Classic Celebration Cakes Creates Confections – and Labels – Fit for a Princess with the Help of our Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer

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The Icing on the Royal Cake

An elegant black and white Wedding Cake by Classic Celebration Cakes

I am one of those girls. By that I mean I looked at bridal magazines before I could read, staring in awe at the gowns and more importantly, the cakes. I still love wedding cakes, and have the same hard time leaving a bakery when I’m admiring them (as a child, being forced to leave a cake display was one of the few tantrum-inducing events for me).

Good news for wedding cake lovers like me, elaborate cakes are no longer just for weddings! In my opinion any celebration is a reason for an exquisite cake creation.

Our customer, Classic Celebrations Cakes, is a custom cake bakery and tea room in Manchester, England.  They opened initially in Hazel Grove in 1989, specializing in handmade cakes. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of their beautiful cakes, they moved to a new, much larger location in

Cake Shop

2011. They are so popular, in fact, that the owner Liz, wouldn’t even reveal to me what kind of hours she works, saying, “if I told you how many hours I work you wouldn’t believe me!”

Despite the name, the shop carries hundreds of goodies besides cakes. These include a wide variety of baked goods, chocolates, fudge, and more. (Are you hungry yet? Because I am!) Although their goodies and tea room are extremely popular, they are best known for their wedding cakes. Liz told me, “Wedding cakes are our biggest seller, followed by special birthdays, but we also produce a lot of corporate work.”

Gorgeous Wedding Cake by Classic Celebration Cakes

Something about Classic Celebration Cakes that I think is AMAZING is that they have baked the cakes for many of the British Royal weddings before Kate and William, including the wedding cake for HRH Price Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Needless to say, the bakers at Classic Celebration Cakes have years of experience.  When I asked Liz about her inspiration, she said, “I’ve worked in the industry all my life so have seen many trends come and go. It’s just a case of keeping up to speed with whatever the fashion of the wedding market is at the time.”

Gift Baskets are Customizable at Classic Celebration Cakes

Classic Celebration Cakes prints labels with a QuickLabel Zeo! inkjet label printer, and it has been a great addition to their business. I wanted to know how she decided to go with a QuickLabel printer, and she told me, “We saw your company at an exhibition, and we were really impressed with the quality and friendly staff.”

The Zeo! inkjet label printer works well for their wide variety of labels and meets their need to print labels on demand. Sometimes they only may need to print 100 labels for a certain product and 50 labels for another.  Their QuickLabel color label printer provides them with easy-to-make-labels on demand. This allows them to print special occasion labels, like the Christmas labels for their delicious chocolates and fudge which are their favorites!

If you have the opportunity you should definitely go have a look … and a taste at Classic Celebration Cakes and The Ash Tea Room. For more information like Classic Celebration Cakes on Facebook. Or you can visit the CCCakes website. As I mentioned they also have the very popular Ash Tea Rooms. If you have a sweet tooth like me you are probably anxious to visit their store and enjoy some treats!

Please comment below and share what your favorite flavor of cake is.

Fun Birthday Cake designed by Classic Celebration Cakes

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How to Choose an Inkjet Label Printer

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We understand the thoKiaro!ught that goes into purchasing a color label printer. You really want to make sure that you are purchasing the printer that is right for you and your application. We manufacture two different inkjet label printers: the Kiaro! and the Zeo! and we’ve heard many of the questions you have running through your mind from customers of our own and want to help. When you’re comparing and contrasting different inkjet label printers here are some things to consider before you purchase.

Print Speed and Print Quality

If you’re looking for an inkjet label printer two things that you are probably going to look at are print speed and print quality. You may think that print speed means the amount of time it physically takes to print labels but print speed also includes: pauses for maintence procedures, loading the labels into the printer, processing time delays, etc. All of these impact the throughput of the printer. Your production department needs to measure in order to evaluate what they are looking for in terms of print speed with a label printer.

