that microbreweries and brew pubs around the world are finding that they can easily and affordably print custom beer labels in “short runs” using their own QuickLabel digital label printers.

Worry About Stocking Beer, Not Stocking Labels!

With the ability to print your own labels in-house on demand, brewers can eliminate the need to keep a stock of pre-printed labels, and put a halt to delays for new labels by printing beer labels instantly, as they are needed.

By printing beer labels digitally, beer makers are free to make beer labels for each unique brew without meeting the “minimum purchase quantity” of labels required by commercial label printers.

Creative Freedom

Your delicious brews deserve a beautiful and creative label that showcases the quality of the of the beer inside. With your in-house label printer you can design your own labels to best portray your unique beer crafting. In-house label printing allows you to have full creative control over your labels so that you can get the labels you want when you need them. You can print color labels with text, photos, and graphics, for:

  • Customized labels for special events
  • Seasonal labels for seasonal brews
  • Small quantities of labels for small batch beers
  • Prototype labels for marketing samples
  • Sample labels for new brews

What Are My In-House Printing Options?

QuickLabel Systems has two fabulous solutions for printing labels in-house, when you need them.

  1. The first option is the affordable Zeo! desktop label printer. Ideal for lower-volume, brewpub production and designed for printing color labels for the limited quantities of bottles and barrels sold on-site.
  2. The second option is the Vivo! Touch label printer. This top notch in-house printer is designed for larger-scale production, printing color beer bottle labels for cases of beer according to batch production or seasonal/sales demand.

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