When you’re looking at the print quality of the labels be sure to ask questions about what speed they were printed at, for example “were they printed at top speed?” Some label printers reduce effective print resolution when printing at higher speeds. Be sure to ask for different label samples to compare and contrast.

The Kiaro! inkjet label printer has print speeds up to 8 ips, fitting in nicely in fast paced production environments. But the print speed can be slowed to as low as 2 ips allowing it to accommodate to other various packaging environments. The Zeo! inkjet label printer on the other hand ha sprint speeds of 0.02 – 0.25 ips making it more suitable for slower production areas.

This beautiful label, for example, was printed on the Kiaro! inkjet color label printer. The detail is crisp and clean even at 8 ips!

Cleaning Process

Regular maintence on a label printer is a given but all inkjet label printers must periodically clean their print heads. If print heads are not cleaned blotches, banding, or voiding artifacts will occur. An important label spec to look for is whether the inkjet label printer you choose allows you to clean labels “in job” instead of cutting the web and requiring you to splice together a finished roll. It is little things like these that go unnoticed until it comes time to have to deal with it.

Usability Features

Another important feature to take into consideration with inkjet label printers is its build. If a printer is finicky or fragile, it will produce a print error if the system is just slightly tilted. Think of a table with uneven legs or floors that are slightly uneven. A robust label printer should be able to be used at more than just a perfectly flat angle.

A good example for comparing and contrasting different label printers can be done with the Kiaro! and the Zeo! The Kiaro! is a compact table top printer built to fit into almost any atmosphere, it is small enough to fit on an office desk but robust enough to find a home on the manufacturing floor. The Zeo! resembles your typical desktop printer (but more stylish in purple of course!) but its better fit for an office rather than a production floor.


Label printers can’t work unless they have software! It isn’t uncommon that software isn’t included in the price when you purchase your label printer. Be sure to check into whether software is included or if it will be another expense to endure. Software leads into another valuable perk that is fantastic to be included in the purchase…

Installation and Training

I don’t know about you but I know trying to learn how to use a label printer from scratch can be hard and overwhelming. How can you really know you’re using the printer correctly? In some cases installation and training are provided for the label printer, this is an extremely beneficial perk to take advantage of if it is available. The Kiaro! inkjet label printer comes with a Quick Set-Up package where a QuickLabel specialist will come to your location, install the Kiaro!, and train your users to start printing labels.

We understand that’s a lot to take in but if you have any questions about inkjet label printers we’re here to help! For more information on QuickLabe’s inkjet printers you can schedule a demonstration or request more information.

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Personalized Labels Add Flavor for J.O. Spice

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Considering that it’s the state’s official crustacean, it’s safe to say that Maryland is known for its love of the blue crab. For the past 67 years, one company has been in the business of making this local delicacy even more delicious: J.O. Spice. “J.O. Spice is the flavor of Maryland!” said Kathleen Duncan, one of the company’s enthusiastic employees. “When you enjoy seafood in our state, especially crabs, I can almost guarantee that you are tasting J.O. Spice.”

People in the Chesapeake Bay area ask for J.O. Spice crab seasoning by name. One of Maryland’s best kept secrets, J.O. Spice’s seafood seasonings, spices, batters, breadings, and soups are also used in virtually every crab house and seafood restaurant along the East Coast – pretty impressive!

Cracking Into Custom Label Printing …

Whenever there is a special event going on in the Baltimore area, crab lovers want to incorporate their favorite meal into the event. J.O. Spice’s custom-labeled spices and seasonings have become popular wedding favors and are often paired with their personalized crab mallets.

Printing Custom Spice Labels Since 1945

Since their opening in 1945, J.O. has been custom blending and custom labeling their line of spices for restaurants. “We’ve always offered custom labeled seasoning and spices,” explains Duncan, “but as technology has advanced so has the demand for custom labels.”

When J.O. Spice realized they needed to bring label printing in-house in order keep up with the demand for custom labels, they had some decisions to make. One was to find an in-house label printer capable of printing the kind of labels they wanted to offer to their customers.

When they discovered QuickLabel Systems, J.O. settled on two of our color label printers: the Zeo! light-duty inkjet label printer and the Vivo! Touch production-capacity label printer. “The Vivo! Touch and the Zeo! label printers have advanced the quality of our label printing needs,” said Duncan.

J.O. Spice’s local sales engineer, Tony Bucci, explains, “the Vivo! Touch was a solution that provided J.O. Spice high quality, full color labels like their Zeo! but is much faster & less expensive (per label).”  Bucci gave an on-site demonstration of the Vivo! Touch at J.O. Spice and they were pleased with what they saw, “as soon as I was able to demonstrate the Vivo! Touch and show them the productivity there was no looking back.”

Old-Fashioned Customer Service

If you’re interested in ordering seasonings or spices with personalized labels or custom-engraved mallets, J.O. Spice makes buying as easy and personalized as their products. All you have to do is make an old-fashioned phone call to 1-800-537-5714 or send an email to Ginger (, Marketing and Sales Manager and tell her what you want on your personalized product.

Kathleen Duncan will then come up with a design based on what you’re looking for and send you a proof. Duncan is a seasoned (no pun intended!) graphic artist who loves what she does. “Most customers approve their proofs the first time around and are very happy!”  Once the custom label proof is approved, payment can be made by mail or over the phone. “It’s old-fashioned personalized customer service throughout the whole ordering process all the way up to the arrival of your products!” Duncan proudly explained.

Duncan loves hearing the customers’ expressions of appreciation when they see the finished product. “The emails and referrals I receive from happy customers is overwhelming and makes my job very rewarding.”

As far as picking her favorite label, Duncan said she can’t – every label she designs is unique in its own right. Duncan strives to tailor each personalized spice label especially for each wedding couple or for each special event. “It’s always fun to let your imagination run wild while designing,” she said. “Seeing the finished product is rewarding. Most times it comes out better than I imagined!”

“It’s amazing how much personality you can bring out in a label by the use of design and color. Now that we have our Vivo! Touch and Zeo!, our color selection is endless.” With “vivid and bold” label colors, Duncan said that she can create label designs from “bold and sassy to simple and understated.”

Luckily, the fact that her QuickLabel printers really deliver makes the time spent designing custom labels for her customers well worth it. “Printing our own labels in house has allowed us to print a quality label at an affordable price which allows us to offer custom labeling with a smaller minimum requirement.”

Eat Like a Local, Talk like a Local

Although J.O. Spice has always specialized in spices and seasonings, they are “more than just a spice company, for sure!” said Duncan. The products in their store range from spices and seasonings to crab mallets and apparel.

I took a lesson in crab lingo when talking to Duncan about the personalized crab mallets. I referred to them as hammers, which gave her a giggle. She shared, “You can always tell when someone is from out of town with inquiries about custom mallets.” How? Just like me, J.O.’s out of town customers will refer to the mallets as “mallots,” “hammers,” “crab crackers,” and “knockers.” “The term we use in Maryland is ‘mallets,’” Duncan said, “but we enjoy hearing all the other terms that are used!”

JO Spice’s Old Fashioned Customer Service Meets QuickLabel’s Customer Support

Being such passionate advocates for customer service, J.O. Spice has high expectations for the service they receive – just as they should! Luckily for us, we have met those expectations.

“The customer service and support from QuickLabel has been great,” Duncan shared with us. “If we ever have a troubleshooting problem everyone at QuickLabel has been great at getting us the support that we need. Our QuickLabel printers have proved to be a great business investment!”

Want A Taste of What J.O. Spice Has to Offer?

You can check out their website and online store at Or call Ginger at 1-800-537-5714.

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QuickLabel Adds Key Ingredient To Amoretti’s Award Winning Products

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The Heart of Every Recipe

Amoretti Foods has been putting its heart into making delicious ingredients and selling them to the world’s largest hotels, restaurants, and bakeries since 1989.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Amoretti on a personal level thanks to my friendship with Nick Squires, Amoretti’s Social Media Coordinator. Squires may be just one ingredient in the larger Amoretti recipe for success, but he embodies the same heart and soul that the ingredients maker is built around. “As an employee of Amoretti, I can say that this company is run by people who truly have their heart in this industry. You can tell them a name and they know instantly who that chef is and what bakery they work for,” said Squires. Amoretti prides itself on providing over 2,000 pastry, savory, and beverage ingredients to help aide the cooking process and to create delicious menu items.

Amoretti supplies its customers not just with the best ingredients, but with the ability to make the best foods from those ingredients. Squires explained, “We genuinely go out of our way to make the best product, not just to ‘be the best,’ but so that our client can make a product that stands out, that brings people in to their restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop.” Squires added, “What makes us happier than landing a new client is when that new client succeeds.”

“We Never Cut Corners To Save A Dollar”

Jack Barsoumian and his wife, Maral.

Squires shared the motto that Amoretti founder Jack Barsoumian has taught to each employee: “Our ingredients are created not for profit, but for perfection.”

Amoretti’s people pay very careful attention to every detail from flavor, consistency, and color, to packaging and revisits each of these factors countless times in order to be positive that the finished ingredient that deserves a label with the Amoretti logo on it.

Now Home Chefs Can Cook with the Taste of Amoretti

Amoretti has three new lines of retail products that Amoretti are designed for the home buyer – Amoretti Premium Syrups for coffee, Amoretti Kalamata Infused Olive Oil and Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Amoretti Martini mixes made with real fruit. Sound delicious, don’t they?

The good news is they could be coming to a store near you, and soon – “We’re working every day to get these products on as many grocery shelves as possible, because we know people are going to love it,” said Squires. If you haven’t been able to find any of Amoretti’s products locally you can easily access their 24/7 online store: or buy Amoretti foods online at

QuickLabel’s Vivo! is the Right Ingredient for the Amoretti Mix

“We can have a surprise order for a product we don’t have a label for at 4:45 PM, and have that product labeled and ready to ship at 5pm, with a label that looks incredible. You can’t put a price on that.” – Nick Squires, Amoretti Social Media Coordinator

Amoretti Artisan Line

The Vivo! and Zeo! have given Amoretti the flexibility to print small and large batches of labels on an as needed basis, “The Vivo! and Zeo! are great because we can run as many labels as we want, whenever we want. If we need one label immediately for an immediate shipment, or we need 500 labels for a huge order, the Vivo! and Zeo! can handle it,” explains Squires. Oh and one more thing, “Not to mention they look great!”

Amoretti has also been impressed with how they can use the Vivo! to keep up with their expanding lines of new products, specifically their Artisan line. “The Amoretti Artisan line is constantly expanding, and the Vivo! is there to help us label the new flavors the day that they’re created,” said Squires.

Amoretti is excited about the fact that their QuickLabel printers give them the ability to print custom labels. As with many companies, their customers often request a new or specialized form of a product. Amoretti is happy to offer this luxury to their customers using the Vivo! label printer. “Sometimes a customer will make a request for a new flavor in the morning and we can create, test, revise, bottle, label and ship the product the same day.”

What Squires finds even more rewarding is that customers are impressed that they are getting a brand new product that they request just one day after they asked for it, something they find it hard to believe. Amoretti has been happy to integrate a system to turnaround their custom products faster. “The Vivo! makes that possible because we can create beautiful, professional labels on demand within minutes instead of sending a design out to a printer and waiting 2 weeks to get labels back.”

The Chef Behind the Labels

Amoretti designs all of their labels in-house with their top notch “design duo,” as Squires calls them, Erin and Dina. The beautiful label is enhanced by excellent print quality but the design is what really makes each label. The “design duo” (sorry I just love that nickname) have found a way to give each of Amoretti’s product lines their own identity through their labels and packaging.

“We want the labels to be beautiful but also be simple for a chef in a busy kitchen to be able to identify on a shelf with 100 products,” Squires explained, “and they do an incredible job of that.” How do they choose which label makes its way to the product packaging? The good old-fashioned way of course, “The process is like anything else here at Amoretti, when they’re working on a new label there will be 50 versions on their wall and a dozen people will come by and pick out their favorites.”

When Squires explains the label selection process as “People will come by and pick their favorites” he’s not kidding. Even when developing new products, Amoretti founder Jack Barsoumian goes around with 4 or 5 versions of the new product and asks his employees to try it and give their impression of the color, flavor, and consistency. Such an inclusive process shows that Amoretti is as team-oriented as it is quality-driven.

A Vision for 2,000 Ingredients

Jack Barsoumian founded Amoretti Foods was in 1989, and continues to be the visionary behind the company. He is described as having the ability to “bring his ideas to life with the highest quality natural ingredients, solid scientific knowledge an understanding of flavor relationships, a passion for the art of creation and commitment to hard work.”

Ingredients for Every Palate 

Amoretti prides itself on using the finest ingredients available and chooses the purest of ingredients, particularly non-GMO/GE ingredients. Squires understands the value of having non-GMO products to offer the marketplace. “People are really starting to pay attention to what is in their food so we go out of our way to certify our products so they’re easy to identify for people with dietary restrictions or health concerns.”

Amoretti has found inspiration in making universally accessible foods from none other than their employees. “We have Kosher employees, vegan employees, so we know how hard it can be to have to read every single ingredient label when you shop – the prominent Kosher, Vegan, or Non-GMO/GE logos on our labels make it easier for our customers.” By going the extra mile, Amoretti has been able to broaden its reach to the entire marketplace. “We just create our products to be universally available from the very beginning, as much as possible,” said Squires.

Amoretti and QuickLabel – A Great Combination

Nick Squires with his QuickLabel Zeo! and Vivo! label printers

When Squires needs to order more labels for the Vivo! and Zeo! label printers, he works directly with Media Specialist Melody Allen. Squires and Allen work particularly well together, “I love working with Melody because I can send her some crazy requests and she doesn’t miss a beat.” Allen has really proved to Squires that she is dedicated to Amoretti by understand his own particular lingo,“I’ll send an email like ‘Melody I need 6 more rolls of the paper labels in the extract size’ and she’ll know exactly what I mean, even when ‘extract size’ is something specific to Amoretti and not QuickLabel.”

Besides working with Melody, Amoretti has built relationships with couple other QuickLabel employees. Amoretti’s local salesperson is Troy Kent. Since acquiring their QuickLabel printers they have become accustomed to seeing Kent unexpectedly, “Troy is a great guy, he always pops in here when he’s nearby to check up on us, which we love.”

One of the biggest things QuickLabel prides itself on is our 24/7 technical support. In a case like Amoretti where they are across the country our 24/7 support has come in handy. “The tech support is incredible – they really know these printers and can walk us through some complicated stuff with very clear directions.” And for the times that it is too complicated for Amoretti to understand, QuickLabel has no problem walking them through the steps visually. “Tech Support can even remote desktop into our label PC and help us set up new sizes, which is awesome. Phil Slotter has got us out of many troublesome situations!”

Get a Taste of Amoretti on Social Media

Amoretti has made a splash in social media and made quite an impression throughout the social media community. As many of us know, the power of social media is almost unmatched when trying to promote a company or a new product. Amoretti has found that a major benefit of social media is as a way to interact with existing customers. “It is a much more personal process rather than trying to connect with people through a TV commercial. The more that our customers sell, they more they buy from us, so it’s in our best interest to be able to hear directly from our customers – what they want in a new product, what they like or even don’t like about a product,” said Squires.

Watch For Amoretti in the Future…

Are you a fan of the Food Network? Amoretti’s products have recently been featured on the network show “Sweet Genius.” Amoretti also exhibits at the Summer and Winter Fancy Food Shows, The Coffee Fests, Specialty Coffee Barista Championships, and of course, The Amoretti World and National Pastry Championships.

It’s safe to say Amoretti and QuickLabel have made for a satisfying combination.

“The Vivo! and the Zeo! have been game changers for us. The ability to create a label in any size and any shape and order custom label stock is huge, the ability to make as many labels as we want, whenever we want is invaluable. We have no regrets.”

Thank you Nick and the rest of the Amoretti Staff!

Get More Amoretti:

Like Amoretti on Facebook

Follow Amoretti on Twitter

Amoretti YouTube Channel

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Superior Labels is on a Roll with the Zeo! Inkjet Label Printer

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For the past 16 years, Superior Labels of Bettendorf, Iowa, has lived up to its name by providing its customers with the most superior address labels in the industry. It has been able to do so with the help of its own personal print room full of QuickLabel Systems label printers, including a bank of six Zeo! inkjet color label printers.

Superior Labels was founded in 1995 by Scott Lee, President and Owner, who started the label and stamp business from the basement of his home. As his business and clientele grew, Lee was able to move his company to a 5,700 square foot building in 2004. In 2009, he was able to upgrade once again to a 15,000 square foot building in Bettendorf where his company currently makes its custom address labels and rubber stamps.

When Lee was getting Superior Labels established, he took advantage of QuickLabel Systems’ in-house label printers to jumpstart his business. Superior Labels currently owns eleven QuickLabel Printers: (6) Zeo! Inkjet label printers, (3) Pronto! 486 barcode label printers, and also (2) QLS-4100 Xe color thermal transfer label printers.  “Our QuickLabel printers and label stocks have allowed us to offer a high quality product and fast shipping,” says Lee. Although all of these label printers contribute to fulfilling their customers custom label orders, the Zeo! above all has been an essential factor in their success.

The Zeo! Fulfills Orders For Personalized Address Labels

Why exactly are Superior Labels’ six Zeo!s an important part in fulfilling personalized address label orders?

“They allow us to offer unique features at a low price point. In the past, customers would have to pay for a press run, which is very expensive in small quantities,” explained Lee “QuickLabel gave us the opportunity to offer our 23,000 item graphic library on roll labels.”

Prior to discovering QuickLabel printers, Lee’s only options were digital color label printing systems that ranged in price from $50,000 to $250,000. “There wasn’t an affordable option for low-volume roll label printing,” he continued. “QuickLabel gave us the opportunity to offer our 23,000 item graphic library in roll labels.”

In Superior Labels’ case, the Zeo! was ideal for creating low quantities of address labels with text and full color graphics and photos. The Zeo! is a perfect fit for small businesses looking to print their own labels, anywhere from one to a few hundred photo quality labels.

Unique Address Labels win BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence

You can order your custom address labels from Superior Labels through its online storefront. Their website is extremely user-friendly and lets you easily customize your labels on your own time. You can utilize the 23,000+ online graphics and images catalog to create the unique address label that best suits you.

Address label customization options range beyond graphics to include metallic and multi-color label materials, all in the size 2 inches wide by ¾ inches high.

These labeling concepts are without a doubt, and fittingly, the most superior of their kind. “We regularly receive rave reviews from customers regarding our service and products,” Lee said. Those rave reviews certainly have some reach. In 2010, Superior Labels was chosen for the Bizrate Platinum “Circle of Excellence” award for customer satisfaction for their excellent service and superior products. The “Circle of Excellence” award places them in the top 3% of all Internet retailers.

Lee, although very proud of their award, is very modest in accepting credit. “I believe that the quality of the product produced by QuickLabel Systems printers plays a large role in winning this award.”

QuickLabel Support, Superior Results

Over the years Superior Labels has developed a great relationship with its local QuickLabel sales engineer, Eric Anderson. Lee describes Anderson as “terrific and a model sales representative.”

We at QuickLabel consider this high praise coming from someone who has spent so much time in the industry, “I’ve worked with many sales representatives over 25 years and Eric is one of the very best I’ve ever seen.” Lee said that while lots of people give lip service to consultative selling, Eric actually does it.” Anderson’s support was the foundation of the relationship between Superior Labels and QuickLabel Systems, and “QuickLabel has been a great collaborative business partner,” said Lee.

QuickLabel Engineers Custom Label Solutions

At one point, Lee was interested in purchasing a gold and silver foil label material. He learned that QuickLabel didn’t offer gold and silver foil, but that its Media Lab would develop the materials he wanted. “QuickLabel engineering did extensive research and found a solution and now we offer gold and silver foil stocks on rolls,” Lee observed.

Relationship with QuickLabel Systems

After years of working together, 11 QuickLabel printers, and a superior address label business, Lee summarized the relationship he has with QuickLabel Systems in one short sentence: “The Zeo!’s are affordable, outstanding quality printers, sold by a quality company that offers excellent support.”

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Getting Crafty: Printing Your Own Beer Labels

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If you are an up-and-coming craft brewer and looking to label your own line of delicious brews, we’re here to give you some tips for printing labels with all of the required information.

What USA Labeling Regulations Do I Need To Follow?

Before you can put your beer on the market, you have to first receive a Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) from the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). You can apply for a COLA by going to the TTB’s website and downloading the application. Once you are there you can also find the necessary information you’ll need to have on your label before you send it in for approval.

Each beer that is put out into the market must have a label that displays the following:

  • Name or trade name of the brewer
  • Net contents of the bottle (exact volume of beer within the bottle)
  • Nature of the product (beer, ale, IPA, stout, etc.)
  • ACTUAL place of production (city and state)

One thing that is not mentioned on this list is Alcohol Content. Unlike liquors, beer is not required to list alcohol content on their labels.

Crafting Up Your Own Beer Labels with In-house Label Printing

One of the best accessories for crafting beer and marketing it is an in-house label printer. Making your own beer labels with an in-house color label printer is the perfect match for the craft beer tradition of experimentation, adaptability, and small batch production. It’s no surprise that microbreweries and brew pubs around the world are finding that they can easily and affordably print custom beer labels in “short runs” using their own QuickLabel digital label printers.

Worry About Stocking Beer, Not Stocking Labels!

With the ability to print your own labels in-house on demand, brewers can eliminate the need to keep a stock of pre-printed labels, and put a halt to delays for new labels by printing beer labels instantly, as they are needed.

By printing beer labels digitally, beer makers are free to make beer labels for each unique brew without meeting the “minimum purchase quantity” of labels required by commercial label printers.

Creative Freedom

Your delicious brews deserve a beautiful and creative label that showcases the quality of the of the beer inside. With your in-house label printer you can design your own labels to best portray your unique beer crafting. In-house label printing allows you to have full creative control over your labels so that you can get the labels you want when you need them. You can print color labels with text, photos, and graphics, for:

  • Customized labels for special events
  • Seasonal labels for seasonal brews
  • Small quantities of labels for small batch beers
  • Prototype labels for marketing samples
  • Sample labels for new brews

What Are My In-House Printing Options?

QuickLabel Systems has two fabulous solutions for printing labels in-house, when you need them.

  1. The first option is the affordable Zeo! desktop label printer. Ideal for lower-volume, brewpub production and designed for printing color labels for the limited quantities of bottles and barrels sold on-site.
  2. The second option is the Vivo! Touch label printer. This top notch in-house printer is designed for larger-scale production, printing color beer bottle labels for cases of beer according to batch production or seasonal/sales demand.

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Bite Me Brownies Sinks its Teeth into the Zeo! label printer

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“I’m having an out of body experience” said QuickLabel Product Manager Kevin Brisson after sampling a taste of a “Sweet and Sassy” salted caramel Bite Me Brownie. Just as I was about to offer a taste to my other colleagues, Kevin stopped me and said “Please taste it before you offer it to anyone else, you’ll regret it. It’s THAT good.”

That is just one of the reactions around our office after trying a Bite Me Brownie. We’ve had the opportunity to work with one of the most uncommon businesses that makes one of the most common dessert snacks we know of, but with a very special twist. Bite Me Brownies of Phoenix, Arizona is truly a one of a kind anything but “ordinary” company, and founder Emily Mericle has told us why.

Sass and Flavor…

Bite Me Brownies boasts a line of edgy, flavorful brownies with names like: “You Wanna Piece of Me” Peanut Butter Banana, “Sweet and Sassy” Salted Caramel, “Slap My Apple” Apple Pie Blondie, and “There Can Vino Other” Red Wine brownie – just to name a few.

Mericle said that since their company name had some sass to it they had decided from the beginning that they wanted to be edgy and have their flavor names to follow suit. Mericle said some of the names came quickly where as others took a little bit of debate.

One of her favorite aspects of her job is developing the flavors and seeing people react to them, “I love coming up with the flavors but then I would also have to say I really enjoy sampling them. I love getting peoples’ reactions and feedback,” said Mericle.

Brownies & Business: A Match Made in Heaven

Mericle was originally a Registered Nurse, but after the birth of her first child she decided she wanted to pursue a career doing something that she enjoys even more. “Since I have always loved to bake and I loved to eat brownies, it seemed like a match made in heaven.”

The aftermath of the QuickLabel feeding frenzy!

The decision to end her nursing career and start her own brownie company may be anything but ordinary to most, but not to Emily, who told us “My family can probably attest that I don’t easily settle for things that are ‘ordinary.’ ”

Seeking out the extraordinary is a quality that led her to create the Bite Me Brownies non-square brownie.

The trademark round brownies grew out of Mericle’s creative imagination, and also stemmed from the fact that she experiments with many different flavors that don’t always cut prettily when she makes them in a big pan. Realizing that slices didn’t do her brownies justice, she decided to try baking the brownies individually.

She was able to find little fluted baking cups to fit inside her round baking pan. “I loved that it was something different, and the people that we would sample to seemed to like the uniqueness,” said Mericle. Thus, the unique Bite Me Brownies shape was born.

Unique Brownies Get Creative Labels with the QuickLabel Zeo!

Bite Me Brownies Mother’s Day labeled tins

“We love our Zeo!  It is really a wonderful asset to our business” says Mericle of the Zeo! Inkjet label printer. Besides printing each of their labels with a unique product photo and their brand logo (designed by KODA Creative in Arizona), the Zeo! allows Bite Me Brownies to experiment with new flavors and print labels as they go rather than ordering 500 or 1000 labels that they do not need in order to meet printing minimums.

On top of printing sample labels, Bite Me Brownies has also been able to branch out into making custom labels using their Zeo!. They most commonly print custom labels for corporate gifts, baby showers, and wedding favors. But Bite Me Brownies is also able to keep up with seasonal labeling for holidays, giving their customers plenty of options. Most recently they designed custom Mother’s Day labels to accompany Mother’s Day brownie orders. All of Bite me Brownies custom labels are designed in-house by Mericle’s husband Brian.

It Takes a Family to Put the Bite in these Brownies

Together, Emily Mericle and her husband Brian source as many local ingredients as they can and have worked to create a new favorite brownie brand in Arizona. Emily is the brain behind the brownies, and her husband Brian is the mind behind their website.

The Mericle Family

On Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights, they both sell brownies at the Phoenix Public Farmers Market. But every Wednesday during the daytime, they enjoy one of the perks of owning their own business and setting their own hours: they take the day off to spend time with their son Mason.

The Mericle’s seems to have the right recipe. “What’s our secret? Love and attitude! I love to bake and I love to see smiles and create positive experiences. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling,” said Mericle.

As our Technician Joe Amalfitano put it after tasting a Bite Me brownie: “Was that incredible or what?” We agree.

You can keep up to date with Bite Me Brownies on Twitter (@bitemebrownies) and Facebook.

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